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  1. I just read reviews on Amazon and seems like you are required to have FB on your phone to be used with the headset. I dumped FB last November and I'm glad to have left that toxic environment. I can do without the VR headset if it means I must have FB steal my privacy. Thanks!
  2. Will a BS account do? Non linked to a cellphone...
  3. I just want to be able to play games like Euro Truck Simulator and F1. I'm actually more interested on using it like a monitor rather than a full blown VR with hand controllers. Any suggestions?
  4. Anyways, do you think Rachel Dolezal's situation is complex? She was born a white woman but she feels that she's black inside. Most of the world ridiculed her and she basically gets no support. Do you support her?
  5. Transexual definition - people experiencing a gender identity that is inconsistent with their assigned sex and desire to permanently transition to the sex or gender with which they identify, usually seeking medical assistance to help them align their body with their identified sex or gender. Says nothing about when their surgery takes place. Nobody joked specifically about transexuals or disrespected them. Don't make things up. My point it is in our society, some groups of people are told to put on their big boy pants and to accept reality about the
  6. I bought minoxidil and will give it a try on my face first and see if my facial hair gets thicker. If so then I will try it on my head. If I see good results I'll maintain it. If not then I'll embrace the bald look. I have a weird flat head. But that doesn't look as silly as those comb overs. Something I would never ever do. I also would never spray black paint on my scalp or glue a dead rat's hide. I could never take the embarrassment if my rug were to fly off my head while in front of a lot of people. LOL!
  7. https://www.amazon.in/Intel-Corporation-Generation-Processor-Graphics/dp/B07MRCGQQ4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=intel+cpu&qid=1622351195&sr=8-2
  8. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YsBFNP is what he linked and in it is a Ryzen 3 1200. Holy crap, it's a 4C4T cpu. That's terrible!
  9. Ryzen 3 1200 @ $174 is a major rip off. Those used to sell for like $100 last summer. And it still a 4c8t cpu.
  10. Don't waste money on that AMD cpu. For the same price you can get an Intel 10600. Only the Intel has 6 cores 12 threads and has better gaming performance. And you won't need a $200 motherboard.
  11. Right now is a terrible time to buy a gpu. So if you are building new or upgrading and a gpu is involved, forget the GPU. There should be no reason for anyone to get something less than 6 cores. I would go Intel with cpus if money is a concern with you. AMD cpus are ridiculously overpriced and don't have much benefits unless you're streaming. Even so, they are on the average $50 - $100 more than an Intel equivalent. If you are getting a locked cpu, don't bother with the high end boards. If you go with a K cpu, you will have to get an aftermarket quality cooler.
  12. Thanks everyone. Are 3 year old NEW tires still good? Tire Rack is selling a set of Bridgestones (produced in 2018) for 1/2 off the regular price.
  13. I have Amazon for $7.99 a month. They gave HD ability for free, grandfathered in. Not sure if that offer is still around.