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  1. That really sucks. If I were you I'd try to keep on escalating the matter until you get someone even higher up than that previous supervisor. If that doesn't work, you don't happen to have something like a customer protection service in India? If you do, you should go to them.
  2. Do you have caps on your internet service? To me it looks something like that more than anything else?
  3. I doubt it, if the laptop doesn't even turn on then how could it pose a danger?
  4. Actually you only need to travel to youtube to find it
  5. You said you ram was running in dual channel, is it 16 GB?
  6. What's your RAM like? Dual channel or single?
  7. You could try asking the scalper for the receipt, which you should have asked in the first place to be completely honest with you. For exactly this reason. Or you could try asking the AIB partner (unless it's a FE card, which I guess it is if you asked nvidia) for warranty.
  8. I'm not sure but I think it might still be the drivers that are causing the issue.
  9. Or maybe aliens already have made contact with us but it's just information being withheld from the general public
  10. It doesn't even have to be in other galaxies, could very well be that there are on our own.
  11. Weird that your GPU is basically running at its limit (98%) utilization´but the CPU only at 64%. Maybe it can go higher than that though? If you have 2 monitors you could run the task manager on the other screen and see how far it can climb. I don't know anything about Cold War but I would think you could hit 165 fps with a 3070.
  12. One way is to check the performance tab in task manager, it shows you both CPU & GPU utilization among other things.
  13. You should get the 6-core either way. Best would be an 8-core but if you're going to build a new system without replacing your graphics card first then that would be pretty good.
  14. But where do the apples come in?