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  1. Ok thankyou, unfortunatly, that is my bios. I remember when I went to get this PC it said that it was customizable and that I would be able to "make it mine [yours]" but its whatever I guess. I took the ram out and its 3200mhz memory and when I go into corsairs ICue software, it says my ram is runnng at 1330.5mhz. The ram thats in it is Hyperx Fury ram so its decent ram and theres some decent parts in here, not just chinese no name parts so i thought I would be able to do a little bit of work myself.
  2. I plan on buying new more ram for my PC as it only came with a single stick of 8gb 3200mhz ram. Before I get the second stick i wanted to make sure that I would work with my motherboard and CPU. As I was doing my research, I came across a video from Jaystwocents about how ram doesn't run at the advertised speed out of the box. He talks about going into the bios and enabling XMP. This made me want to go into the bios and do the same because his 3866mhz ram was only running at 2100mhz. The only issue im running into is I can't figure out how to get to my Ram settings in my bios. The only thing I
  3. I just got it to work. I had to delete the storage pool and then did it show in disk managment. Thanks for all of your help. As a last question, do you know why it would just create a storage pool?
  4. update: I noticed that the new drive is apart of a pool, so it seems like windows can detect the drive. but when I try to remove the drive from the pool, it won't let me because there are files on the drive
  5. just did everything again in powershell running at admin. Nothing seems to happen when I try to reset the disk
  6. this is the error I get when I do clear-disk -number 1 This is the list of disks. I believe Number 1 is the new disk that I want to add because it is the only HDD in the system This is the error I get when I do rest-physical disk and then do WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 as the friendly name
  7. I can now see the drive (I believe) but what do I do with clear-disk? when I type it, this shows up: cmdlet Clear-Disk at command pipeline position 1 Supply values for the following parameters: Number[0]:
  8. seems like "List-physicaldisk: doesn't work, powershell says its not a command
  9. Already di all that multiple times. When I first got the pc, I checked all connections and I made them all good. When I got the hard drive, I did it again for sata connections. I also tried other cables and spots. I reset my computer multiple times. I updated all drivers. I went into bios and it does show up, went into intel optane memory and storage managment, and it shows up there too. It just doesn't show up in settings or file explorer
  10. it only lists one drive, the one that came with the PC
  11. Also, I checked intel Optane memory and storage managment, and it shows up there and in that app it says there are no problems, but it still doesn't show up in file explorer