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  1. For me it's Sunset Overdrive. My coworkers rave about it. Online reviews put it on a pedestal. I played about 1 hour into it and I just can't get myself to like it. The graphics are nothing special. The gameplay is just meh. It just isn't hooking me.
  2. 1. Remove bloatware. HP likely injects their crap in there. Do a fresh OS install (not from the recovery partition). A Widows key is like $7 in the key market. 2. 8gb of ram is too small. I don't care what others say. If you have 2 slots and 1 8gb stick, you're in luck. You just need 1 more stick. If you have 2 4gb then toss those out of your laptop and get 2 8gb sticks. 3. If your OS is not on ssd then it needs to be in one. Platter drive to ssd is the most compelling thing you can do to a computer. 4. Install something like throttlestop. Turn off turbo boost. Eve
  3. I would not bother replacing the panel. In my neck of the woods the cheapest 144hz monitor anyone can buy is about $150. Not worth my time. Unless if you live in a place where monitors cost as much as cars.
  4. Exemptions for legit businesses that manufacture and employ others. A 40 year old guy living by himself in an apartment with a farm of 300 gpus isn't doing anything to move the economy. He can pay at a tier that 200-300% higher than everyone else.
  5. 1070 is great for 1080p & 1440p gaming. $250 is a fair price. 1660ti is it's current equivalent (but 1070 has more vram) and no way in hell would you find one for $250. Right now is actually a good time to build a PC. If you want a low - mid range pc, avoid AMD. Ryzen is a terrible value on the sub $300 chip market. RAM is also dirt cheap. I didn't need 32gb but I went ahead with it to fill up my banks. About 2 years ago 16gb of ram would cost you $200. About a week ago I bought a total of 32gb sticks for about $150. M.2 and ssds are also priced decently
  6. A way to hit the miners is if governments hike up and create new tiers on the cost of energy they consume. Since nearly all power plants are government regulated, the proper agency can start imposing a sliding billing scale on energy consumption. Instead of a straight linear slope on power rates, it needs to resemble a hockey stick line. Drastically raising the cost of energy would be a good way to curb mining.
  7. Sometimes I doubt if they really are making gpus in the numbers they are claiming. I understand that the demand is higher than any time in the past. But they are also claiming they are making more than before. Yet it seems like the only place to buy one is from a scalper. Something is just not right.
  8. I turned it off and the drive load looks like it did go down. What's the downside of turning it off?
  9. I have a 2tb spinner drive for my Plex server. Nearly all the time it's usage is at 100%. I look at the process Plex is running and it's very low. But when I look at the drive's usage it's at 100%. I don't have any anti virus running. Malware tools are not running. When I navigate the drive there's a delay. When I click on an mkv file that's about 3GB in size, there's a noticeable delay. I dragged the same file on the OS ssd drive and it's instantaneous. I moved it to another spinner drive and although not as fast as the ssd, it's noticeably faster than the mechanical drive in
  10. They're very long. Some are about 10 minutes and there are a LOT of them. When you play a game the first time they're fine. You want to see the story. But for a 2nd playthrough, you already know the story.
  11. I'm playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. I remember playing this in 2015 I think. Back then I think I had a 4560... something like that and a GTX 960. And a 1650 monitor. LOL! It was somewhat enjoyable then. Now I have a better system and it's actually quite enjoyable. This is one of the few Call of Duty games where I truly enjoyed the campaign. If not the best campaign in my opinion.
  12. Max Payne 3 I'd love to play it again if it weren't for the non-skippable cutscenes. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If you manage to win this auction, this would be a good gpu. Despite the vram issue, it's still a phenomenal card.