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  1. And because it deserves to be noticed.. Another one from that album: Released in 1986.. This album was released just 4 years after Michael Jackson made Thriller!
  2. I don't know who will read this, and care, but I recently discovered the greatest album of all time.
  3. Does anyone else watch DankPods vids? Where do I buy the sexy bluetooth speaker?!
  4. Because it's an extremely valuable source of information. Video: Universal Newsreel: Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead The article: Hindenburg disaster
  5. I own an LG G6 (Android 9) and my finacee owns an iPhone XR (iOS 14). We're looking for good cross platform games that we can play together. Can be free or paid for. Any genre. Can anyone recommend any games?
  6. Upgraded my setup. Before: Now: Opposite side of the room: (There's an extremely long HDMI cable connecting my PC to the TV for some couch gaming)
  7. I found I adjusted to the layout very quickly. I think the function keys in particular are well thought out and easy to use. I really like having the volume +/- keys right above the space bar for instance. Some compact keyboards can have really obtuse layouts which are frustating to use.
  8. I just got a new mechanical keyboard - A Magicforce Smart 2 With Gateron Red Switches. I was previously using a Razer Blackwidow Elite with Orange Switches, which I hated, it was extremely loud and typing felt very scratchy and rough on it. This keyboard on the other hand is a joy to use, really smooth and easy to type on and extremely quiet.