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  1. https://www.f14lab.org/2021/10/review-msi-mag-a550bn-550w.html Yeah... Looks like more cheaper
  2. CX-M is better than CV650 because it is semi modular and synchronous rectification.
  3. https://wolflsi.pixnet.net/blog/post/69374150 I think I've seen reviews where it spins around 700RPM with a fan curve similar to the Enermax Revolution D.F., but I can't remember the source. Oh, here. https://ithardware.pl/testyirecenzje/test_zasilacza_msi_mpg_a850gf_mocny_konkurent_wkracza_na_rynek-13787-12.html
  4. Based on the US store, this is the best if you can get a rebate. (requires ATX bracket) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Dv38TW/corsair-power-supply-cp9020104na Or get CX(2017). It's a lot more budget oriented compared to the CX, but it's fine for those PC specs. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/nkvqqs/adata-xpg-pylon-450-w-80-bronze-certified-atx-power-supply-pylon450b-bkcus
  5. https://quasarzone.com/bbs/qc_qsz/views/1058031 This is a 125mm ATX PSU made by Sirfa. I think I saw it in Silverstone... Does anyone know the model name?
  6. https://www.f14lab.org/2021/10/review-msi-mag-a550bn-550w.html MSI MAG A550BN Review.
  7. https://www.f14lab.org/2021/10/review-fsp-hydro-pro-800w.html FSP Hydro Pro 800W Review
  8. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/xpg-core-reactor-850w-power-supply-review It's a solid CWT unit.
  9. Source #1/#2 Earlier this week we shared a published an article about the upcoming flagship GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, which is now set to launch in January. The graphics card is supposedly the first card to feature a PCIe Gen5 power connector, a new standard that will ultimately solve one of the biggest drawbacks of the current 8-pin power connector, an insufficient power it can provide (up to 150W). PCI-SIG 12VHPWR H+ Power Connector, Source: Igor’sLAB Igor Wallossek from Igor’sLAB managed to obtain the schematics and the information on the n
  10. So you don't necessarily have to change it. If in doubt, you can try running Furmark and Prime 95 at the same time. If you're still worried : Bitfenix is the best value for money. However, it can also be problematic given that it is a multi-rail with no single-rail conversion function. (I've seen this problematic on some high-end 3080 ti/3090s. I don't think Ventus would.) The Sharkoon doesn't look bad, but there is only one review. If you're worried about this, the XPG is great too. The HX is the best choice if your budget allows.
  11. Exactly which EVGA SuperNova is it?
  12. But the rest does not change and there are no reviews of it. The marked W means nothing.
  13. Not A-PFC. 230W PSU but advertised as 500. Group regulation, 12V is only 156W. You are lucky. Throw that bomb in the trash can as soon as possible.