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  1. threadripper 1900x

    Wasn't this expected release?
  2. Tried different explorers (explorer++). And it's around ~13sec for both old and new machines. Looks like windows explorer is just piece of garbage.
  3. Gigabit, server is probably some old celeron or pentium with 1-2GB RAM and couple HDDs for storage. Client side varies from new PCs with kaby i3's to old ones with core 2 duo e6300. It takes 45seconds for core 2 duo system, ~30seconds for kaby one.
  4. Hello, Is there's a way to improve search times to mapped network drives? Currently it takes 35 seconds for each search. Drives are mapped from FreeBSD samba server and file system is most likely ZFS.
  5. Hello, For some reason whenever I try to print certain email i get this : But other emails with russian characters are fine. Trying to print from windows live mail. Any ideas?
  6. I meant it in a bigger picture. It's only stuttering at those last 5 seconds. Rest of the far cry primal bench was solid.
  7. Yeah, seems like there's a difference. But differences doen't look big enough to call call it a sabotage or conspiracy theory. After all tests were taken after a long time, a lot of factors we don't know could've impacted it slightly.
  8. I haven't seen any dip to 30 at new video. Dips up to 15 from quick rewatch. Tell specific time.
  9. DF also showed assassins creed scene, not just crysis 3. Compared to old bench stuttering is similar. Simply graph was extended a bit more. But comparing them side by side when looking at numbers it looks really similar.
  10. I was talking about game called prototype. Crysis 1 and warhead ran better than prototype, on everything lowest of course.
  11. I remember playing prototype on GT 7600, fps was usually below 30, diped below 20 often as well. Same story with saints row 2 and 3
  12. Timestamp Basically internet is designed for the purpose of getting every last drop of out attention. Which leads to a lot of negative effects. It's ridiculous how teens are watching Tv series, movies these days - 50% time spend on phone screen 50% on movie itself.
  13. Oh it's more than possible. I don't see what putting your money in a seperate bank account or locking them has to do with a personal reasons. Or get creative, make a rule: for every dollar you spend from those funds you downgrade your build parts. Or something that would keep you in check.
  14. Well, perfect oportunity to get rid of you bad habbit. Put money for pc in a seperate bank account, freez it or something along those lines.