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  1. fans are quiter and faster today it was a 295 ... the hottest of the hottest gpu ever.
  2. YES. that is the big picture, i remember with my gtx 295 dual gpu doing these with afterburner. OR maybe you need less rpms, but as far i remember up to 80% of fan speeds there is no cooling benefit, so i set 80 on full load and 50 or 60 idle.
  3. FIX the speeds to 60 %, more rpms and make ramp to 80 full load. its a common practice make ramps profiles to avoid wierd sounds,
  4. sell it, and buy a ryzen system. i mean the actual system is not bad but any improvement will come only from gpu to be noticeable. like 2080 .... its hard to inprove an intel system today if you have amd with more performance, half the price...... LOL.
  5. oooo sorry nvidia drop the price to 299 of the 2060 and and 5600 xt 279 , its not enough. go rx 590 same performance of 1070. for 189 dlrs. https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Radeon-Rx-590-RX-590P8DLD6/dp/B07TK37HPW/ref=pd_sbs_147_34?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07TK37HPW&pd_rd_r=6072e438-097e-4bac-a80b-309249bf8223&pd_rd_w=35v5h&pd_rd_wg=0zSvh&pf_rd_p=bdd201df-734f-454e-883c-73b0d8ccd4c3&pf_rd_r=MQSSKH72DK9DSJPHFEAP&psc=1&refRID=MQSSKH72DK9DSJPHFEAP
  6. hi im new pc gaming, so i downloaded some maps of left 4 dead 2 , but i cant play these maps offline, this maps are from workshop custom campaings, is here a way to play workshop custom campaing offline or internet is obligatory.¡? when i go offline my tweaks and my 2 favorite custom campaings desapear. thanks
  7. nothing, you hit a best case "escenario", from your past oc go down 2 or 3 mhz, to set your new oc standard, remember dont trust 100% the mhz you are setting, they are fluctuating via VRMS... LOL
  8. HI. im running and old system with an apu radeon hd 6310 igpu, i have the latest 16.2.1 driver from 2016 but there is also a driver catalist , as far i know catalist is old version of interface but since im runing windows 7 an im only playing old games in this rig i dont know if worth to install xp or keep win 7, and for old games wich will have better performance? AMD is sort of known for releasing drivers over long periods of time that gradually increase performance over time but in this casei dont know how to measure improvements.