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  1. I heard they have like 20+ shell companies too, I wonder why. The whole thing reeks of a massive scam, they just keep adding more things to do which will never be finished, and the whales keep giving them money. I mean, the game isn't complete yet, need more funds! ^^
  2. The RAM doesn't actually interfere with each other, only the slowest RAM speed will be used.
  3. You definitely should, dual channel is around 20% faster than single channel, on top of having twice the amount of RAM. If I remember right.
  4. Maybe some cable got loose when you were managing them? You could check if that's the case.
  5. It seems like the model of your 1080 has a blower style cooler, so that seems normal to me. My 1070 which is also a blower style goes to the same temperature, also very fast, when playing graphically demanding games. It's not ideal but that temperature is safe for the card.
  6. From reading other threads here, people say it's usually the vram that causes these kinds of artifacts. Maybe someone who knows more will chime in. Hope you get it sorted out!
  7. It does say in the picture that the Performance cap reason is thermal. So it most likely is locking the GPU at the lowest clocks it can because of overheating. What is your laptop's brand / model?
  8. I would guess it's the graphics card but I'm not an expert. Do you have a dedicated graphics card or only an igpu in your laptop?
  9. This isn't really helpful but going from 2133 to 2400MHz isn't going to affect you much at all, like 1-2% at most. It doesn't really matter. Atleast this is what I've seen in benchmarks.
  10. Just grow a beard and be bald. Maybe lift some weights. Profit.
  11. I don't think LTT has any control over what's happening anymore; "the parcel has been scanned in terminal". So it sounds like it's on it's way to you. Pretty slow yeah, but I guess there's covid and all.
  12. What if the motherboard itself is faulty? If the x500 series should support the CPU out of the box, and it doesn't, it seems that there might be something wrong with the mobo itself. Or am I wrong?