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  1. What about this one https://www.amazon.com/IBERLS-Adapter-Replacement-Express-Streaming/dp/B07GBWSVWB/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=monitor+power+adapter+19v&qid=1596462376&sr=8-8
  2. Ok, I need the exact same voltage but it's ok if amps are higher but Amps can't be lower? And is it ok if it's like 1 volt off or could that still damage it in your experience?
  3. Do they still make this model? I would want a new one so it lasts longer/caps might wear from sitting on shelf.
  4. I found an adjustable one but it can't supply enough volts, if I found an adjustable one that supplies enough power would that be fine? I would want an adjustable voltage one for more versatility https://www.amazon.com/Powseed-Universal-Adapter-Household-Electronics/dp/B01MT5WVCG/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=9+volt+2+amp+power+adapter+monitor&qid=1596461048&sr=8-6
  5. That would be great appreciate it
  6. If I wanted to get a new power supply for my monitor that I have had a while that I got refurbished what PSU would I need? They probably don't make this exact one anymore so I would need an aftermarket one. And power supplys are the first thing to go on monitors right? It seems logical.
  7. so if you run it 24/7 so it always being lightly used is better than just storing it so everything continues to spin properly and the lubricant dosnt stick/ heads get stuck?
  8. does data integrity have to do with usable shelf life or just data stored on it? and I thought ssds needed to be powered every so often because they require small amounts of electricity to store data and cant store that small amount of electricity forever so booting it every so often would "refill" its electricity so it could keep storing data.
  9. I have never heard of gpu fans needing greasing, if i dont touch a gpu for a long time and use it will the fans work still but not as well or have problems? and yea it makes sens if it sits too long a hard drive could loose the grease inside for the head which is much more catastrophic than a fan not having grease because hds are much more complex than a fan. and this stuff obviously dosnt effect flash storage, metal whispering does but i presume that takes a loong time.
  10. I have some secondary PC's that might not be powered on for longer periods of time, do I need to power them on from time to time so the ssd don't loose data/os? And how often? And what's the deal with hard drives do I need to power the of on from time to time so a PC with os on hard drive dosnt loose data?
  11. is there still a risk to using the 850 watt ultra on a lower power system that wont strain it?
  12. thats what I am doing i was really hoping the 850 watt wasn't so old so I could have used that but oh well haha, and my system will draw like 350 watts max real world use and maybe 400 watts in an extreme senerio so I will have 200-250 watts of overhead at 100 percent usage in my system so the psu won't really be strained much even if its not great quality. i do doubt its diablotech quality tho, I have seen a psu burn its pci cables out connecting a gtx 650 to a 6 pin so it gets a lot worse lol, but also a lot better.
  13. I wanted to swap the 850 watt for my 600 watt w1 till everyone told me how old it was, I would never switch my 600 watt for a 500 watt of the same model I'm keeping it were it is lol.
  14. I know the w1 is for sale now but is there a way to see the manufacturer date on it like on most hard drives