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    PNW, USA
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    Computers, woodwork, nature/hiking, family
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    HVAC Technician


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    x570 Aorus Elite
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    16gb G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 3600mhz
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    Sapphire Pulse 5700XT
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    Corsair Carbide 400R
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    970 Evo Plus 500gb, WD 500gb, WD 1TB
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    CXm 550W
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    Viotek GFT27DB
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    NH-D15 and too many case fans.
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    Logitech G610
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    Logitech G400
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    Windows 10

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  1. I've had great luck and longevity with Noctua H2 (used the older H1 as well). When I rebuilt my tower, the old (3 or so years) H1 was still tacky. It came with my cooler and I've stuck with it because it works. I've also used it on GPUs and my mom's laptop.
  2. I bought a 120 fan for my D15 to clear RAM and let my case close, and used the 140 it came with elsewhere. No real difference in temps on my 3600. You can slow them down a bit more and achieve the same temps, which is nice for noise. Both fans at top speed showed maybe a degree or two difference under normal load conditions.
  3. Get a D15 or Dark Rock Pro 4. They are generally regarded as the best air coolers. I have a D15 on my 3600. It's a little overkill but keeps my CPU nice and cool. And I can run the fans super slow unless I'm doing heavy all core work. What CPU are you cooling? Water-cooling the GPU is a good idea though. Definitely the highest heat component on a gaming rig.
  4. Any decent paste is fine to use. Just be careful not to use anything electrically conductive unless you are ok with the risk or you use conformal coating. I recently used some Noctua H2 on my mom's laptop that I had left over from my last cooler install. It worked great.
  5. Can you rotate the CPU cooler 90 degrees so it's inline with the exhaust? Not that it matters THAT much, but my OCD is going crazy. It's all I see in those pictures. You should be much happier with a decent SSD in there. Make sure it has a cache.
  6. You can also get LED rings to place on almost any fan
  7. Since you have an AIO, I would do top fan as exhaust. I doubt you'll get much improvement from doing 120s instead of the two 200s. Spend the $50 or more on something else. I dropped over 5C under GPU + CPU load when I put my top front fan to intake vs exhaust. But I have a D15, not an AIO. Hot GPU air was being pulled through the CPU cooler. Now it gets nice fresh air from the top front fan. With air, its all about flow. Get the air changes as high as possible. Since you have two 200s plus 2 120s on the rad, two 120 exhausts should give relatively even static pressure. I wouldn't want to cause any increase in case static pressure by having another intake that isn't on the rad. It could cause your rad to be a little less effective. My general rule of thumb is # of Intakes Fans = # Exhaust fans + 1.
  8. What motherboard? Like @Windows7ge said, your bios should let you do this. For my gigabyte board, you can set custom fan curves and the last point has to be 100% but you can move it out to 100C and just make the rest of the "curve" a flat line at 30%
  9. Some people don't have ethernet to their tower and rely on wifi. If you don't need wifi, you can save $10-$20 depending on the board by buying one without built in wifi. That's what I did since WiFi is useless to me on my PC. I'm not super familiar with the new B550 boards so I can't help there. The MSI tomahawk is a great board, with either the B450 or B550 chipset. With current prices due to supply/demand the B550 tomahawk about maxes your budget if you can find a 3300X for MSRP to go with it. Deals can be had though so just keep looking and be ready to buy when you find something in stock for a good deal. The B450 is still a great board and might be found for less. Prices are so messed up you can find a 3600 for less than a 3300X. If you want to upgrade sooner rather than later, try to pick a few different boards and CPUs you are good with. If you can wait and be more picky, I would aim for a 3300X or 3600 and a B550 tomahawk. The 3400g is a decent chip, but not worth it for a gamer. Its a good budget option for a non-gaming rig
  10. 3300X and a motherboard with features you prefer. The 3300X doesn't need a beefy VRM, bit a quality motherboard will have better RAM support/overclocking ability as well as being able to OC the CPU more easily. Do you need wifi? Want more than one m.2 slot? Is your only PCI card the GPU? Do you need/want lots of sata? Do you care about RGB?
  11. Blender, cinebench, and all of the games and programs you use. I run 4.4ghz @ 1.35v. Stable in everything except prime 95 small fft. I run this OC unless I'm folding. I have a feeling it might crash eventually while folding. 4.2 @ 1.25V and 4.3 @ 1.3V are stable with everything. You really got a golden chip.
  12. I too ended up buying a 120 for my second D15 fan to clear RAM. Honestly, you don't really need it. But it does allow slightly lower fan speeds vs one 140 to achieve the same temps.
  13. Top of case, closest to front. Placing an intake fan there will push fresh air into the CPU cooler. I found it helped my CPU temps a fair amount when my GPU was pushing out a lot of heat.
  14. If you feel like you need more cooling, you could add an additional intake to the top front. It would help feed more fresh air to the CPU and possibly direct some to the GPU as well. How you are set up now is probably best though unless you buy more fans.
  15. Intake through a filter will help a lot with dust. Frequent cleaning is best though. If it truly is very dusty then I'd go with once a month if your PC is on a lot. Its easier to remove small amounts of dust. Three intakes and one exhaust is just fine for airflow. I prefer at least one more intake than exhaust, if not more. Empty pcie slots are generally good exhaust points. What cpu cooler do you have? Do you have a blower style GPU?