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  1. o.0 wow rather expensive local prices. Maybe u should consider an OLED for that price ? Like LG B or C 9 ?]
  2. You could try the settings used in this review, HOWEVER note that each individual display will be slightly different. So ICC profiles and settings from one review sample will not be totally accurate for ur display. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/viewsonic-elite-xg240r-144hz-gaming-monitor,6165.html
  3. aesthetics Normal pluming hardware doesnt fit the aesthetic of most builds. They look perfectly fine in a 'steampunk' theme however.
  4. "" The Zisworks engineering sample uses an ultra-fast FPGA chip to achieve the ultra-high-Hz goodness. It works on an off-the-shelf 4K 120Hz LCD, by replacing the LCD panel’s motherboard. Zisworks also has DIY engineering modification kits for those with compatible LCD panels. ""
  5. Depends entirely on the actual monitor, specs like that cover a very broad number of different monitors. Some specs are very misleading as well, like 'response time' , long story short, ignore it, its not representative of real world performance and cannot be used to compare vs other monitors as it is not specific enough. Specs alone dont give anywhere near enough details. Thats like buying a 'new' car based purely on a 'basic' spec sheet. You'll want to find the specific monitors ur interested in, hope there are 'proper' reviews, check the reviews, then make ur decision. https://www.rtings.com/ is a good site to search though as it has a good filter tool.
  6. Just run Windows XP, ur not suddenly going to get a virus. use common sense when surfing the web and ull be fine. Run a dual OS system.
  7. Well seems like u got only 3 options then Deal with it how it is Sit further away and deal with what u got Get it replaced again with another one and try the lottery once again. As for continued comparisons of IPS glow and BLB, ur in a much better position to make that comparison than we are here on the forums, u have the display in front of you. You know what to look for now. There not much more i can help with.
  8. Ok ur sitting close ..but have u tried sitting u further away ? does it help with the amount of IPS glow u see ? This replacement has as much if not more than the original one u had, at least thats what it looks like from the pictures. If u want to avoid IPS glow all together the only way is to not get an IPS panel Monitor. Get a VA for example. BUt as i stated, there are only a handful of tested and reviewed ultrawide displays, and none of them have 'good' uniformity. BUT could be a better option none the less if u really want ultra wide. For example, the SuperUltraWide Samsung CHG90, which is a 49" 3840 x 1080 VA 144hz display. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/samsung/c49hg90-chg90 Its not great uniformity for a VA, there are much better 16:9 options, but if u want Ultrawide, this is the best one i've seen reviewed in regards to uniformity. It will NOT suffer IPS glow, as its not IPS, but ,like all LCD's, can suffer BLB. It does however have a very (very) basic local dimming feature which can help hide BLB in certain situations. BLB can also 'sometimes' be reduced / fixed by some small DIY tricks. but dont count on them.
  9. Well,,, based on the images proved so far in this thread i'd have to say its worse. Just to double check ,, u have tried sitting further away form the screen right ? The curve of the screen means distance affects IPS glow just like moving from side to side or looking from above or below. Perhaps u should consider getting a different model if Uniformity is a priority, obviously IPS glow is an issue, in which case u should consider a different panel type. Going ultrawide also limits ur options as there are no ultrawides I know with 'good' uniformity.
  10. VG27AQ https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/asus-tuf-vg27aq-vs-asus-rog-pg279q/1640/578?usage=3623&threshold=0.1
  11. Dont mention the phrase 'dead pixel' or 'backlight bleed'. Act like a 'normie' and just say ,, 'theres some dirt stuck inside the screen', or 'the screen is bright in certain areas where it shouldnt be'. That way they dont outright shut the door in ur face stating BS like " its ok its part of manufacturing process" or something else thats anti consumer. These things are defects plain and simple, and the only way to get through the door with a warranty claim is if they dont immediately know its a dead pixel or BLB. Its easier for them to say 'no' before anything is done, than for them to reject it after receiving the unit.
  12. Your probably looking at a 55" Q80r or Q70r then. Depending on local prices.
  13. A LCD will never display solid black. Unless it has a good FALD implementation (of which no gaming monitor has) it simply cant due to the backlight always being on. In game it may 'look' like a deeper black, but that will only be due to the other parts of the scene being bright. Thats what contrast ratio is, the difference from the brightest part compared to the darkest, the darkest doesnt have to be a true black to look black if the whitest part is very very bright. ofc that only works in scenes like that, if the entire screen is dark , well then u notice that it isnt actually black. ASCR is contrast correction. it will jack up or down brightness , gamma, color, and contrast settings to try and make scenes 'pop' . Problem is they can sometimes be very noticeable when it turns on or off, and can make scenes look different than was intended. it can help , but it wont fix things like IPS glow and BLB. Its one of those things used to advertise the BS contrast ratios of 1,000,000:1 in specs.