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    i5 4200M
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    One that works
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    "ForgotToLookUp" 8GB 1600Mhz
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    900p TN panel with terrible viewing angles
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    Logitech K120(Yup, I use separate keyboard with laptop)
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    A4tech V8M(I regret buying this)
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  1. Re-mounted cooler and yeah, seems to be the same deal. I just never seen that kind of behavior before. It's probably because of the toothpaste intel uses?
  2. But should it go from 26 c to 60c in one second? @VVoltor @Senzelian
  3. First two jumps are from cinabench and curently that wigly part is after running aida stress test. It shouldn't go so widely? It is badly mounted cpu isn't it? It's on 8700k stock.
  4. SSD

    Go for 860 EVO, it's newer and costs couple pounds less. If you want to save some money MX 500 is great option as well.
  5. Motherboard and 7 fans

    x2 Bottom trough 1st splitter x2 Front trough 2nd splitter x2 Top trough 3rd splitter x1 Back straight trough header. Thinking of doing that. Should be quite easy to cable manage as well.
  6. Motherboard and 7 fans

    M.2 fan connectors, x2 cpu ones, ext fan connector. I'm not really sure if you can fit case fans there. And second part is relevant in any case, what kind of splitter would you recommend. I know that there are some which goes straight from psu, others comes from mb headers.
  7. Hello, I'm wondering do I have to buy some kind of splitter/extender for fans. Going to run 7 fans in 450D with Asus z370 Strix-F. Will it have enough fan headers? If no, what kind of splitter/extender would you reccomend?
  8. Is there' any reason to go with Black over red or gold? Prices are almost identical, and server ones have twice as long warranty and cache.
  9. VM Bridge conection with network off

    Virtual box. I'll look into that
  10. VM Bridge conection with network off

    Should there be a way to link a host and VM? I'm running VM locally on my machine.
  11. Hello, At internship I have set up apache ubuntu server. It runs as a virtual machine with network adapter set as bridge. Then in windows host file I enter VM IP, domain name and I can connect to my project. Problem is that in dorm bridge connection is blocked, I can't run it while having a network on. How do I configure VM so I could reach it without network connection
  12. Is there an app that...

    Not sure if excel would work. Maybe it's possible with it. But that would be really easy to make yourself if you know any coding with basically anything. Parsing would be harder, but very much possible.
  13. Is there an app that...

    "Take a list" What do you mean by that? You enter the list yourself or it gets automatically parsed from somewhere?
  14. Nothing is stopping them. Not that it matters in any case. IMO this is move from ESRB side to get back government legislations from happening. If they can avoid that then they can deal with consumers without any problems - by ignoring them.