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    i5 4200M
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    One that works
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    "ForgotToLookUp" 8GB 1600Mhz
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    GT 750M
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    Acer V3-772G
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    Crucial MX100 256GB
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    Power brick
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    900p TN panel with terrible viewing angles
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    Could be better
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    Logitech K120(Yup, I use separate keyboard with laptop)
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    A4tech V8M(I regret buying this)
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  1. PC for 2.5k€

    @NelizMastr @For Science! Bit of a change. Case size doesn't matter that much, silence is what's important. How about be quite dark base 600? EDIT: thoughts?
  2. PC for 2.5k€

    Android studio, code compilation, emulation. Potentially more stuff. Thoughts on M.2 NVMe drives? Is performance worth the storage difference?
  3. PC for 2.5k€

    Hello, one fella wants to build PC for around 2.5k€. For a second lets assume that you can find reasonably priced GPUs. Requirements: 500GB SSD, 1-2TB HDD, preferably silent and small case. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HXjtm8 PCpartpicker I've quickly trown. GPU would be a propper 1080ti, can that case fit 3 fan design ones? Maybe there are better mITX cases? 850 evo or mx 500? How about PSU choice? Pretty much picked random seasonic one.
  4. Backing up Windows 7 machine

    Yeah, came no same conclusion. Wondering if there's a way in making it automatic. Like weekly backups.
  5. What is the best fat content variety of milk?

    Raw milk is best milk.
  6. Sneaky Wi-Fi

    In the morning people were able to see the wifi on every device, it started throwing authentication problem errors. Restarting router did not helped. Tried creating another SSID and connect trough it(I was connected via lan at that point). And router bricked for few minutes, no signs of life. Later it recovered and everything works as intended. The heck happened.
  7. Backing up Windows 7 machine

    Hello, what would be the options on keeping windows 7 machine safe from critical failures? Curently it's running as SQL server on single HDD without any raid configurations. So HDD failing isn't ideal to say the least. Not sure what would the optimal solution in fixing this.
  8. Sneaky Wi-Fi

    I'll try to do that tommorow, but not sure if it's going to help. Since on auto chanel is on 1
  9. Sneaky Wi-Fi

    Sorry for bad quality. Trying to help someone via distance.
  10. Sneaky Wi-Fi

    ice.net smartrouter a1. Can't find if that thing supports 2.4Ghz EDIT: 11b/g/n mixed mode is enabled.
  11. Sneaky Wi-Fi

    There's 4G router to who you can connect via wi-fi. There's no problem connecting to it with a phones and tablets. But not a single of 3 laptops could see a wi-fi connection. It doesn't even appear on the list. Laptops can see other connections around them except that one. Any ideas what could be the problem?
  12. Yup, just as Intel said, performance hit will be barely noticable. http://steamcommunity.com/games/NexMachina/announcements/detail/1583444307645115385
  13. Windows 10 disable automatic meltdow update

    Is disabling "Windows update" service is enough?
  14. Hello, is there is a way to disable meltdown update from being installed? Every single windows update or just that specific one would do. It bricks software required for work that's why I need to disable it temporarily.
  15. Anything Better?

    Just don't forget that you need z370 board for it as well.