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    i5 4690k @5ghz
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    MSI Z97 G55 SLI
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB
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  1. IIRC Halo lighting on the 9-3 refers to the xenons, as you could order it with either xenons or normal old craptastic bulbs Yours seems to have had them deleted, and those are the covers for where they would be Or the launch edition cars may have had a different sprayer system Mine is like the second pic, where the nozzles face the headlights at all times, they turn on the first time you use your sprayers each time the car turns on, and I believe intermittently when you have the wipers on
  2. Also own an OG 9-5 wagon, had a 2000 9-5 Aero Sedan at one point as well in Scarabe Green Metallic
  3. Crossovers tend to have a higher roof line, more ground clearance, and a shorter, but taller cargo area vs a wagon
  4. Looks to be an R33 to me. But I agree with you there. Stanced Foresters are sick af tho
  5. I've still only got my two for now sadly. Always on the hunt for another. Sadly had to put the 9-5 rebuild on the backburner again. Moving is hecka expensive
  6. The Tech 2 is more for changing stuff, and looking at stuff deeper into the car, especially CANBUS parts A normal cheap OBD2 reader will do just fine for reading and clearing codes Mine is a big T which means it has the TD04, (However if you want some more power still, BrewCityBoost is a great tuning option My 9-3 I have noticed does start a little bit slower than most other cars, but that does seem to be normal for these cars
  7. I always do full synthetic and 93 octane, the car loves it, and it's honestly worth it
  8. It's something my grandfather has always done, just don't have to worry about it for a while then, vs 10K miles later
  9. I'd do an oil change anyway, just to be safe. All fluids are always the first thing I do when I pickup a car, along with brakes
  10. The badges tend to fade on this gen of 9-3 quite often, I do love the factory mudflaps, want to get myself a set