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  1. so currently i game on a 3900X 32 gigs of 3733 mhz ram and a GTX 690. the 690 is a place holder as the 6900XT is way to expensive for me atm. anyhow im looking for a FREE TO PLAY mmo or mmorpg recommendation that will run at a decent framerate on my 690 currently i play star trek online on my ps4 just so you get an idea in the past i also enjoyed lord of the rings online not sure if warzone will work well given my outdated gpu
  2. the 1080TI is still a decent card but i wouldnt pay 600$us for it 400 is a good price otherwise look for a used 2070 or 2070s
  3. can you clarify what you mean issue for provision? also i prefer a router combo as it saves space and i dont use that much on wifi just my cellphone for the ocassional video
  4. @DaJakerBoss would cost me 40$ used from ebay seller listed it as pre owned but working
  5. ok so i use cox communications as my ISP and i also use there 50 megs internet service. i currently rent a modem from them for 9$ a month plus the 56$ i pay for my service. i wanted to buy a modem rather then rent one to save a lil money, the modem im looking at buying is the NETGEAR AC1750 680 Mbps 4 Port Gigabit Wireless AC Router. i called cox and they said it will work with there service just wondering what the pros here think about this modem
  6. there are no win 10 drivers so i will just use what ever drivers windows 10 tells me to use or chooses for me lol
  7. ok so i currently have a ryzen 9 3900X alongside a 5700 sapphire pulse and a seasonic focus gold 1000 watt psu. the plan is to sell my 5700 to my friend since im upgrading a an amd 6800XT. i have an old 6800GT pcie gpu that was in an old socket 775 system that got parted out. would the 6800GT work as a place holder in terms of watching youtube and browsing the web until i order my new 6800XT? the plan was to sell my 5700 and the use the 6800GT in its place till i order the new 6800XT gpu. for some context my friend offered me 360$ for my 5700 which is what i paid retail so thats wh
  8. @alyen i dont mine tho im not a coin miner plus the 350 i would get from the sale of my 5700 would go towards a 6800XT when they are back in stock
  9. i currently own a 5700 sapphire pulse as seen in the pic below bought it back in 2019. the plan was to buy a 5800XT when they got released but obviously they are hard to find. i dont really play any demanding games unless you count resident evil 2 remake as demanding lol. so i thought why not sell the card while the market is in high demand. my friend offered to buy my card at 350 cash plus he would also give me a GTX 690 as a place holder till the new 6800XT cards are back in stock at a decent non scalpers price, any idea if this is a good deal or not
  10. @Noctua Fan Fan heres the links to the fans i use in case it helps you out with my issue i use 6 vardars for my rad and the rest of the case fans are for my case https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-r4-120r-20pc-r1-case-fan/p/1YF-0010-000K6 https://www.newegg.com/p/37B-000B-00231
  11. ok so i need some guidance. i have an asus CH7 hero, inside a phanteks entho primo case. i have 12 case fans. oh if it matters my aio is connected to the aio pump header. i am also using both the 4pin & the 8 pin for 12 volt since my psu 1000 watt seasonic gold has the cables to do so. 6 fans for the aio for push/pull 2 front case fans for intake 1 bottom fan for intake 2 rear fans for exhaust and lastly one fan blowing over my SSD since my SSD sits behind the mobo tray and i wanted some extra airflow. im trying to figure out how to mount all 12 case fans since
  12. wasnt sure where in the forum to post this so here goes i need some guidance before i turn my sas controller card into a paperweight. im reading a guide to instruct me on how to flash my ibm M1015 to it mode. but i also read on an it forum that if my motherboard has uefi boot i cant crossflash the card? i have an ASUS crosshair 7 hero am4 X470 mobo can you guys give me some input before i flash it i have the freedos boot usb setup but im worried my uefi bios/ uefi boot thingy will be an issue for context if it matters i bought this card solely so that i cou
  13. just bought a new psu should be here in a week its a Seasonic FOCUS GX-1000, 1000W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-1000FX. just wondering how good it is. i know seasonics are some of the best but i also know that some of there power supplies are garbage or low end heres a link to the psu i ordered https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-ssr-1000fx-1000w/p/N82E16817151210?Item=9SIA25V6V78220