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  1. I'm having the same problem, i guess its game/server fault when playing on 64 player servers.
  2. I've been iphone user for years and switched to android once and didn't like it - apps installing themselves, adds on home screen etc. I felt my device was being used by someone else all the time. iOS is simple and it does everything I need. Recently I got myself macbook air - my first mac ever and I love it, you can't beat apple touchpad its amazing to use and very comfortable. Installed Windows 10 bootcamp few days ago and so far its best laptop for windows 10 i've used (mainly because of trackpad) - bootcamp installs everything for you and you can run windows 10 bootcamp partition from with
  3. mobile gaming is only fun for puzzle and brain games such as monument valley or lara croft go, other than that I don't get sucked into any of them..
  4. turn on vsync it will limit usage to 60fps and therefore your temps
  5. single player campaign is best i've played so far, especially on hard difficulty.Its just so epic
  6. So which 4k 40inch tv would you guys recommend ?
  7. Thanks for all replies but I was also wondering how will it perform on normal day to day tasks such as browsing and photoshop etc
  8. I've got MSI 1070 so no problem. I just never used a TV as monitor and am wondering what the experience will be. 40inch and 4k at computer desk - isnt it a bit too much for a monitor ?
  9. I'm wondering if it will be good for everyday use as well as gaming. I can't seem to find any information about supporting HDMI 2.0 at 60hz, can anyone confirm ? Though it does support HDCP 2.2 whatever it is. My question is if I will be able to use it as standard monitor and game at 60fps no problem ?
  10. too late, the cable is already under the floor so it is not an option
  11. I installed 10 meter hdmi cable underneath the floor when renovating with contacts on both end but I'm getting no signal however when I plug in tv on one end and laptop on the other I can hear it detect it. My fault for not checking cable first or its decent quality cable (i chose slim one with no interference addons) but was wondering if hdmi booster could help in such situation ?
  12. yes dongle plugged into the PC where I can set xbox one controller as audio output as I'm not sure if there is such possibility on steam link or even using xbox one wireless dongle and controller on it yes xbox one wireless adapter. I know reception is great but I am wondering if I can use steam link as essentially streaming destkop to PC and start games. I have this little program on my PC that lets me use xbox buttons and thumbsticks act like a mouse, but mainly asking because of audio
  13. My PC is in next room and from what I've tested the xbox one dongle range is very good so I want to use steam link in my living room and controller connected to PC (I want 3.5mm audio) so is this no problem for steam link ?
  14. I'm considering buying steam link for living room. I have wired connection throughout my flat and wanted to know if the quality is good at 1080p 60fps and have small input lag. Generally is it worth buying ? I have a 1070 and I did lay a hdmi cable under the flor but it doesnt work for some reason so I need a solution. Thanks in advance
  15. looks like a sandwich. Nothing new really upscale to 4k with glorious 30fps, or did I miss something, will it be able to play games at 1080 @ 60fps ?