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  1. hong kong is now losing it's freedom what are your thoughts about it?
  2. Should I Upgrade My OS to Windows 10? I am currently using Windows 8.1 as my OS and planning to upgrade it. The specs Are: Intel Pentium B940 @ 2.00GHZ 2 Cores No Hyperthreading 250GB 5400RPM HDD 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ RAMM (Runs only at 1333MHZ) The only things that I do is Web Browsing, Online Class (student life in philippines sucks), and Webinars
  3. what are the issues between the 2010 macbooks? the only macbook issues that i know 2008 graphics 2011 gpu, 2011 hard drive cable (13" from louis rossman's video) 2012 retina 15" gpu voltage controller and the 2015 15" battery
  4. but still there are some people hail Apple Devices as the "Best Devices to use" but they don't know what shit does apple made throughout Tim Cook's management.
  5. Do you know any tiktok users who came from Philippines? If so, Do you know Vishnu Isles or anyone? (Well he's my favorite tiktok user)
  6. CRWND_12


    is there any bts fans here? if there are, who is ur bias?
  7. I heard from a YouTuber, namely Luke Miani found out that MacOS 10.13 (He updated it to 2018 macbook pro thermal issue fix) has a weird thermal control when you repaste your cpu with a new one. He stated that on his mid 2015 (or late 2013) macbook pro that it only drop 1 - 5 °C, and the fans will start to work when the cpu reaches the T Junction. So it's not only the build of the macbook has the problem, software should be also blamed to.
  8. 1440 144hz monitor is worth it for gaming, and productivity since 4k 60hz can cause strain to your graphics card when in heavy load which will cause heat and will suffer on thermal throttling. I would also suggest to look for an asus high refersh rate monitors. Their color calibration is pretty awsome and comes with free monitor stand
  9. you're right they blame intel on that issue, but still it's their fault for sacrificing the better cooling of device in order to achieve the thin and light design with an 3 unacceptable years to fix just a keyboard that does not really work
  10. 32gb and 4k video editing plus High Res Raw Photo editing
  11. Yup, it will lessen the potentials of thermal throttling. And also you might achieve the turbo boost clock speeds since the CPU temperature is lower than it's normal voltage.
  12. Apple (might be) still not fixed the i9 Thermalgate issue. What are your thought about it?
  13. Apple's move will make it far behind in the distant future. Since Apple were infested with a lot of engineering failures, their shift to their own Silicon would like to result some possible problems once they release it. Like more frequent kernel panics, system instabilty and they might even shift from active cooling to passive or even worse, fanless cooling like in the macbook air and 12" macbook.
  14. To All the Intel Macs, 2022 will be your last day of your life Read the story here: https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/22/21295475/apple-mac-processors-arm-silicon-chips-wwdc-2020
  15. It's true guys, Apple will now switch to their own Silicon... What are your thoughts about it?