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    i7 4790K
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    MSI Z97 G55 SLI
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB
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    Sapphire R9 380 4GB Nitro
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    NZXT H2 (White)
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Logitech G502
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    Monoprice Large Diaphgram Condenser Microphone, Alesis Multimix 4, Audio Technica ATH M-50RD
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    SHORT life story: One day I was born and then I got really tall, and never grew facial hair.
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  1. Tacomas are pretty tall. My buddy AJ's dad used to have one, same spec other than auto and white and it was about the same height iirc
  2. Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    Mashed Potatoes or Mac and Cheese
  3. Guess I'll never be buying PBM anything for any project cars
  4. Tommy's intro is straight fire (Song changes every video)
  5. What would you like for Christmas?

    Nothing really. I wish I could just skip Christmas all together. Not a holiday person.
  6. Been considering getting a spare hood to mess around with this idea. Wouldn't leave it on for everyday driving (rain exists) but would be a fun idea for shows. Should I go for it? Found the same vent he used http://www.finelinetuning.net/product/dmax-style-hood-vent-universal
  7. Of course, going to be turbo-shopping here soon. Car parts are cheapest around winter for obvious reasons, and with Black Friday / Cyber Monday coming up I'll be able to score a Mitsubishi TD04 for a good price. Rather not get an eBay turbo for my daily. Check edit for a few of the upcoming plans
  8. Not going to be doing right now. I have more important things to spend money on. But I like planning stuff out. Which is why I have links saved for mirrors, new steering wheel, spoiler, intake, turbo, exhaust manifold, cat-back, etc.
  9. Would probably order these, a little pricey but would rather do decals over paint or plasti-dip https://www.inshanedesigns.com/product/universal-hash-mark-fender-stripes/
  10. Kinda considering doing silver or white hash marks like this on my car, could someone maybe toss together something in photoshop? (Also going to be doing CF mirrors, tint, painting my calipers and a Euro front plate at some point. Had these plans for a long time but seeing them all together makes me feel some type of way)
  11. Preferably the smell of burning them. Which is why I have a burnt rubber candle. But new tires is a very satisfying smell
  12. Funny thing is this is a Saab discord channel.