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    TECH CRAP, flying stuff, shooting stuff. You know, anything fun.


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    whatever you call a laptop
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    600gigs or so
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    a crappy one
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    I am not a millionare
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    Bluetooth logitec
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    A stupid old logitec
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    Samsung speekers
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    Windows10 home

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  1. All I know is that my next phone is going to be a oneplus
  2. I agree, and I can tell that a lot of artists want that "nostalgic" aspect to their music, but it just dosen't do the justice. If you put aside your personal bubble of your opinion for a sec, some (if not a lot) of consumers like that beat and want more of it. It is not cool to really duplicate music, but I think some people want that "old" beat to their new music. I do agree with you that a lot of good music is the type of music that diverges from the trend of ctrl-c, ctrl-v. Look at Elvis for example, he totally changed the way we listen to music back in the 70's(mark me if I am wrong). He c
  3. I like it! And I do tend to agree with you. I has a good tone!
  4. I watched this video in 2x speed. I don't know why this is such a big issue. It went from is spoken word like rap to a cultural and racial debate. SOUNDS LIKE political propaganda to me.
  5. It's all g man. Everyone likes their own kind of music. Honestly I agree, music (specifically rap) is getting old, beats are getting harder to find and it sounds like everyone is just copying each other. This is where the emotion has to come in, because without emotion, songs become forgettable. I like christian music and rap mainly because it breaks away from the trend about rapping about girls, drugs, and money. You can have your own opinion about everything, but try listening to something new every once and awhile to spice it up a bit! have a good one bro!
  6. Oh crap, he listens to beyonce! yikessssss Even I haven't hit that low... Jk
  7. What kind of rap music do y'all like other than mo bomba or sico mode, because they have been tic-tocked. I like reach records, they have a good beat with a good message...
  8. Yeah, I watch A bit of Ben but I mainly watch Steven Crowder. He will be back on the 17th.
  9. Hey everyone, I recently stumbled upon a ebay posting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Gaming-PC-Desktop-Computer-Intel-QUAD-3-20Ghz-NVIDIA-GTX-1060-SSD-16GB/253838645198?hash=item3b19f657ce I looked this thing over and I am like. Well, that looks awesome! Great specs great price, what do I have to lose. This did look a bit sketch tho, maybe it is from a company, school, or even a retail store, but I just thought I would come to you guys before I did anything. It looks pretty interesting, but I don't want it to arrive with dorito chip crumbs and pepsi coating the pc. Naa, jk, but serio
  10. I am def not a pro on this, but I wouldn't risk it. Personally I like to have all my info backed up and safe and having a reliable system, so I would just go with the new SSD but if you are willing to possibly lose some data (e.x. everything) on that drive, then go for it. Maybe see if anyone has the same debacle as you are having with the PoWeR Of GoOGLe. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful @BestDan
  11. 1st if you can, download Malwarebytes to remove any potential malware on the pc. 2nd update drivers for your pc. 3rd Possibly hardware issue because if your bios isn't showing up we can rule out the hard drive. I hate to say this, but it might be time for a upgrade @charlieten
  12. @GeneXiS_XI'm from the eastern part of the U.S. and I would prefer this laptop to be used as a light gamer/ and can hold up to programs like affinity photo and or da-vinci resolve. I would like the battery to have a longer life, but I can compromise. I don't care about display size or weight. And thank you @BabyPCMR for the reply!