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  1. Im sorry i wish i could give you details and pictures but i can't, it's a project I'm working on in work so can't give too much away as its R&D stuff and you have to sign not disclosure agreements. but a basic outline is.. its a laser profiler scanner which is retro fitted to a cnc router machine (in place of the router attachment), and you use the cnc software to move across whatever you are scanning, and a encoder is used to monitor the location to "scale" the image correctly this is captured in a separate software for control of the laser the use case is for scan
  2. that looks good thanks, its just a small pice of net, the scan is 1 pass, im looking at stitching a few passe s together to form 1 full image, the only way to do this is to export the data as the csv file, and working on stitching the images that way. i was just looking for a way to open it aain hopefully so it looks somthing like the computer image attached.
  3. Its a height map like Shadow_ray has suggested each cell location representing a coordinate, with the number in the cell representing the height value (Z value). I'm aware that a csv isn't a 3d format, its just basically storing numbers and coordinates. I just need a way to open this type of height map image (using an existing program would be ideal if you know of any). failing that I will have to build a program to analyse the data and spit out an image. Thanks for the Help
  4. I've been struggling to find a way to do this for a while, i have a laser profiler (scanner) that I have retro fitted to a CNC router to scan surfaces to look at the undulations, I have to export these out of the proprietary software to a .csv file in order to stich multiple together (still working on this but am close) but i have then no way of viewing these images again as the software does not then allow you to import the .csv file back into it and will only open a .lhi file. I don't need it back into that software as i can use fusion 360 to open it, but i need to make it into a file format
  5. I'm currently using a Microsoft wireless mouse which is awful and uncomfortable to use and the built in keyboard on my laptop, I am going to be building a custom pc soon and this would be a great addition.
  6. I don't have a graphics card yet going to be building my first gaming pc soon and this would be a great addition and help.