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  1. Title. Will a dongle be too bad and terrible or should I install a proper bluetooth PCIE card? I don't know if a PCIE card is for some serious wireless data transfer or if its for people who actually want a good connection to their computer on bluetooth.
  2. Title. I have an old Samsung Galaxy J320V. I can take the back off and feel every part of the phone - it is not overheating. Yet the OS will say it is, close me out of anything I was in, and then soon after it will turn my phone off. I did bring the phone with my into a very hot shower, and so I figure some steam could have gotten into the phone near a temperature sensor, and maybe that water is still there and that is messing with the sensor? If my guess is correct then either How do I remove the water *inside* a phone? (lol) or How do I disable the
  3. Title. I have no idea why, but only in VoIP calls is the audio just horrible. When I do not use Bluetooth it sounds just fine on the speakers. Using Discord. Have the latest version of Android for this phone. Discord is up to date. I messed around with every Discord setting I could find and didn't fix anything. I looked this up and numerous other people face a similar problem but their solutions were inapplicable to my situation. I'd really like full help with this.
  4. It was at a bestbuy computer stand. everything but this was marked with a name and price lol. was super comfy, fit well, and cancelled audio
  5. fan headers? like the things that power the fans? I already have those plugged in. chaining fans? Theres already two other cords, not shown, that are the simple fan power cables. Oh, well thats interesting. I still don't know where this plugs into
  6. I bought a Enthoo Prom M Tempered Glass (Special Edition) which has things around the fans that should light up. I'm assuming that these cables are the ones that are supposed to light them? But I don't know how I'd even do anything with them. The cables aren't long enough to get anywhere near the motherboard, and even then, where would I plug them in at? Its two separate cables, but they can plug into eachother. Also, my old 15$ case came with a Reset Switch header pin, but this 100+$ case did not? I don't see it anywhere, very confused. While I'm at it, I bought
  7. I deleted everything in the recycle bin and windows keeps telling me F: is nearly full. What is the problem then?
  8. Hello, On this machine, I used to have one hard drive with Windows installed Later on, I installed an SSD and decided to fresh install windows on there. My old hard drive is still installed in the machine, and still has windows on it. I could, at any time, choose the hard drive in the boot and load windows on it. However, of course when you do a Windows installation is creates a separate partition called "system reserved". I have two system reserved partitions, one on each drive. The extremely strange thing, is that the "system reserved" partition for my hard drive windows