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    SHORT life story: One day I was born and then I got really tall, and never grew facial hair.
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  1. People that are good at photography,(ahem, @chaozbandit ) any tips when shooting cars? I more or less just rely on the rule of thirds when shooting cars and they turn out half decent, but I've been wanting some variety in shots, any suggestions?
  2. Is it an emissions thing? I know it can be deleted typically
  3. So I know DEF is Diesel Exhaust Fluid, but what does it exactly do, what's the purpose? Does it burn off like gas and need refilled?
  4. I did the same thing with our Impala as well. But it's a foot e brake so that was hella difficult. As many issues as I've had with mine I wouldn't trade it for the world The B235r is a great motor. As long as your turbo doesn't disintegrate on you
  5. That's exactly what I did when I was stock, that and FWD donuts in the dirt
  6. Because a manual RWD boat will do you so well An automatic daily is phenomenal. Especially when dealing with even Chicago or Indy traffic, let alone Cali traffic. And crank windows are great honestly. I love them. Less stuff to break, and just simply cooler
  7. Viper actually has some phenomenal options
  8. Nothing better than heading into work after spitting and throwing up blood all morning. Bills don't stop coming in just because I do though 🤷‍♂️
  9. Both our Saabs are the same way by default. Gonna be changing that down the line via the magic of Tech II
  10. Other Saabs always flash their fog lights
  11. With my wagon I've never had issues with this, but with sedans and coupes I always have. Not too sure why really