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  1. so i picked up an ssd from a friend who gave it ot me as a gift for helping him fix his computer its a teamgroup mp33 nvme how well would this work as a boot drive for windows 10 till i can save up some money for something better? im asking because i know nothing about nvme drives https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/mp33 will it be a decent boot drive even tho it doesnt seem to have a dram cache?
  2. @LIGISTXsadly i cant as im cloning a laptop drive to the usb adapter so i can slot in the sata ssd without having to re install the os
  3. i have an old 1tb platter drive that i use as my os drive. i want to clone the platter drive to my new 2.5 inch sata ssd drive using a usb to sata adapter. whats a free reputable program that i can use for this i dont wanna pay for a program i may only use once os is win 10 pro if it maters
  4. also if you are converting a display port to hdmi you need an active converter not a passive one and this type of device doesnt always work
  5. if the motherboars only support sata 2 speeds its impossible to double the ports and even if you found a way to do so it would only run at sata 2 speeds due to it being hard wired for that speed
  6. so i picked up a used lenovo thinkpad T510 laptop for 20$ but it has no wifi card installed i looked under the keyboard no wigi card the cables/wires are there just no card any idea what card i need i think its a pcie card not sure tho
  7. general rule of thumb for me is never cheap out on a psu if the psu goes it takes your system with it had a mate who bought a refurb pus it died and took his mobo and everything along with it not worth it imo
  8. i own a phanteks enthoo primo jayztwocents did a video on this case his video is the reason i bought it back in 2019 sure its an older case and doesnt have a glass side pannel but it is a custom water cooling dream case to give you an idea how awesome this case is heres a pic i pulled off google showing some rad options for the primo
  9. re install windows be sure to delete any logical drives that show up that way it will ask you to create a new fresh empty drive for the install
  10. not sure if my asus ch7 mobo has raid i have never used raid before you could prolly ad an ssd as a cache but you would need special raid software that can configure the sdd to be used as a cache might be easier just buying a used raid card off ebay that comes with cache such as the ibm m5110
  11. a low wattage psu can cause a gpu to not powert on while still providing minimal power to fans lights etc i run a 1000 watt seasonic psu in my rig
  12. what raid controller do you use?
  13. ouch yeah id look into upgrading your psu 500 watts is not really enough 750 or higher is better also nvidia recommends a 650 watt or better psu for your gpu if the psu cant supply enough watts to the gpu then the gpu wll not power on and or run
  14. always best to use two separate pcie power cables for a gpu for optimal power delivery
  15. i currently use an adata su650 sata ssd i want to upgrade ot nvme is this drive any good for the price? https://www.newegg.com/sabrent-rocket-nvme-512gb/p/0D9-00JJ-00001?Item=9SIAME8AN77038