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    i5 4200M
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    One that works
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    "ForgotToLookUp" 8GB 1600Mhz
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    GT 750M
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    Acer V3-772G
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    Crucial MX100 256GB
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    900p TN panel with terrible viewing angles
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    Could be better
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    Logitech K120(Yup, I use separate keyboard with laptop)
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    A4tech V8M(I regret buying this)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Sony Xperia XZ 250€

    This particular device have dropped in price significantly. Do you think it's worth it for the price? Mainly looking (not I) for a good camera at a good price.
  2. It's pretty much nvidia situation. "Most powerful gpu in the world". They always get some free marketing from that. AMD might as well do ot while they have a chance
  3. Upgrade or not 4670k to 7600k

    7600k would require you for new RAM and Motherboard. Either find cheapo 4th get i7 k model or invest into propper upgrade. 8600k/8700k/Ryzen system/Wait for 9th gen.
  4. Now cap it to 60 and report the results. Either with msi afterburner or change monitor refresh rate and automaticly vsync should ajust to it.
  5. @GER_Tiger it's not a frostbite engine. Have CPU usage increased after uncapping it?
  6. Maybe it's running on very high fps? Try turning on V-Sync and see how CPU usage changes.
  7. From some reason W95 machine doesn't map specific folder in a network drive. Even though XP machines and above maps it without a problem. Share I'm trying to map from is a windows machine. Trying to map to this: \\share_name\database$\test_folder w95 machine maps to: \\share_name\database$ xp+ machines maps to: \\share_name\database$\test_folder
  8. Oh, cool then. Turned out pretty good in the end. A techie can definitely make changes on the spot. I can only image what disaster would occur, if a guy who's not good at tech, would go to shop like that with a list of parts, without actually knowing much about them.
  9. Aaaaaaand that's why you order online.
  10. Yeah, that's one of the reason why I'm not planning on switching to new device soon. Even by spending 400€ today (I paid the same when I bought op3) it would be only a side-grade, not a straight upgrade.
  11. No idea. As I said, I don't plan for artificial phone change. Not any time soon at least. You could try selling it if you want a new phone.
  12. Not sure what are you asking for. Only you can answer this. If you are not happy with it and can afford another one - why not. Personally I'm still very happy with it and after more than a year, I still like the design a lot. There's no artificial "when should i start looking for new phone". It solely depends on you.
  13. 8700k turbo clocks, cooler

    It's for work, not for personal use. Mainly would like to be sure just so my point wouldn't become irrelevant. 8700 is an option as well in this case. PC will be used for a software which is mainly single threaded. People want to use 7700k there instead of 8700/k. While my point is that with decent cooling 8700/k it will clock higher for single core anyway
  14. 8700k turbo clocks, cooler

    Does it realy need aio just for 4.7Ghz turbo boost on a single core?