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  1. Thank you for your reply its realy helpfull i will test it first thing in the morning
  2. I didnt mean yo be disrespectfull but i said it not a termal throttle but they just dont want to accept that there is somghing that they kbow so they just open that mout and spit the first thing that came to theire mind yhey didnt even read the title (its not fucking termal throttle)
  3. Jesus crist u guys r dump im telling you its not a termal problem if you dont know just dont coment i have this problem even on 60 c
  4. Go and search g531gw just to see the model then open up your mouth
  5. Go and search g531gw just to see the model then open up your mouth
  6. Hi I have my pc is g531gw scar iii it has an i7 9850h and rtx 2080 and 16 g 2666hz memory when i play games my cpu clock drop to 3.0 ghz but it should be on 3.4_3.9 it runs at 84 c it has like 10 c head room my pc has no dust or virus or bad behaving app and somtimes i get this random 40 fps drops i cheked with msi after burner i test the cpu with cpu z and stres it nothing wierd there eather and nothing wierd there pls i need some help And im so sorry for bad english
  7. The refresh rate is ok v sync is off i have 240 hz model and its running ok not a problem with dissplay at begening of games every thing is fine but after 2 or 3 match it feels laggy iv checked temps they r normal cpu at 86 and gpu at 69_73
  8. Hi guys so i recently bought scarIII g531gw gaming laptop(i7 9900 rtx 2070 16g ram 2666mhz) my games wheee running so smothly at first month but now my games feels so chuby and laggy and its so annoying for example i have play mw warzone it can run on 100 fps but it feels like 30 and mouse feels heavy when i try to move it around i didnt have this problem before i thought that might be somthing wrong with the game so i tried 2 or 3 more games all the result was the same high fps low frame times bust games feels horible ive trid games that i played before at same drivers and same setting
  9. So iv bought an asus rog g531gw like 8 month ago (i7 9th gen rtx 2070 16 g ram ddr4 ) everything was ok until 1 month ago . my right fan making clicky noise at low rpm(3700_4500) and that noise is gone when rpm rise up to (6800_7500) and note that i dont have any performance drop or termal problem and my qustion is is that going to harm my dvice in any way shold i take it to waranty or its not a big deal my temps under heavy loads and gaming on max setting is 88 c for cpu and 75_8 c for gpu ill be more than happy if someone can help me
  10. I probobly gonna reinstal windows at friday ill keep u guys updated