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  1. Had that analogy in mind but didn't want to be the one to say it.
  2. Build and mod your car for your own enjoyment. Not for resale value. That's my plan. And why my list is so long of mods. Because at the end of the day. It's an extension of me. My money, my transportation. If other people like it, good. But as long as I'm not a ricer I'm happy. Current list Exhaust Intake post MAF Bigger intercooler Pistons Cams Injectors E85 Capable Fuel Pump Strut bar Coilovers Wheels / tires Window tints Steering wheel Subs / speakers Mustang Mach 1 Front Lip Roofrack cross bars Add some gauges Yellow fog lights / yellow vinyl on fog light housings (not sure which yet) Different front grill Aero Spec rear wing Better sounding horns Custom tuning That's not even the whole list. Will my car be more valuable in the end? To me, yes. To just about anyone else, no. Cars are a passion of love, and if you're in it for the profit open a shop.
  3. Damn. Rip. This is true, but Glasspacks (cheap ones especially) are super prone to blowing out. Which then kinda makes it a resonator / test pipe
  4. He's got a nice hardtop also, along with the factory soft top He's also got the mini Pictured, had a beautiful 60s Town And Country and has a C2 Corvette. He's got great taste.
  5. Glasspacks are typically more like a resonator than a muffler.
  6. Colin's Miata looks soooooooo good. @bcredeur97 have you thought of getting a "Bikini top" like he has in the last 2 photos? I'm not sure if that's the real name but that's what he's always called it.
  7. I do too. Subarus are my favorite cars. But damn does my 9-5 sound good. Thinking of doing my muffler delete tomorrow
  8. So get a 9-5. I have heated leather seats, a sunroof, turbo 4, memory seats, heated rear seats. The list goes in.
  9. Yes but plastidip is cheaper typically, and goes a lot longer way.
  10. My tip is do 5 or 6 thin coats, and you don't want your first coat to be full coverage
  11. I say plastidip, can always peel it off and wrap it or redo it if you want
  12. Couple photos of the new headunit (and Bluetooth mic) installed It's sooooooooooo nice