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  1. SolarNova

    Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes!

    Thats all well and good, but what about secure erasing sensitive data and free space WITHOUT wiping the entire drive and/or OS ? For HDD its easy, plenty of free utilities that work, but for SSD's ..not so much. Paid sure, but not free.
  2. SolarNova

    Is this a good crt

    Those that want to make a retro gaming machine and those that know how trash teir LCD is. If my Plasma died i would gladly pick up a FW900 CRT over any LCD monitor if i found one available. As for that particular IBM CRT, i cant say i know anything about it specificaly, other than its a 1280x1040 60hz CRT, nothing special about it form what i can see. Just note that while its advertised as 17", the viewable screen is actualy ~16".
  3. SolarNova

    Wtf wan show.

    Watching / listening to it as i type this.
  4. SolarNova

    Wtf wan show.

    FYI: You can still open the youtube video using VLC streaming option. Its at lowest quality though. Good enough to listen to if you cant wait however. Just copy the address into the 'open network stream' , 'network' option.
  5. Bassed on the last 8 or so years ... that will probably last another 8 years CPU wise. Possibly 4 years GPU wise. Consider that people still regularly run 2nd gen (sandybridge) intel CPU's today without issue. GPU's on theo ther hand tend to get outdate relativly quickly due to increasing resultions and graphical details added to game engines. So 4 years is a good estimate for what ur after.
  6. SolarNova

    monitor calibration

    Cant really say to be honest. It will be down to what features you want. if it were me i would just go for the very basic model good enough to do a full calibration of a screen.
  7. SolarNova

    monitor calibration

    Take a look at X-Rite and Datacolor , both have 'cheap' calibration tools available. They range between £85 and £170 for the basic models. I beleve the DataColor Spyder5 is the cheapest of their options at £85, and the X-Rite ColorMinki is their cheapest at around £100.
  8. SolarNova

    Is this a good PC?

    Good yes, but if possible change out the PSU for somthing better, its a low end model, and perhaps shift some budget from the 2 TB HDD to get a bigger SSD. Also the CPU cooler could be better, but it will do the job.
  9. SolarNova

    RTX 2080ti Hybrid - radiator fan details

    EVGA may make some questionable products (Z10 keyboard , and their EVbot comes to mind), but they have great customer service.
  10. SolarNova

    Building Our Own CPU Water Block?!?

    Have you considered using a basic copper heatsink as the base of the waterblock? You'd have to shave down the fins to a more resonable height, and trim around the edge to give the plexi top a surface to mate with, but it would get around the issue of trying to cut ur own micro fins / channels.
  11. SolarNova

    Picking a good budget PSU is hard

    I was purely looking at 500w+ units since thats what he asked for. Without specs on the machine its going to power i cant just 'assume' he could use a lower watt PSU.
  12. SolarNova

    Picking a good budget PSU is hard

    Aye thats another option. 550w version for £54.
  13. SolarNova

    Picking a good budget PSU is hard

    Go onto PCpartpicker, have a search through using ur budget and compare against the list in thel ink below. Chances are at just £40 ur not going to find anything good. To be honest most are crap untill you hit the £60 price point. You can get a be quiet Pure Power 10 500w for £60
  14. SolarNova

    Sub Zero questions

    NP, GlLwith ur project. Keep us posted
  15. SolarNova

    Sub Zero questions

    Some poeple have done certian parts seperatly, none that i can recall all in one project, though there are plenty of examples of chillboxes, which is another way of dealing with condensation, though imo a 'lesser' way as you will have to deal with ice build up on parts of the case, not to mention insulating it. I have had a project planned for a couple years now that is pritty much this. I done a few years of research into what i wanted to do. Its on hold atm though..life likes getting in the way Ill be making a custom chiller for subzero liquid cooling . aiming at -40c. A custom case , nitrogen filled. Boutique quality build and themed. ~£5000 budget area. I would sugest mocking up a 3d Model design for your case, it will help.