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  1. With the AVX plugin, any i5 from Sandy and up rip the shit out of PCSX2, but do not expect every game to work, the emulator has it's limitations. I run a 5ghz 2500k for all my emulation needs.. Some results..
  2. Everything from barbie shagging ken, to Doom 3.
  3. Wow nice camera. In other news, nice quadcopter!
  4. I play GTA IV on my laptop at 24-30FPS with a controller, just dandy for dem moments away from the computer room. I play BF3 at way above 60FPS with a controller and dominated errting mang.
  5. What the cock and ball was i on when i typed this up? I put Amnesia instead of insomnia o.0
  6. Holy shit, i thought i had slight insomnia, now this is full on insomnia inducing shit. Dem sharks tho.
  7. Noctua FTW, quiet but hurricane like airflow
  8. Well i live with family... the other PC's get use too.
  9. I have 3 PC's in my room. 1 with a 5850 and a 5ghz 2500k One with a 290 and a 8320 4.7ghz i7 4770k 4.3ghz with 2 780Ti's.... It get's roasting!
  10. I myself use my old EVGA motherboard with a spare Gigabyte ODIN 550watt PSU plugged in and 4x Noctua NF-B9 1600's on full whack. Being the enthusiast, i show my love for PC hardware by using it as much as possible To turn it off, i simply flick the PSU switch, but to turn them on, i flick the switch on, then hit the onboard power button on the mobo. Fan specs: Bevelled Blade Tips Due to advanced design measures like the bevelled blade tips, the NF-B9 is surprisingly quiet despite its outstanding airflow and pressure performance. Vortex-Co
  11. Robbaz is pure gold on all games, i dunno, i just lose ma shit errytim.