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  1. Those planned obsolescence were dropping support between older hardwares despite of the fact that it still capable of running newer operating systems
  2. Even Microsoft knows the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities are plaguing 6th and 7th gen Intel Processors, Microsoft should keep on supporting them as these generation can narrowly beat the 1st gen Ryzen (Microsoft also dropped support for this AMD processor on Windows 11, despite that it can still perform well) from AMD and they can still keep up on doing demanding task. When this vulnerabilities were found, a lot of Manufacturers released firmware and BIOS updates to protect the system against these attacks and even Microsoft released Windows 10 patches against this a
  3. Intel Core i3-6006U 2C/4T @ 2.00GHZ Intel HD Graphics 520 4GB 2133MHZ Micron DDR4 RAM 500GB 5400RPM HDD (Western Digital Blue)
  4. well i know there is an android emulator but my processor is not good for it.
  5. Well, what i need that is the microsoft store that comes with the android apps since our learning management systems utilizes android app support
  6. Hi! So I was a windows user for a very long time and there was this thing that keeps me bothering at all. I have a laptop, which is an Acer Aspire ES1-572 series running on a 6th gen Intel Core i3-6006U @ 2.00 GHz. The hardware is kinda old and not powerful as it seems but it can handle light gaming, video editing at 1080p, and Microsoft Office 365 (which came from our school). What was saddening for me as a student and one of the tech experts for our school is that Windows 11 does not support my processor according to the PC health check app that I've downl
  7. I have a Galaxy J8 (SM-J810Y) phone from 2018 which has been updated to Android 10 but it really feels so slow so I decided to that I want to downgrade it to it's stock android 8 but it got some problems. As I flash the Android 8 firmware using Samsung's Odin, I always got an error of SW_REV_CHECK_FAIL [aboot] fused 6, binary 2. I tried everything even voiding the Samsung Knox which sacrifices my Secure Folder, Samsung Health, Samsung Internet's private mode, and Samsung Pass which I really regreted doing. Currently i'm running on Android 9 with the security patch level
  8. So I was planning to buy a Samsung's Flagship Phone, which is the new Galaxy S21 Ultra and it leaves a mind boggling question. I was just curious why in our region (In Southeast Asia, specifically Philippines) was using their in-house Exynos 2100 processor while in U.S. uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Is there any big factors that made Samsung use Qualcomm instead of their in-house chip? And what specifically model of S21 Ultra should I buy?
  9. Apple won't do that sick thing. x86 instructions became the foundation of modern computing. ARM also came from x86 but it has modified instruction sets which x86 doesn't support and it supports much lower power computing unlike x86 which supports high performance computing. So I don't think Apple would ditch x86 and if they do, their whole ecosystem will be messed up and will be infested with Kernel Panics and other software issues which deals with the loss of x86 instructions. So don't whine about this matter, if Apple killed the x86 in their ecosystem. It would be definitely a to
  10. even your cpu reaches 84 degrees sometimes it would just throttle like crazy
  11. im not sure but i think for your laptop this could be a thermal throttling... if you tried to cool down temporarily your laptop, try to find a ventilated space or a room that is cooler where you came from. this will help a lot.
  12. Should I install openSUSE or Ubuntu for my laptop? In Windows it feels so old that's why I want to switch on linux My WiFi adaptor is qualcomm atheros ar5b97... which of the 2 distros will support my WiFi adapter?
  13. i just can't believe that linus is currently on a filipino meme
  14. a 500gb ssd and another 4gb for dual channel 8gb will do right?