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  1. Hello, I'm working from home because of the pandemic and bad luck, my secondary monitor just died! I need help finding a replacement that is in Canada (ship fast) and that is 400$ or less. I play YouTube videos on this monitor and some monitoring programs & chat. No gaming. This is my must have list: Great vertical viewing angles (second monitor above the main one) = IPS? Must be able to tilt downwards a bit (screen facing down a bit as this monitor is placed above my 32" main monitor) 16:9 aspect Minimum 1080p Nice to hav
  2. I know 3D is kinda dead but I have a huge 3D collection (I own a 3D cam and have a lot of family stuff in 3D) and I was wondering if the LG C9 TV supports 3D for (commercial) Blu-ray and 3D with a HTPC?
  3. I want to play 4K discs on my computer and I have all the required hardware: I have a 7th gen Intel CPU (i7-7700K), SGX enabled in my BIOS, an HDCP 2.2 4K monitor (Acer Predator XB321HK), a UHD Blu-ray drive (Pioneer BDR-212UBK) and a compatible player (PowerDVD 19)... Annnndddd it's still not working because I use a Geforce 1080. My understanding is that no "real" graphics card supports that shit DRM required for 4K discs. If I was using the integrated graphics it would work but since I also game I can't switch to it. Is there a way to use the integrated graphics at the same time
  4. Yeah I get it, but why they can't switch it on demand? Don't they custom build them to our specs? I'm just trying to get a rational reason other than "no issue".
  5. For reference here is the SATA layout: And the molex layout:
  6. Here are the 2 places where I have to twist the cable because of the connector positioning (with my Corsair cables I did not to do this): The first one is dual SATA (this one is bad because of the bend it pushes through de side panel and to close it is now harder): The second one is dual molex (I kinda can live with it but it does not look that good):
  7. Installed my first order from CableMod last week. All is nice and fit good, my only problem is that the connectors are installed backwards vs the one that came with my Corsair PSU. It's a shame because I have to twist the cable in order to connect my 2 HDDs and it don't look good (and takes more place because of the bend). Asked them if they can fix this and it seems they can't (even at my expense). Is there a reason for this @CableMod ? Anyone managed to fix similar issues?
  8. I want to add heat shrink tubing for a motherboard header cable. The connector is the 4pin type [ . . . . ] (like 1cm width) but the cable is very slim. Which size (diameter) of heat shrink tubing should I get? Thanks!
  9. What are those pictures? I see at the end strips that are cuttable, but what are they and are they compatible with the Corsair Lighting Node Pro?
  10. I was wondering if the Corsair Lighting Node Pro is compatible with third party LED strips. I'm asking because the LED strips that come with it are all 40cm and I need like 20cm max. I asked Corsair and their strips can't be cut. If nothing is compatible with it which products (LED strips) are cuttable?
  11. I contacted Corsair and they told me that not their strips are not made to be cut.
  12. I think Corsair Lighting Node Pro is exactly what I need (don't need much fluf). Do you know if you can cut the LED strips? I think it comes with 4 * 40 cm strips, but I need like 2-3 20 cm ones...
  13. My motherboard is an ASUS Z-170 Deluxe. This board don't have any RGB header on it and I would like to add 2 strips or RGB lights on my case (20-30 cm strips). I will never want to add more than that. I don't need a remote I want to be able to change colors by software and I want the LEDs to turn on when I turn on the computer. A nice to have would be to be able to have different color on each led. What are my options to do that?
  14. Placed my order with CableMod. It's not cheap but at least I will have exactly what I need. I will post when I complete my build.