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  1. I was recently recording videos and taking pictures out in the pouring rain. I noticed once I got inside my house, the speakers were muffled and had a little bit of static. Right away I knew that there must be water in my speakers so I put my phone in a cup of rice. My phone has been in the cup of rice for about an hour now and it fixed the speakers being muffled but the static is there. I think there might be water damage but idk how severe. Is there anything I can do to fix this or does it have to be fixed by someone that knows what they are doing?
  2. For the past week, whenever I either restart my computer or boot it up from shut down, the fans are really loud for no reason. My first instinct is that there might be a heavy load on startup but when I check task manager, theres nothing out of the ordinary. The fans do slow down after a couple of minutes but for the first few minutes my laptop gets loud. My questions are, is this bad and if so, how do I fix it? If there is nothing wrong with the fans ramping up on startup then I won't worry about it but if something is wrong, i want to fix it. Specs: Windows 10
  3. My first guess was drivers but after I downloaded new ones the problem still isn't fixed. What I might do is just contact customer support. Thanks for the help anyways
  4. Sometimes when im on a zoom call or even just watching youtube, my computer will just make a buzzing noise. I think it comes from the speakers because if the volume is lower the buzzing is lower. But when the buzzing starts I can't turn the volume down or anything so im forced to restart. I have updated all the drivers on my laptop and it still happens. My computer has crashed before with the error code being PAGE_FUALT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA but I don't know if that is related to this buzzing noise. This also happens when I have headphones in, its not just when I use the speakers. I have also notic
  5. SHG_Marsh


    Trust me, the laptop isn't the make or break. As long as I would be able to get on for google meet calls they would be fine. Also hopefully I will be in school in the coming months. And another note, I won't be using the mic on these for anything other than phone calls. For school, I have just been using my laptop mic. With this new info, still the jabras? Sorry if I am being a pain
  6. SHG_Marsh


    between the 2, which one would you go with?
  7. SHG_Marsh


    Are the airpod pros worth the extra $90 over the gen 2s? Also would they pair with my windows laptop for school? As for the jabras, I will have to do research on them because I havent heard of them
  8. SHG_Marsh


    Ohhh I forgot about that. If possible, I would like to spend under $150US but I would be willing to go up $200US if worth it.
  9. SHG_Marsh


    Does anyone have suggestions for earbuds that would work great with an iphone and windows laptop? I have been using these corsair HS70 Bluetooth headphones for a couple years now. I started using them on my PC for gaming (Then I sold my PC) and now I am using them on my laptop for online learning and watching youtube/netflix. But, they are on their way out the door. The earmuffs are almost all the way off and the drivers (I believe) are also starting to go. I have been doing some research and I honestly don't want headphones. I just want earbuds I can use on my phone and possibly use with my l
  10. Anyone know of a good pair of headphones (Or earbuds if they are comfortable) for a student? I have these corsair ones and they were good for gaming but I have since stepped away from heavy gaming. Also these corsair ones are ripping apart. I was looking at beats and bose ones but they are $200 and if I can avoid that pricetag I certainly will. I would prefer bluetooth ones because my phone doesnt have a headphone jack. Thanks in advance
  11. another question is, would the computer be able to tell if I change something? I want to go from 8gbs to 16gbs. Would the computer be able to tell that I did this upgrade and would it mean I don't have a warranty?
  12. I just got a new laptop and I want to put more ram into it. I have opened laptops before but not any laptops with warranties or still working. I do know what I am doing but I have never before had to worry about voiding a warranty. Should I open up this laptop or no? I still have a year left on the warranty.
  13. Now I am thinking. I really like the x360 13z. I have only seen it online in reviews because its currently sold out. I have only owned 11 and 13" laptops before so I worry that 15 will be too big and maybe heavy for me. Also, I am thinking maybe I should look for a refurbished laptop because it would be cheaper, the only thing is. It would be refurbished. Should I trust amazons refurbished laptops. Because I plan on going through them. I am also thinking because the surface laptop is only $20 more than the x360, if it will be fine for me. I am only planning on using it for school and lite gami