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  1. I have a problem with your videos on youtube, you make a lot of reviews on gaming laptops, you never said one thing about the cpu hitting 100c when gaming. All gaming laptops even the Alienware m15 laptop that you made a review about said nothing about the heat problem. 


    How can people like me trust what you say in your videos when you are getting paid by the companies to make the review. You should be honest with your reviews, people follow you and listen to what you say, but there are lots of people like myself and others on facebook who found out about this problem with gaming laptops and know you never made a review about it.


    If you want people to trust you and follow you should be honest in the reviews.

    1. Lurick


      You mean THIS review here:


      Where at the 5:07 mark Riley asks how hot the processor got and Alex says 100 degrees and then goes on to talk about fan speed and more?

    2. minibois


      Oh, that Alienware 51M.

      That Alienware laptop which Linus, Alex and Steve (from GamersNexus) opened up to be able to sub-zero cool because (and I quote Linus from 0:05) : "[...] the Dell Alienware Area 51M. So this is notable for having a desktop 9900K 8-core processor in it, that runs at a 100 degrees [Celcius] at all times" 


    3. Tristerin


      This wall comment, and then the follow on members citing videos, made me laugh just now.