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  1. @Visionn312Do you mean the quiet ticking noise? This is the VRM coil whine, it is quite normal. It may be because of the motherboard, or the PSU, or both.
  2. @ToheedThe drivers are not completely fixed yet, but knowing AMD, they will fix it eventually. If you mean PowerColor Red Dragon 5700XT, it is a good card, check out the reviews online. I wouldn't recommend 2060S, and 2070 is considerably more expensive than 5700XT. Captain Obvious says that 5700XT doesn't support Cuda and RTX, which may or may not be useful in your case.
  3. @AntiHeroI'd still try it with H100i after delidding first, the temps will drop and it may be enough. It appears that I was wrong about 200W figure, it is somewhat more than that?
  4. @linttRaIt is done in UEFI, as described in your motherboard's manual. Or a tool like SpeedFan can be used. It is easy to do, but hard to explain?
  5. There is, it's called DOCP, if I remember correctly. Had this board long time ago. Such behavior may be due to incorrect overclock settings, or a failing SSD/hard drive, or a faulty motherboard. Troubleshoot by disconnecting devices one by one to see what causes the problem. Do CLR CMOS first.
  6. Have a look at the video in my signature and the table attached to that video. There are many good options there.
  7. You have to adjust a fan curve for these Zen2 CPUs, they have temperature spikes due to small-sized chiplets. The heat output of the CPU is not high, but the density is high. I'd recommend a good air cooler, it is more than enough, unless you want water cooling for aesthetic reasons. NH-U12S will be enough. However, some of these CPUs and coolers have non-flat contact surfaces, which leads to heat transfer problems with Zen2.
  8. I'd get a good AM4 board and a Ryzen 3700X (or even a 3600), with a possibility to upgrade to Zen2+ when they'll show up. LGA1151-2 (9700K) is a dead-end. It's fast enough, but this platform is finished. You're right, the GTX 1080 will hold you back at 2K resolution.
  9. It's a nice board, but 85 Euros? Have you considered selling the 4790 and buying a modern Intel/AMD platform instead?
  10. @antoine112I'd stay away from Assassin III. The big advantage of their previous Assassin II was that it offered near-top performance for about half of the price. Assassin III offers top performance for top price? But the build quality is lower (it's easy to see in the reviews) and the quality of the fans is questionable. I am not a Noctua fanboi, but their build quality is excellent and fans last a long time. Their support is also great. If you want to save some money, Scythe Fuma 2 appears to be a great cooler.
  11. @antoine112Do have a look at Nocuta NH-U12A, too. Watercooling is kind of excessive for a 9700K (if you don't plan to delid), but adds a risk of leakage and has to be serviced from time to time, unlike Noctua's coolers
  12. @GoldenLagHe has confirmed that the software doesn't require SLI. I don't know this particular software, but I know this to be true for other similar applications. It can even run AMD and nVidia GPUs at the same time.
  13. It depends. His application may or may not be limited by the PCIe throughput. @ldmartinI'd test it with a single card, changing the PCIe speed in UEFI (or putting a card in the PCIe 2.0 slot), and measuring if it would affect performance in your app. It shouldn't be that hard. UPD. Just noticed that you don't have even a single 2070S yet. What card do you have?
  14. With the 1st gen, most likely you'll have to down-clock after installing 4 sticks (or 2 dual-rank sticks).
  15. They have sent an email notification that 3950X was available. But, as someone here noted - sold out immediately.