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    *Insert unfunny and unoriginal member title here*
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    Programming, music, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, chess, economics, beer
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    i5 3570k @ 4 ghz
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    Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3
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    8 gigs of Corsair Low Profile 1600 mhz
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
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    Steelseries Kinzu v2 and Corsair M65
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    HyperX Cloud
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    Windows for gaming, whatever Ubuntu flavor for sanity

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  1. Oh yeah they are backed by central banks who can print as much as they please. Thankfully we can trust them and the wars by governments to keep the value of our currency stable huh?
  2. Actually there are a whole bunch of scams running with fiat digital currency. Many many many more than crypto, just because it is a much bigger market.
  3. Again, it does not matter how much gold there is. If the demand far exceeds the supply of gold then the price per ounce will just increase too. Again, what you're saying makes no sense. The amount of gold does not matter.
  4. What do you mean there is not enough Gold? If the demand exceeds supply, then the price of Gold will just rise until we reach equilibrium. What does it matter how much Gold there is?
  5. Shhhhh let them believe that just because the can feel it, it is actually worth something and isn't just bloody (literally) worthless paper.
  6. I mean backed by in currency terms not people using it. Oh yeah of course China would also be backing USD and North Korea too in your words. But again you misunderstood what I was talking about...
  7. Well actually even the thefts 99% of the time is not because of crypto. Currencies like Bitcoin are pretty much as safe as you'll get as long as you keep your private keys safe. Thefts usually happen on exchanges or scams which also happen with the fiat currency counterparts.
  8. Fake coins? Why? Please inform me what is the USD backed by if not thin air? Inform me if there is a central bank being able to print as much USD as they damn well please. Inform me if the same is also true for the EUR. Thanks I'd love to know all that!
  9. FakezZ

    Unicef Game Chaingers - mining for charity

    Please, I told you to research the topic. Do you even know what the difficulty is? Or what a hash is? The higher the difficulty, the harder it is to "fake" a transaction on the blockchain and attack the network. The more hash power, the higher the diffuculty. So yeah, it does make it EXPONENTIALLY safer.
  10. FakezZ

    BitCoin Bubble set to Burst

    Please look up what market up is Or maybe you misread it?
  11. FakezZ

    Unicef Game Chaingers - mining for charity

    It is not done because it has to be a lottery or anything. The network difficulty ensures the security of the whole blockchain. The higher it is, the more secure. It's like putting more guards around the money while it's transferred and having more people check if the transaction is actually legit. The hashing you're talking about is essential in the blockchain, otherwise anyone would be able to modify it, were it not that difficult. Please research the subject a bit more, it is very interesting.
  12. FakezZ

    BitCoin Bubble set to Burst

    True, the fees are too high currently for it to be exchanged easily, but there are bound to be problems for now. The lightning network might do the trick. If not bitcoin then another cryptocurrency...
  13. FakezZ

    Unicef Game Chaingers - mining for charity

    How is it any different than the energy consumed for moving cash/gold/currency in general to different locations?
  14. FakezZ

    BitCoin Bubble set to Burst

    Okay let's get some things straight. Bitcoin is a currency. A $160 billion market cap is nothing for something that aims to be a global currency. The reason for the crash is probably the Tether situation and all the FUD surrounding crypto right now coupled with the slow January that has always happened in crypto, rather than any bubble bursting. In the same sense the dollar would be a bubble and the euro as well.
  15. FakezZ

    Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    Replace the "digital bits of data" with "cheap paper" and that's the usd for you. Now replace "paper" with cotton and that's the euro