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  1. My current setup: Corsair Vengence K70 with red LEDs and Cherry MX Brown Switches Corsair M60 mouse Razer eXactmat and wrist rest Audio Technica M50X Dark Green limited edition cans
  2. It looks like it does have a NVMe SSD. I'm really excited about this.
  3. I would love to see a high end storage device such as a EMC Storage array put up against a QNAP, Synology, and custom built NAS/SAN. iSCSI over 10GbE with all the fixins' If you do this I would love love for you to make a post on here or a blog or vlog detailing the setup in the OS down to the IQNs and LUNs
  4. I have 2 of the x5560s in my PowerEdge R710 great processors
  5. I bought some of those silverstone magnetic filters too they work well
  6. I got this for PS4 as everyone said there would be no players on the PC version, and I have COD:AW for PC and this is so true. Anyways, I haven't finished the campaign yet but I have to say it's great so far. The multiplayer is ON POINT! It feels so nice, just free flowing and smooth, like old school black ops, couldn't be happier, I haven't played a FPS that runs this well in a while, but that's just my opinion. Haven't tried zombies yet. EDIT: Also just wanted to say as for the sliding and wall running, it's NOT a problem like it was in Advanced Warfare, it's a much more grounded game like the older COD's. Love it.
  7. 4k Vines, if the 4k video capture is actually good, that is awesome
  8. That was my first instinct, but I decided I like the sleek look of the R5 more
  9. I might, I really like the AXi series PSU but I have also considered painting it like Linus did.
  10. Thanks! Took a lot of cues from you on this one, some of my own. It runs absolutely flawless, what an improvement over the i5 2500k with a z68 chipset. I'm really happy with the aesthetics as well.
  11. Black and White Build Conclusion (for now) Here it is with the AX860i and the Noctua fans installed. I had to do a lot of tweaking in the UEFI to get the Noctua fans to run at 600rpm but I finally got it by connecting them to the cpu_opt header using a Y cable. Will take some screenshots tonight or tomorrow showing temps @Idle and load and run some benchmarks. Hope you guys enjoy.
  12. Black and White Build Continued
  13. Are you running stock firmware? Which version if so, I'm actually about to purchase a router in the next week, have been researching them for the past 2. Would love to get the Nighthawk if it is indeed reliable.
  14. How many clients will be connected at one time? What type of devices will be connected? Budget? I did a lot of research on this subject not too long ago and have found that the ASUS RT-AC66U is the most reliable and maintains consistent speeds. The Nighthawk by netgear has a tiny bit faster throughput but a lot of people tend to say that it needs to be rebooted once a week or so due to unresponsiveness.