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    i7 4790K
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    MSI Z97 G55 SLI
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB
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    Sapphire R9 380 4GB Nitro
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    NZXT H440 (White / Purple)
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    EVGA 750 G3
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    3x Acer G237HL
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid (Brown Switches)
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    Logitech G502
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    Monoprice Large Diaphgram Condenser Microphone, Alesis Multimix 4, Audio Technica ATH M-50RD
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    Windows 10
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    SHORT life story: One day I was born and then I got really tall, and never grew facial hair.
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  1. Yeah the steering wheel will still move. But it's stuck in reverse until you put the key back in
  2. Manual Saabs you have to put it in reverse before it will let you take the key out if the ignition (with the key being in the center there's no steering wheel lock) So either way it should be okay
  3. It's a style I've always loved, also always wanted a Stagea with a GTR front end
  4. Really would rather have a R32 / R34 sedan with a GTR front end over an actual GTR tbh (Granted the R34 in my photo doesn't have a GTR front end)
  5. Think I have finally decided on an exhaust setup
  6. How have I never realized you live in Michigan? *Mind blown* My car is something like 3,600 lbs IIRC
  7. RicerMiata (Youtuber formally part of Haggard Garage) recently just finished up a turbo build on a British Racing Green NA Miata, and is doing a SR20DET swap on a NA Eunos Roadster with goals of about 350WHP