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  1. Another unfun update. The computer is now fully BSODing with Clock_Watchdog_Timeout error. Can anyone help me? Please. x__x
  2. Had the memory problem a bit back. I got it stable with my own custom settings and it fully passes several sweeps of memtest so the memory is fine. I am on 1909 so I will try and update?
  3. Just an update. I ddued my graphics drivers and installed slightly older, known to be stable, drivers to test and see if I still experience the same issues and I have confirmed that I do. I am not quite sure where to go from here. Could really use some help.
  4. Im having similar issues myself but with a 2080 TI. I was told their were some problems with the current drivers causing issues like this so I am trying to use slightly older drivers, from about mid november. Will tell you if it works.
  5. For the past few days I have been having back to back crashes in Day Z and Second Life. I am not sure what has been causing the issue but I am seeing several Application Hangs and LiveKernelEvents popping up on the event manager when these crashes happen. I was going to see if anyone could help me make sense of the information with the event viewer and actually solve the issue at hand. Full System Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 Asus b450 Strix-f gskill 16gb trident z 3200 msi gaming x 2080 ti samsung 970 evo 1tb Crucial MX500 1TB Corsair RMX850 These are all the EVENT ID: 1001 "Fault bu
  6. I was using the default settings before. I turned it to the nvidia one and used rgb full with 10 bit color and it seems a little better?
  7. So I just received my Samsung Odyssey G7 32 from Newegg, grabbed it up since they were having a nice sell. I updated the firmware because I experienced some flickering in a video game and noticed it was on the really old 1004 firmware to the 1009.3 firmware. After this I am seemingly noticing a sudden dullness in the colors compared to how much the monitor popped before hand. I am not sure if this is just a trick of the eyes or if I am actually noticing some kind of issue here. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced the same issues?
  8. Okay I have kind of littled it down to the GN850 and the G7. Do you guys think the extra 200$ is worth it? I am legit hard pressed for this decision. On one case I save a nice chunk but on the other hand I pretty much get the best 1440p monitor. Hmmm...
  9. Okay so after doing a fair bit of research I am stuck with an awkward situation. The MSI MAG274QRF-QD is just out of the cards currently as the US is not getting most new tech thanks to our you know what situation. However, there are some good black friday deals going on currently. The LG GN850(2020 GL850 with no usb hub) is 400$(300GBP) which is a great deal. However I have heard the Dell S2721DGF is overall the best Nano IPS monitor. While it does often go on sale for about the same as the GN850 it is not CURRENTLY on sale so it is 500$(400GBP). Now the Odyssey G7, apparently all of its issu
  10. Gonna bump this to try and see if I can get any information.
  11. My Dell 2716dgr just died on me. I dont know what happened but midway through games I smelt a burning smell and not it won't power on at all. Im looking for a solid 27inch 1440p or 4k monitor for gaming and so on. Im currently looking at Gigabytes FI27Q-P or LG GL850 or GN950 if I can find it.
  12. So I want to create an update to this. MSI got in touch with me, an RMA supervisor called me and wanted to try and work something out. What they worked out is sending me a Gaming X Trio 2080 TI. Soooo I got a very happy conclusion to this and MSI has regained a happy customer.
  13. Now I agree with your overall look on it and, rest assured, if I could snag a 3080 atm I would take the money in a heartbeat. My main point is that MSI should be offering the same type of compensation they do in other regions. But yeah I agree that if I COULD get a GPU I felt was able to fill my needs for an appropriate price I would just take the money. Though the likelihood of me getting a 3070 at launch is probably going to be around getting a 3080 at launch, unfortunately.