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  1. I think it's reasonable. Especially if he's going to abandon his old one at least for the most part. If he's going around and liking his every post then there might be a problem.
  2. You can. No one is going to go witch hunting you.
  3. Relevant
  4. Haha, i know that feel. Sometimes you are forced out of your comfort zone and you have to overcome it. It's good thing. Especially since you know yourself that babies isn't something evil.
  5. Act then. Say the nice words, smack child's nose gently and that's it, mission succseful. You don't have to start liking kids to do that.
  6. They discussed it.. a bit, somewhere. Topic leans towards performance since it's relevant. It's not like we are completely offtopic, performance and thermals are both related.
  7. Only natural. Happens with GPU discussions as well. If you are talking about something in colsed enviroment then what's the point of it?
  8. Recent cheating, copying apple design, no OIS(op3 has it), quite a big price tag and it was hyped up when OP5 doesn't look anything to write books about. There's probably more things as well.
  9. But does overload problem makes sense if it works fine on a phone. Can stream youtube 1080p with no hickups.
  10. Hello, so there's a specific wifi my laptop is getting trouble connecting to. It's eduroam and requires authentication. It's entered in to both my laptop and phone correctly. Phone connects all the time meanwhile laptop manages to connect very inconsistently. For example know it's unable to connect at all, other times it works without any problems. What could be an issue?
  11. Doesn't help
  12. Extension cord Going to try once it dies once more.
  13. Hello, my friend has a problem. Every day when he tries to turn on his monitor it dies. It stays dead with no sign of life for some time. After awhile it recovers and works whole day like nothing have happened. Any ideas?
  14. Try watching couple episodes. At the very least it's worth trying, if it doesn't cut it for you in few epsides then don't bother with the rest.
  15. Reviews - no, but media backslash might. It's not the first time after all when people were heard by big companies. Sadly this time "big company" has one of the best ever selling games, which will influence their stance of not giving a fuck.