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  1. Im planning on buying a watercooler for it after winter, will probably be able to use it on future cards too
  2. I got a MSi 1080 Armor OC for $250 so guess ill have to wait and see how it performs!
  3. Im left-handed but have never used a mouse with my left hand, are there really people who use it on the left? the cons seem to overweigh the pros
  4. Its funny how the CPU is only like this little part of the cost
  5. Workstations are supposed to last many years and most of the older ones are pretty chonky
  6. Get some sort of translucent sticker and cut it to put it over, PRESERVE HISTORY!
  7. Also that Acer website is scamming everyone into buying more RAM and having 4GB base models, dumb
  8. Just general tips for choosing Atleast 8gb DDR4 Only SSDs, i cant recommend HDDs anymore, no matter what size Minimum a GTX 1050 for actual gaming Check if the laptop has overheating/throttling problems before buying
  9. Sounds like a cool idea, but make it fire safe lmao
  10. Probably a GTX 460 or something older. Try to find a used GTX 780 or 970, they can be had for around $50
  11. Are you going to move it alot? There are pros and cons to both, the Nitro 5 has alot better gaming performance, but it gets really loud under load and well weight alot more. The battery is also not that good. The Acer Aspire 3 is giving up alot in the performance section for a sleeker design, but the biggest problem here is the 4GB DDR4, id say its unacceptable to have so little memory in 2019, try to find something with more.
  12. If you want such a nieche product, id rather just get an Intel NUC
  13. InWin Chopin BQ696 Mini ITX seems perfect, its ultra small and comes with a very small 150W PSU. https://www.inwin-style.com/en/gaming-chassis/Chopin
  14. This has happened to me with other compounds too, its just the socket thats the problem