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  1. Only thing I've read that it might not boot at higher clocks, but then again, ryzen might not boot with any RAM at higher clocks.
  2. It isn't supported. Only its "little brother" 3000mhz one is. Problem is that here in EU RAM prices are all over the place. That exact CV LED 3200Mhz kits are cheaper than most 2400Mhz kits
  3. Not sure then. Both would be better than v300
  4. Why sandisk in particular? https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=SSSDCRUMX200250G I would go for this
  5. Then v300 isn't a good choice. If it's used it might be from the older batch where kingston have pulled their shenanigans. Better go with other drive.
  6. Better than that probably, but could you trade in your old parts and maybe pay some more for a decent drive? Problem with used SSDs is that they have limited write cycle, so if someone was putting a lot of strain on that used SSD it might not hold you for much longer.
  7. Used V300. I like this horror story, I'll tell it to my friends.
  8. Hmm, not sure then. Try clearing cache of whole system and applications you use to listen to music and videos. I'm not sure if there's a setting to control weather it pauses or not. Factory reset could help too i believe...
  9. Still pauses for me. Are you on Oxygen OS 4.1.3?
  10. Everyone bloody youtubers calls 400$ smartphones a budget devices. In my eyes that's the price of the flagships. "Budget" is subjective But yeah, AMD cards are overpriced in EU and other countries which are not US. CPUs in the other hand...
  11. Well AMD has freesync (gsync but free). So If Vega is good you could shot two birds with one stone.
  12. In Us it's not only that manufacturer that needs to make an update but carrier has to push it too? That's bullshit like it's rare.
  13. And in EU it costs 280€.
  14. So how did it came up to this? At least in me eyes he was a decent actor, what went wrong, what I've missed?
  15. Yeah, same thing like nvidia comparing Titan Xp(the newest one, not the one we've named Titan XP, which was named titan X to begin with based on.......) with maxwell generation Titan X instead of Titan X pascal. It makes it look funny in both cases.