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  1. Oh I see know. Thanks for the notice, I'll be sure to buy the one your recommended to me now!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I might snag that SSD for my list, possibly. Yeah I probably will enable the auto oc anyway
  3. My birthdays and Christmas I am allowed one "big thing", but that very much depends on my grades, behavior, chores, etc. So far I've gotten straight A's for about 6-7 years now which includes Elementary, and I am in a Middle College program for High school (5 years instead of 4, but I leave with a associate's degree). Work hard for good rewards.
  4. Oh I wasn't thinking about that, my bad. Possible, as I'm hoping to get all parts by December so I may do that then. Thanks!
  5. Yeah It is pretty much all for ganing, as I don't have a job yet lmao (Next year though I can apply finally!). I might give it a try in the future with a tutorial or something but I have no knowledge on overclocking whatsoever, so I probably won't. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! Whilst intel is ok, AMD cpu's are way better rn for around the same prices, but thanks for the option. Would 1 TB be enough you think for booting up/all games? I don't have great knowledge on SSD's, so i don't know what DRAM cache is, but I might use the one you have listed, now that a lot of people are telling me to get a SSD, despite Hard drives being way cheaper and more storage, but I can see the point. Thanks again!
  7. I know that, but if you can find any that are the same price as my 2TB hard drive with around the same storage, that would be nice:) I'm ordering around October, and I hate black friday and my family never do them, its a waste of time IMO. Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep researching and learning!
  8. I could, but hard drives are cheaper, and are decent. At least having one SSD, whatever the storage is of it, will benefit your computer rather than just having a hard drive and no SSD. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Thanks for the tips. I would like to say some things though. First off, the O11 IMO looks great and has good reviews, as well as I really like the design and the side fan mounting on it as well. 6 cores is enough for gaming but I don't want to upgrade my computer for a very long time, and with next gen consoles having 8 cores now, it should become the standard sometime soon, hence why I want 8 cores personally. My family is more of a Hard drive kind of guy, and my dad says it would be better to get them since they are cheaper. Also, having at least one SSD nowadays no matt
  10. Like I said, I really don't want to upgrade for a good while, and as of right now the next gen consoles have started using 8 core processors, and despite 6 cores being enough to game, 8 cores would last longer in my opinion. Also like I said, I sometimes care about looks/style, and I'm in love with the kraken cooler for it's great temps and it's custom display screen, and I tend to change my themes a lot. As long as I have an SSD I should be ok. Despite Hard drives being slower than SSD's, they still are useful and a bit cheaper IMO. Thanks for the tips, I may think it over but if
  11. PC Part Picker list- https://pcpartpicker.com/list/m6Fz4d 1. Budget & Location $2000- $2100 USD, as of right now a 3060 ti on Newegg is around $800 to $900 USD, so going over by $100 USD wouldn't be bad. 2. Aim 99.9% gaming, want to start playing some PC games like Valorant, CSGO, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. 3. Monitors 2 monitors- 1080p at 144 hertz each. 4. Peripherals Looking for maybe a Blackwidow Elite from Razer, fine on mouse. Don't need windows, already have a copy. 5. Why are you upgrading?
  12. Honestly that sounds nice and promising, we will just have to wait and see.
  13. First of all, yeah I can understand why I should not get that giant cooler, but I’m an guy that wants it to look cool and have nice specs at the same time, so it’s just personal preference. As for waiting, I can definitely see that. I’m planning to order the pre built in October that why it can arrive by Christmas, since it does take awhile, so we have about 4 months or so to see what happens. If the prices are dropping, sure I’ll build my own, but if things have stayed the same, gotta buy the prebuilt. We don’t know exactly when this shortage will end. Sure things may look bright now but i
  14. Yeah but there’s also a pre build fee for people building it for you, but I think it’s ok. Almost forgot but I’m getting a additional 2TB Seagate hard drive, sorry I forgot to add it before!
  15. Oh almost forgot that I’m getting a 2TB Seagate Hard drive, my bad! Yeah I know it’s expensive for a cpu cooler, but even though it should be specs over looks, sometimes looks to me have to be nice, and this is one of those times lol