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  1. If you're not in a hurry to upgrade, I would wait for the next gen graphics cards from nvidia & amd and new processors from amd. Even if you go with this gen hardware it will be cheaper than right now. Then again if you need the computer right now not much you can do.
  2. Can you still run in dual channel mode if you have mismatched capacity?
  3. Have you checked which processes are using the most RAM with your 10GB system? That should tell you where the problem is.
  4. Yeah the Ti is the fastest followed by the super. Your processor's going to be a bit of a bottleneck as you pointed out, with any of them.
  5. Might be that the GPU is faulty if you've tried all that. Maybe there's no way to fix it Maybe somebody else knows what else you could try?
  6. Yeah it's likely there's a problem with your GPU if you've tried reinstalling windows already. Someone else might have some idea how to fix it but I unfortunately don't, sorry.
  7. I find the night more calming than day myself Don't know why, I guess there's just less going on at night than during the day. I guess if you live / are at some shady location things would be different. I'm afraid of heights to some extent, I don't understand how some kids can climb those tall buildings etc. on youtube with no safety measures. I could never do that, then again most of us couldn't I think. Maybe it's not even an irrational fear... I mean if you fall from a tall place you will probably die, so... Yeah no thanks!
  8. I believe vaccines are highly useful tools too, unless they have heavy metals in them, like aluminum for example that the vaccine makers use as an adjuvant. Check this if you don't believe me: https://jbhandleyblog.com/home/2018/4/1/international2018 You seem to be a little uninformed on the subject of vaccines too. Tho I'm derailing this thread with this talk. Really suggest you take atleast a glance at the link I posted. It's kind of heavy stuff, all of it from doctors who've studied vaccines. The aluminum that's in some of them really isn't that safe. Even though the authorities claim so.
  9. I'm pretty sure they will, after the new consoles launch. They're hyperthreaded 8 cores so it would be foolish for game devs not to take advantage of that. So that translates to PC games too, I would think.
  10. What they did is complete bull****, you did the right thing informing us. You should try and get someone else from their side to review your case again. I mean, PUBG isn't free is it? So they banned you even though you did nothing wrong and even went to some lengths to try and troubleshoot the issue for them. After you paid them money. That's real bad PR for their company. Hope they unban you!
  11. Can you wait for some months with your build or do you need it right now? There are new GPU's and CPU's coming out later this year, that would give you better performance / price than right now, if you can wait. Also if you use this generations parts, because those will become cheaper when the new ones are released. If you can't or don't want to wait, I'd suggest something like Nvidia 2070S, Ryzen 3700x, 16/32GB RAM & 1/2TB SSD depending on how many games you play. And a good power supply ofcourse. That's pretty much overkill for the games you mentioned but it would be pretty future proof if you want to play some new games that come out down the road. Atleast in my country there are shops that sell their own pre-built PC's, you should look for those if you haven't already. As in they're not Dell/HP etc. but built from scratch by the shop themselves. But you probably know what I'm talking about already. If you're not planning on playing any more intensive games in the future you could go for something much cheaper.
  12. So, apparently a professor who had made / was very close to making a breakthrough in coronavirus research was murdered by someone who then killed himself. I don't know if we're allowed to discuss this, considering that it's pretty much conspiratory material but I'll post it anyway. What do you guys think? Just some loon who somehow knew what this professor was doing and murdered him for *reasons* or something else? Sounds pretty darn shady if you ask me. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/06/us/university-of-pittsburgh-professor-killed/index.html
  13. These benchmarks would like to differ: What do you gather from this? I see equal performance, or even worse with hyperthreading on. So I think you're wrong, sadly. Although I would say that games will start using/benefiting from hyperthreading when the new consoles launch. They have hyperthreading enabled so it would be stupid to not use the capability, right? But games of today still don't do that, probably in part because consoles don't either. And that's going to change going forward. Then again I don't know much at all about these things, just thought I remembered some videos comparing processors with / without hyperthreading in games and that they found there was practically no difference, or in some cases even lower FPS with hyperthreading on.
  14. His processor is pretty heavily overclocked though, I wouldn't expect a 8600k OC'd to 4.8 GHz to be a bottleneck for a 2070S. Atleast not 18%. Some games are CPU bound, ofcourse, but the majority are not. His processor should match the GPU quite well. What is weird is that his friend with an inferior processor is getting better FPS. OP, can you tell your full specs? You're not running a single stick of RAM for example? That would cut your performance a lot.
  15. Are you completely sure? From what I've seen, games don't really take advantage of hyperthreading. There are many videos on YT showcasing this. In any case, i5 8600k is more powerful than i7 7700k. More cores are always more powerful than hyperthreading, if you have 4c/8t its going to be slower than a 6c/6t. As far as I understand it, atleast. Depends on the clockspeeds ofcourse, but as a general guideline. I think hyperthreading gives a 30% boost under ideal conditions, and that's not games. You might get that when rendering etc. but not with video games. So I think you're wrong if you're saying that 7700k is more powerful than 8600k. That's just not true. But maybe you weren't saying that.