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  1. I know, but i don't live in the U.S so there might be a problem with availability and import fees making it a lot pricey
  2. Budget (including currency): 550€ ( ~650$ ) Country: Slovakia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming machine mainly. Hello! I'm badly in need of an upgrade because only after buying a new GPU ( GTX 1660 Super ) I realized just having good graphic card is not enough and according to CPU bottleneck website, mine is almost 70% and I can really feel those fps dips and stutters in all games now. I would love if you guys could help with my upcoming build and review the parts I chose to upgrade and possibly improve it. My current setup:
  3. Yes, drivers are up to date and freshly installed.
  4. Hey so I have this issue with my new GPU rx 590. My fps and clock speed ( MHz ) is not constant and is jumping up and down in several games and I need to figure out if it's because of possible bottleneck or if the GPU is somehow faulty. I'll give you an example, in adrenaline software I changed all states for my GPU except Idle to push highest clock rate 1550 MHz. It works in few games like World of Wacraft, Subnautica or Arc and I can maintain highest clock speed for the entire duration of my gameplay, however other games like Diablo, Valorant, Grim Daw, GTA V struggle to keep constant clock
  5. CPU - Intel i5-2500 RAM - 2x 4GB DDR3 1333mhz Kingston HyperX Motherboard - MSI H61M-P23 PS - Corsair CX600 GPU - ASROCK Radeon RX 590 Phantom Gaming X 8G OC
  6. Re-applying thermal paste could help, however the highest GPU temperature never exceeded 85 ℃ (185 ℉). CPU is at 35-42 idle and 45-60 while under heavy load. Weird thing is that so many people are complaining about it on official AMD forums with different cards and setups. I found this answer: "If your system doesn't resume after ctrl+shift+windows key+B, or your system freezes with repeating audio and requires a full reboot, or you're getting BSOD's, your system is unstable. Revert your system to stock, and if it's already stock, run a memory stability test on each individual stic
  7. I did that right after I plugged in my new GPU, however I tried it again now and the same thing happened literally 2 minutes after playing ARK.
  8. I recently upgraded my R9 280x to RX 590 and I started having overheating issues ( I guess ? ) I tried to check my PS and CPU as well just to be sure but it all started with this new GPU. As a side note a friend of mine upgraded to 5600XT and is having the same problem. If I play GPU heavy games, my screen turns black, fans start spinning at maximum speed for couple of seconds and I can hear distorted audio loop so I have to manually reset it with a button. It doesn't happen right away as I need to be gaming for couple of hours but some games ( like Subnautica, ARK ) can trigger it almost inst