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  1. Hello there, So a couple of days ago I was given a HTIB system( this one ) and I thought I could connect it to my PC since I don't have any other speakers, only headphones. I'm using an optical cable right now but I tried with an RCA one and nothing happened again. I have tried plugging it in and out but to no avail, also I have tried changing my settings on both devices in hope that something there was wrong but that also came up short. I don't know what to do, because I was hyped to finally have some speakers. THINGS I HAVE ALREADY DONE : Confirmi
  2. Been using the Superlux HD668B's for almost 10 months now I fully recommend you to buy them BUT only if you know for sure you don't get headaches easily. I'm saying this because with my pair even after months of use there are times where I get a headache from the clamping on the head, not because it applies to much pressure but more because the pads never really get softer and the placement of the "arms" isn't exactly atleast for me optimal. In conclusion, while they are great headphones sound wise, they are not really that good comfort wise.
  3. So I have saved up around 350-400 bucks to upgrade my PC and I can't wait any longer since the PC is noisy as hell and it's also hot AF. Here are the specs currently : 4690k @ 4.2Ghz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2 320GB 2.5inch old HDD, a 7870 that one fan semi-works at times meaning it goes upto 90C at times Hyper 212 Evo Corsair 300R which sucks I was looking at upgrading my GPU first, then the cooler and after that the HDD's and the case. I wanna be able to play CS:GO(this at like 300 or something), LoL, WoT, WoWS, Hearthstone, BF4 at 1080 in 60fps in the best details possible for the mone
  4. Don't double post. If in the first post your question wasn't answered then try google, don't repost and if that doesn't work contact MSI. It's simple
  5. With 300 euros for GPU's you could buy a 290 or a 970. Do not buy 2 750 ti's, it's stupid. Also I would just spend 200 on GPU buy a better PSU and spend some on a 120 SSD, then the build will be much better.
  6. My budget is 200 euros as I said in the 1st post so no 1440p monitor anytime soon. For the GPU I can find some used 290/X for a little bit over 200 which I could buy and for the peripherals the G502 cost 70 and the quickfire I can get for 90 which leaves with some money leftover, as for he K70 it cost 140 in the least expensive shop so it's no go
  7. The construction is bad and somehow it becomes a vacuum cleaner after a week from cleaning it,it doesn't trap any noise inside, and the loading trays are not usable with 2.5 HDD and SSD so mine are just hanging by their wires...
  8. That's the thing, I "hate" all 3 of the things you said... GPU is not that good with thermals and noise along with FPS since it's pretty old hardware, my mice and keyboard are also pretty old and uncomfortable and also the monitor has so bad viewing angles that If I don't sit exactly opposite of it I pretty much can't see shit. It's difficult for me because I "hate" all 3 the same... :unsure: :unsure:
  9. Unfortunately where I live (greece) a 970 cost atleast 340... :unsure:
  10. So in the very near future I will be getting around 200 euros to upgrade my rig and anything else. Right now I have a 4690k , UD5H, Hyper 212 Evo, 8GB RAM, 128Gb SSD, x2 250GB HDD and a 7870 along with a shitty case (300r). As for my peripheral I have a Razer Abyssus , Razer Arctosa and a generic shitty TN 1080p monitor. So, what do you think I should upgrade?
  11. Of course not. You have 2 970's which perform better and you would also play a lot more money.
  12. Not necessarily. There are the Tri-X and Vapor-X edition which are neither hot nor loud.
  13. Get 2 290's and you are saying you want to use this for the next 10 years which is impossible...
  14. I have the same issue with the 212 but it doesn't affect temps as far as I have noticed. Running perfectly fine@4.3Ghz 1.2V on a 4690k. So don't worry about the slight rotation that can happen BUT what you should worry about is stress testing with Prime 95, try using AIDA 64 or something like that.