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About JuztBe

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    『  』
  • Birthday 1995-05-06

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  • CPU
    i5 4200M
  • Motherboard
    One that works
  • RAM
    "ForgotToLookUp" 8GB 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    GT 750M
  • Case
    Acer V3-772G
  • Storage
    Crucial MX100 256GB
  • PSU
    Power brick
  • Display(s)
    900p TN panel with terrible viewing angles
  • Cooling
    Could be better
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K120(Yup, I use separate keyboard with laptop)
  • Mouse
    A4tech V8M(I regret buying this)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. JuztBe

    So i have a beast PC...

    Go watch youtube and play minecraft of course.
  2. Good, anything less wont cut it. Finally a viable alternative in high end. RTX 2080 starts at 740€ here (likely less in US), so price difference isn't as big either. Can go with either imo.
  3. JuztBe

    RAM compatibility

    yeah, your 8-8-8-24 will simply clock down itself to 9-9-9-24. Most likely you won't notice any difference performance wise.
  4. JuztBe

    RAM compatibility

    Well if it will that new RAM will be able to run CL8 then it will be alright. If not you can simply increase voltage a bit, that should help to reduce timings to CL8. In the worst case scenario your CL8 RAM will increase its timings to CL9. So you should be able to make it work how you want with some time put it.
  5. JuztBe

    Please recommend a good case

    3.Must have a minimum of 5 :120mm fan supports this one is regarding cooling potential or looks? Because if you're concerned about cooling, fan count != better cooling.
  6. Well depends on how much does it cost. Vega has come down in price quite drastically, you can find great deals these days.
  7. Your voltage is most likely not cutting it. Try increasing it. With stock cooler I wouldn't push it past 1.37V, but it might be too high as well, keep a close eye on temperature. It's up to you to find stable clock, good temp and good voltage compromise.
  8. "Settings" won't cut it. Every chip has different silicon, so you have to find rights settings for it yourself. 1. What motherboard you have 2. What CPU cooler do you use 3. What clocks are you trying to achieve 4. What voltage settings and at what values are you running. (auto, manual, offset etc)
  9. JuztBe

    Is this a well balanced system?

    At 1080P it's definitely bottleneck in certain games. FC5, AC odesy, few more newer games tends to use quite a bit of threads and struggles on 4 core CPUs. From what I gather it's gimped by running at stock clocks and no XMP profile as well. So gaming wise no, it's not well balanced. 16gb of ram and 9700/k would have been better combo for games. It's not terrible tho, I'd say it's "alright" balanced.
  10. JuztBe

    Fans, pins, RPM control

    Yes, will be using stock x62 fans. I feel like gpu would block most of the intake of it comes just from the bottom. I was thinking like this: top and bottom intake, side exhaust.
  11. JuztBe

    Fans, pins, RPM control

    I do feel dirty buying that thing. But by skimping on fans, non x cpu etc. I can push to 2080 from 2070. And been looking and be quite silent wings 2, they do look good. Question is would i be able to control their rpm using spliters (2 fans connected to single 4 pin header)
  12. JuztBe

    Fans, pins, RPM control

    Going to build pc in few weeks. Considered specs are RTX 2080, asrock taichi, r7 2700, kraken x62, li o11 dynamic. Water cooler mounted on top, so there's 6 fan slots left. 3 on side and 3 on bottom
  13. JuztBe

    Fans, pins, RPM control

    Hello, To start of - No, i can't afford to buy 6 Noctua fans for 20€ each. Now lets continue 1. I know that you can control fan RPM using bios settings for not PWM fans. If you have 3pin fan with 3pin header in MB it should work ( I think). But what if you have 3pin fans and 4pin headers, would that work? If not, would using 3pin to 4pin splitter work? 2. Maybe you have any recommendations for ~10€ fans which are fairly silent? 3. Any advice on picking decent fans? Important specs or tricks on how to determinate good fans? Assuming model is lacking reviews.
  14. JuztBe

    High FPS but games feel laggy

    Make sure ram in bios is set to XMP profile at 2400Mhz. Even i you've set it up like this first time it might bounce back to stock settings.