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    WoW lore, building custom PC's and modifying PC cases, making engines go faster, scale modelling
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    Age 55
    Automotive Machinisht (Ret)
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    Core i7-3770
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    Lenovo 03T8227 Q75
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    8GB (2X4GB) Hynix DDR3 1600Mhz
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 650TI Boost
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    CoolerMaster Elite 430
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    Intel Pro 2500 series 180GB SSD (boot) and a WD caviar Blue 7200 RPM 500GB HDD
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    Thermaltake 600W 80+ Bronze
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    Vizio D-50 LCD and a Lenovo 22 inch LCD both 60Hz
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    CoolerMaster EVO Hyper 212
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    Adesso PCK-208B
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    Patriot Viper V570
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    SkulllCandy Crusher headset
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    sold it to get into desktops

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  1. those are jumpers to make the drive behave differently. On your dirve I am not sure what they do but a search on Toshiba's website should give you the info for that
  2. Can you provide some pictures of this 4 pin connector and possibly some screen shots of what you are seeing in both device manager and in Windows Explorer. Sometimes a third party program can look at and see a drive more easily than windows, (graphically speaking) I use the free version of AOMEI Partition wizard to look at drives sometimes when Windows 10 does not want to play nice. This is not a freeware/shareware program and should be compatible with any version of Windows released in the last 20ish years, they (AOMEI) just supply the basic version for free. It has some decent tools on there as well.
  3. I currently use an auxilliary number pad for my additional keys and was/am considering getting a game pad (half a keyboard) for better stability and confort but if it is possible to do this with a tablet I already own one so no money out of pocket sounds good to me lol
  4. I have no Idea if this is possible but am posting this comment here because I think this is a stellar idea. I hope some tech savvy hooman answeres this!!
  5. TheFalcro


    You my fine PC friend are not afraid to cut into a case, this is good news.... imo you might want to try some case modding. it is fun and rewarding. you would be surprised what you can to with some basic tools. when you are finished no one will have a case like yours and the more you do the better you get.
  6. <<<<<SNIP>>>>> "logic checks out. I'd be running a biggboye 6950X if they were reasonably priced, for now I have to make do with a mere 8c/16t j-bin 5960X ." Zando Bob, lol I love it a mere 8c/16t that is funy shtuff!! I am making due with my mere 4c/8t Core i7-3400 .... but the caveat here is that my CPU and mobo were free from a throw away business system, a little ISO alcohol and some salvaged parts from my old system and I mean old it was built in 2009 .... Gigabyte GA-M68M- S2P mobo with an AMD Phenom II 555 BE with three of the four cores unlocked I still have it and amd thinking about doing a custom retro build with it just for fun. This was the best "free" upgrade ever lol
  7. Kilrah thank you for replying excellent information shared in yout post. I followed your link to Case Modding and I left a comment for you there on your amazing project/ Nice work!
  8. NIce Work, this it the kind of things that I am starting to get into myself. I have not decided on a CAD program just yet but i am looking into them. I will be nice to design and print a prototype part for a build. right now I am creating my own from spare ABS and metal parts from other projects. Seeing what you are doing here is fuel to my fire Thank you for sharing your amazing ides and your work.
  9. Zando Bob, Welcome to the big kids room!! yeas that is exactly what I meant lol
  10. I don't suppose you have or a freind has a working mobo that uses the same gen to swap the CPU into and test it. I am also wondering if the PSU could cause this issue if it were starting to fail. maybe try testing the PSU or if you have another known good one swap it in to see if it makes a difference. I am no tech super brain but I did not see you list these in your "stuff I tried' section. Personal opinion here is that Gigabyte has less than stellar tech support, that is not saying they don't know what they are doing I just thing they tend to give the pat answers instead of doing a deep dive with their customer. this is only my personal experience with them. I hope you can find your issue and get it resolved quickly
  11. it all starts with a tool kit and a dream.... you already have the dream and the tool kit now you just need to take it all apart and cut/glue/solder etc something. You have a really nice case and modding it is a commitment that can't usually be undone, spend a lot of time just looking at it while it is on and off write down what looks good.... and what doesn't then start to decide what would look/work better if I did "XYZ"..... then do it all again and see if you come to the same conclusion. Would hate to see you mess up a good looking case but then again I do that nearly everytime I get a new project. remember it is only steel and plastic. Above all else have fun and make it what you like.
  12. I have my tools out.... which means something is going to happen today....

  13. Just recently got my first SSD. I will not be looking back it is 3 to 5 times faster for a boot drive and for my main game WoW BfA it reduces my load tImes by at least 2X. I have an Intel Pro 2500 Series 180GB SSD I love this drive. I found it on e-bay for $18 USD which is a great price for this size drive I have learned though that these drives are NOT intel chips they are Sandforce chops that Intel put their name on That in and of itself is not a good or bad thing IMO but in this case the drive needed new SPECIAL firmware to prevent it from going to sleep and Windows being unable to "wake" it back up.Tthat was two days of hell figuring out what was wrong and getting the fix applied. Once the problem was fixed it has worked flawlessly. My advice here is research, reasearch, research, ask, ask, ask, and when you are ready to drop some coin on a new to you toy, research some more and ask at least one more opinion lol. I am not sorry that I purchased this drive I would have purchased it even knowing about the sleep issue but I would have updated the firmware before I installed it as my boot drive.....5 times in one day (lol at myself)
  14. Hello all, I am new to the forum but not new to LTT, I am a tinkerer as a lot of folks are that haunt any of the forums. I build custom PC stuff just for the fun of doing it and you will often fin me commenting on case mod posts. the purpose of this thread is to have your say about why you use the CPU that you do. I only want your opinion about your personal choice of CPU. PLEASE DO NOT berate someone for their personal choice the topic is WHY YOU CHOSE YOUR CPU not why is everyone else stupid for thier choice. People choose the processor they have for sometimes very personal and private resons which are none of your business to judge and copmpletely inappropriate to comment on so don't put others down and call them stupid or tell then that they use a Sh**y CPU just tell me why you use what you have and why you decided to go that route. For the record I own and use both, none of my personal tech is new in fact most of it is more than 6 years old and some is more than 10 years old. My current daily driver is a 6 year old. core i7-3770 on a Lenovo Mobo coupled with an Nvidia GTX 650TI Boost which also happens to be about 6 years old. I game on it everyday and get about 80 fps on Medium high 1080p settings. Why do i run this processor? Honestly because the PC was free other than my time to clean everything, gut the Lenovo ThnikCentre SFF case and make all the stock parts fit into my CoolerMaster elite 430 series case.....there are a few mods in there but none are for better perfomance other than cooling, and power I can hear some of you screaming in the night , WHY??? I have done it because that is what I like to do with PC's Here are all the specs on my current toy Lenovo M82 ThinkCentre Motherboard; 03T8227 Q75 LGA-1155 8GB (2X4GB) Hynix DDR3 1600Mhz RAM CPU; Core I7-3770 75W GPU; Nvidia GTX 650TI Boost PSU; Thermaltake 600W 80+ Bronze plus the 24 pin to 14 pin adapter for the Lenovo mobo Storage; Intel Pro 2500 series 180GB SSD (boot drive) WD Caviar Blue 7200 RPM 500GB HDD Cooling; CoolerMaster EVO Hyper 212 air cooler 3X 120mm fans 2 in case and on on air cooler Optical drive; (X2) Pioneer DVD RW and a LightScribe DVD RW Case; CoolerMaster Elite 430 (modified) come on and tell me whatcha got!