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    ryzen 5 1500x
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    MSI b350m gaming pro
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    Patriot Viper Elite 8gb ddr4
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    radeon RX 560
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    NZXT S340
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    120gb Kingston SSD/1tb WD Blue HHD
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    Corsair K55 RGB
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    Corsair Harpoon RGB
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    HyperX Cloud Stinger
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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  1. Budget (including currency): around $1000 Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GTA, RS6, Warzone, Modern Warfare Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I know I know, prebuilts aren't great. But with todays prices for parts, are there any good prebuilds out there that are a better option than building one myself? I built a pc in 2016 for $700 and my brother is still using it now for multiple
  2. I was recently recording videos and taking pictures out in the pouring rain. I noticed once I got inside my house, the speakers were muffled and had a little bit of static. Right away I knew that there must be water in my speakers so I put my phone in a cup of rice. My phone has been in the cup of rice for about an hour now and it fixed the speakers being muffled but the static is there. I think there might be water damage but idk how severe. Is there anything I can do to fix this or does it have to be fixed by someone that knows what they are doing?
  3. For the past week, whenever I either restart my computer or boot it up from shut down, the fans are really loud for no reason. My first instinct is that there might be a heavy load on startup but when I check task manager, theres nothing out of the ordinary. The fans do slow down after a couple of minutes but for the first few minutes my laptop gets loud. My questions are, is this bad and if so, how do I fix it? If there is nothing wrong with the fans ramping up on startup then I won't worry about it but if something is wrong, i want to fix it. Specs: Windows 10
  4. My first guess was drivers but after I downloaded new ones the problem still isn't fixed. What I might do is just contact customer support. Thanks for the help anyways
  5. Sometimes when im on a zoom call or even just watching youtube, my computer will just make a buzzing noise. I think it comes from the speakers because if the volume is lower the buzzing is lower. But when the buzzing starts I can't turn the volume down or anything so im forced to restart. I have updated all the drivers on my laptop and it still happens. My computer has crashed before with the error code being PAGE_FUALT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA but I don't know if that is related to this buzzing noise. This also happens when I have headphones in, its not just when I use the speakers. I have also notic
  6. SHG_Marsh


    Trust me, the laptop isn't the make or break. As long as I would be able to get on for google meet calls they would be fine. Also hopefully I will be in school in the coming months. And another note, I won't be using the mic on these for anything other than phone calls. For school, I have just been using my laptop mic. With this new info, still the jabras? Sorry if I am being a pain
  7. SHG_Marsh


    between the 2, which one would you go with?
  8. SHG_Marsh


    Are the airpod pros worth the extra $90 over the gen 2s? Also would they pair with my windows laptop for school? As for the jabras, I will have to do research on them because I havent heard of them
  9. SHG_Marsh


    Ohhh I forgot about that. If possible, I would like to spend under $150US but I would be willing to go up $200US if worth it.
  10. SHG_Marsh


    Does anyone have suggestions for earbuds that would work great with an iphone and windows laptop? I have been using these corsair HS70 Bluetooth headphones for a couple years now. I started using them on my PC for gaming (Then I sold my PC) and now I am using them on my laptop for online learning and watching youtube/netflix. But, they are on their way out the door. The earmuffs are almost all the way off and the drivers (I believe) are also starting to go. I have been doing some research and I honestly don't want headphones. I just want earbuds I can use on my phone and possibly use with my l
  11. Anyone know of a good pair of headphones (Or earbuds if they are comfortable) for a student? I have these corsair ones and they were good for gaming but I have since stepped away from heavy gaming. Also these corsair ones are ripping apart. I was looking at beats and bose ones but they are $200 and if I can avoid that pricetag I certainly will. I would prefer bluetooth ones because my phone doesnt have a headphone jack. Thanks in advance
  12. another question is, would the computer be able to tell if I change something? I want to go from 8gbs to 16gbs. Would the computer be able to tell that I did this upgrade and would it mean I don't have a warranty?
  13. I just got a new laptop and I want to put more ram into it. I have opened laptops before but not any laptops with warranties or still working. I do know what I am doing but I have never before had to worry about voiding a warranty. Should I open up this laptop or no? I still have a year left on the warranty.