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  1. @GeorgettaCZ the guide has all the answers really, I'd like to not have to double check and reconfirm anyone who's attempting the mod each time. It's up to you.
  2. @GeorgettaCZHello! I had this board working perfectly with a M10A ported BIOS by dsanke (probably the same one that you mention), using i7-8700, i7-8700k, and i7-9700k. I did not solder anything on the board, just applied the insulation and the jumper to the CPU, according to the guide. The only difference is that I flashed it using the SPI programmer, not a software. This seems to be the problem in your case. Find an SPI programmer with a 2mm pitch cable to connect to the motherboard and flash the mentioned ported BIOS. The programmer and the cable are linked in the guide. The board is i
  3. @SirGunther there might be still a problem with ACPI or other patches, because of your antivirus interference, path naming etc. Try to use the most modern CoffeeTime version and add it to antivirus whitelist. Everything should be green, without any errors. Sometimes Flashback does not work, especially if you tried flashing several modded bioses already. It might have left some "wrong" parts from previous bioses. Try getting an SPI programmer (CH341A). @Orof thanks for the report! Please put images in spoiler tag (eye icon in the editor).
  4. @Remiix_DripgxdASUS boards can't be normally flashed via software due to locks, as the guide says (see 5.1), probably, not clearly enough. AFAIK Z170 Deluxe has Flashback feature which you should use to flash the modded bios. Or you could buy an SPI programmer. Again, there is a video above where the guy mods his Asus Z170 Deluxe, with all the steps shown, including flashing. Enable subtitles if needed. Btw, follow the CoffeeTime download link from the guide, there should be some AFUs and FPTs available there.
  5. @ZachNapI'd place it properly, just to be sure, even if it may not be as dangerous as misplacing the piece on the right side. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. @Remiix_Dripgxd Judging by your question it does not look that you've read and understood the guide. If you proceed like this the chance is high you'll just brick you board or even damage it. I won't be able to help you. There is a video above where the guy mods his Asus Z170 Deluxe, with all the steps shown, including flashing.
  7. @gaavFirst, I'm not the developer. Second, I don't believe the 3000 MHz memory limitation is somehow related to the SPD Write Protection patch. Afaik, the limit is mostly due to substrate quality.
  8. @EYFHRFortunately there is a ported BIOS for this board (a port from MSI Z370A). The original one is tested, but it is dated 2019 so it does not include the recent CPU microcodes. I have updated the microcodes, please check the attached (this one has not been tested). Pinmod is still required! Even though MSI boards can be flashed via FPT (see the guide), it is better to have a programmer available if something goes wrong. Z170APRO_CFL_2019.zip Z170APRO_CFL_UPD.zip
  9. !!!A Coffee Time update has been released!!! It has a GUI and includes the latest microcodes. The main changes are listed here: Download links: Just in time for Intel's Coffee Lake discounts
  10. @Visionn312Do you mean the quiet ticking noise? This is the VRM coil whine, it is quite normal. It may be because of the motherboard, or the PSU, or both.
  11. @ToheedThe drivers are not completely fixed yet, but knowing AMD, they will fix it eventually. If you mean PowerColor Red Dragon 5700XT, it is a good card, check out the reviews online. I wouldn't recommend 2060S, and 2070 is considerably more expensive than 5700XT. Captain Obvious says that 5700XT doesn't support Cuda and RTX, which may or may not be useful in your case.
  12. @AntiHeroI'd still try it with H100i after delidding first, the temps will drop and it may be enough. It appears that I was wrong about 200W figure, it is somewhat more than that?
  13. @linttRaIt is done in UEFI, as described in your motherboard's manual. Or a tool like SpeedFan can be used. It is easy to do, but hard to explain?
  14. There is, it's called DOCP, if I remember correctly. Had this board long time ago. Such behavior may be due to incorrect overclock settings, or a failing SSD/hard drive, or a faulty motherboard. Troubleshoot by disconnecting devices one by one to see what causes the problem. Do CLR CMOS first.
  15. Have a look at the video in my signature and the table attached to that video. There are many good options there.