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    AMD FX 8350 Black Edition @5.2 GHz
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    Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB
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    3x Acer G237HL
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    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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  1. 45mph into a large tree isn't a small accident I'd say
  2. I'm just saying, seat belts do more than the average person thinks.
  3. Just because one YouTuber had a negative experience with NRG were all going to discredit them? No company will be perfect. PC parts are DOA all the time. But we don't discredit Intel/AMD/Nvidia for that. We realize it was just bad luck and move forward. I'm still gonna give the NRG wheel a shot.
  4. I want these. So badly.
  5. No wheel purchase as of yet. But I think his was a fake. His was also a different material and was a deep dish vs a normal dish and wood wheel
  6. And one of his videos on Molly is right above your post
  7. @bcredeur97 have you thought about doing new gauge faces? (Flyin Miata has some great options)
  8. Finally squeezed under the dash to replace my reverse light relay. Such a pain in the ass. But it was worth it. Now that it's done my reverse lights don't stick on. Small job, but was definitely needed
  9. I honestly feel like that was a fake NRG. Never seen that horn surround on a real NRG. Also gonna be going with a wood wheel. Which doesn't really flex
  10. I saw that, that's the only negative experience I've ever seen with a NRG wheel. I feel it has more to do with him putting all his force on a deep dish wheel vs the wheel itself
  11. At 6'5" I'll take all the room I can get
  12. To be fair my oem wheel is black leather. So this might match better to my car because all other leather in my car is tan
  13. That's the main reason I want a new wheel. Leg room. Is it really that bad still with a black center. At night it'll just look like a black wood wheel.