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  1. It must be ... As your face will not get any OPPRESSION fom Linus if you use it or something...............
  2. I was looking for an Halo strap for the Oculus Quest 1 and was browsing on Aliexpress.. and came across this "This head-mounted product protects your face from oppression, No Red marks on your face, Say goodbye to discomfort." https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10000266667272.html They could at least have put an LTTstore link on the page
  3. Solo it have been running aida64 for about an hour now and avarge temp is about 46 Celsius.. pretty good. The adapter I printed is nowhere near getting warm as I can feel the cold air from the cooler blowing down on both sides of the adapter I printed So think I am gonna YOLO it and see how it will hold up over time... Gonna re-use a old wooden ammo case I have used before as a PC case and put this thing in there just to see how it will do...
  4. Yep for sure... but sometimes you just wanna see if it works and it looks like it does. but gonna print with some ABS sometime next week just to be sure, but the screws i am pretty sure will hold as they where from a older cooler setup i once used and just sawed the hardware from, you know "just in case it could be used for something else"
  5. So "borrowed" some RAM form my sons computer and tested the board and CPU in windows 10 Looks like its working. AIDA64 for a few min and if the cooler did not have OK contact with the CPU i would guess it would spike really fast in temps. but max temp was around 52 Celsius, sooo looks like the stock AMD cooler dont have a problem with cooling the little Intel i3 CPU.
  6. So have a cheap motherboard form Asrock with a Intel i3 4130 CPU but i did not have a CPU cooler for intel LGA1150 / LGA1151 But i did have the AMD Wraith prism cooler that came in the box with my Ryzen 7 2700X, but that is for AM4 Sooo F*** thack i will just print an adapter for the motherboard to accept the AM4 cooler on the intel socket motherboard and i dont think that the stock AMD cooler should have any problems in keeping the I3 4130 cool. Printed in PLA (And yes i know ABS or PETG would have been better) but kinda just gonna YOLO it at the moment at see if it works.
  7. Nope not gonna start a youtube channel. I'm the kind of person you do not allow on speakerphone... if you know what i mean...hahahaha
  8. The previous company i worked at, we at the end of the year looked over all the old laptops and desktop computer and asked with in the company if any one knew family or friends that did not have the resources to own an ok computer and then those people would be given one of the "older" computers 2+ years old and out of warranty via the person in the company that knew those people. I have personally handed over a nice laptop from the IT department to a friend of mines kid for free.... an awesome feeling.
  9. Behold.... The dumpster dive build.. Beat up Cooler Master Elite 310 case (Dumpster find) 120mm Cooler Master fan zip tied to the cooler tower (Dumpster find) CPU cooler (Dumpster find) 140mm unknown case fan (Dumpster find) 2x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Ram (had these already) 128 GB Kingston SSD (had this already) Unknown crappy GPU with only DVI, VGA and Super VHS (Dumpster find) No-name 600Watt PSU (had this already)
  10. I went back to the "dumpster" area today... came back with an older coolermaster case and a 120mm fan. Cleaned up everything and used a PSU some DDR3 ram and a REALLY crappy GPU i had to put it all together and now the Xeon e5 1650 and x79 board is running smooth. Almost 2000 in Cinebench R20..
  11. It works but the DVD drive is bad and wont read discs.. but i guess its an easy fix... but i already have a xbox 360 so dont really need it, think i am gonna try and fix it and drop it on facebook marketplace for cheap... as it was kinda free for me The Huawei tablet i also found was wiped it for old data, cleaned it up and flipped it on facebook marketplace for 300DKK / approx 50USD yesterday evening..
  12. We have this small shed where i live that all the tenants can dump their old electronics in for recycling. Sooo ... being a tech hoarder when I see stuff there i had to bring crap home And i am most likely gonna throw it all back there after some time coming to realize that i dont have any use for most of it.. So this month alone i have scored. Xbox 360 in box, PSU, Controller and headset . Huawei mediapad t3 10 Asus Sabertooth x79 motherboard Intel Xeon e5 1650 CPU Gotta stop dragging old tech home.... UHHH SQUIRREL....i mean UHH TECH ... DAMN!!
  13. Nice, but it was just a thought, that the models / files they can publish could be of use for the community.
  14. Hi I have noticed during the last few years there have been more and more 3D printed parts used by LTT in the videos. and I was wondering if LTT would publish these 3D models or just til STL files for the community or on a site like Thingiverse or Prusaprints. In a resent floatplane video Linus is showing a 3D printed part for a radiator and I was thinking that this also might be a part that other people could have a use for, the same with the 3D printed Ram trays i have seen in some videos and the list goes on and on.. So does any one else that think the community shou
  15. I think this could just a 3rd. Monday for me this week... But i cannot seem to remember what the through hole version of this 4 pin plug is called or where i can find a replacement for it on ebay. A little help please.. with a link for it on ebay And yes my 3D printer was saved and no magic smoke where let out... The male end of the plug was also fried but THAT I have a replacement for, I am just looking for the female version to solder on to the board.