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  1. I turned it on last night and it was on till my screen turned off from inactivity. Now I turn it on this morning and its still there and won't go away even if I move the night light slider to the off position, turn it off in that menu and turns back on in the main menu after I turn it off. How can I turn it off for good? EDIT: This wasn't working before, but all I did was just go to Setting>System>Display>Night Light Settings>Turn off now. This turns it off even though it is turned on in the Display settings in the path I just described, and I assume it is to turn it on at night. Either way, its fixed for now.
  2. Screenshot was taken at 900p. I use this kind of adapter: https://www.amazon.in/Terabyte-Converter-Adapter-Cable-Black/dp/B00S0C76GQ So the problem can be attributed to the converter? Has anyone had a similar thing happen due to drivers / Windows?
  3. Hello everyone! I recently got an AMD RX570 4GB(yay!) since my old GPU (an RX550) was seemingly malfunctioning and I'd had enough with troubleshooting it. The problem I'm describing was present when I used that card too. I'd be grateful if anyone could help. The issue is that the my PC changed its screen resolution automatically from 1600x900 to 1920x1080 as I turned it on this evening. The monitor is a Dell 900p monitor and I'm using an HDMI to VGA adaptor / converter. When I turned it back to 900p from 1080p, the image / output seems less sharp and of lower quality, as if its being upscaled or processed in some way. And Windows shows my recommended resolution as 1280x1024 in display settings, which is puzzling because it always shows the native resolution of the monitor as recommended. When I had this issue before, it was fixed after a few restarts but I want to get to the root of the problem since this is a new GPU and I want to know if its some fault with it, or with Windows. Mobo drivers and GPU drivers are up to date. Processor is an FX 6300 and I'm on Win10 64-bit. Thanks for your input guys!
  4. The mobo has an igpu, and hence a display output and from removing the GPU and using that, I know that the problem did not persist. I did update the drivers from the previous version and still had the issue. I also did not begin having the issue after installing new drivers IIRC, because I update drivers so infrequently Thanks for your advice, it indeed opened up possible areas of concern I did not consider. I'll look at my BIOS and also the videos, thanks for your help!
  5. So my PC has been displaying strange behaviour as of late; and I think its a GPU issue. After some time of use (a few hours at first) my it restarts and there is no display output from the GPU. Ie the PC randomly restarts and it sounds like Windows is booting in the background but there isn't any display. This goes away when I switch off the PC and switch it on again, but after a lesser amount of time, it restarts again with the same issue. It goes on like this until I can only just reach the Windows lock screen before it restarts. I can only get video output without this issue if I use the PC infrequently (ie the more time I keep the PC off, the more time there is before this issue starts to appear). I tried re-seating the GPU and while it seemed to fix it at first, the problem came back after a few days. If I try booting without the GPU, I don't have this issue. So is this some kind of strange cache issue? Or is the GPU turning off from overheating and my PC switching to the mobo's igpu? Anyone have any idea? My rig: Gigabyte GA 78LMT Mobo, AMD FX6300, 4GB RAM, RX 550 and Win10 64-bit. Had this problem after I updated the GPU drivers too.
  6. I see. I've been kinda ignorant of anything beyond 60 and didn't really feel the need or the curiosity to dig deeper before. Its only recently that I even gave a thought to the technical aspects of monitors and see that its its own rabbit hole. I'll certainly have more info about monitors the next time I buy one, so thanks to everyone in the thread. But LoL? Not gonna happen I'd also like to know everyone's opinion on 75hz monitors. I've seen them around and they are 60hz monitors that are OC'd or get OC'd to 75hz when using Freesync. Are they good? Worth the money (in my market, they're between 5ms response time generic 1080p IPS monitors and the full features low lag, 144hz ones)?
  7. Thanks for the informative replies! I don't turn on V-sync in any game unless its needed, which has not been many. I play a lot of older games and they don't have many options for framerate, and even if they did, I doubt I'd get higher than 60fps with my RX550. Splinter Cell Chaos theory for example is locked to 100fps last time I checked and AoE2HD is locked to 60. None of the Total War games have higher than 60fps option or any option at all. From the replies here though, I think that getting a higher refresh rate monitor would generally be worth it even if I wasn't playing only / mostly competitive games? Is that right?
  8. Is there any list of games that aren't locked to lower framerates? I'm not in the market right now but I was curious.
  9. I was assessing monitor prices the other day and found found that 144hz monitors have become more affordable-ish to the extent that they aren't only for specialised purposes. However, looking at my own game library, I wondered if getting one would ever be worth it because I don't seem to have that many games that I think will run at that refresh rate even if I had the GPU horsepower. And not owning / playing many recent games, I thought that if old games don't run at 144hz and if most new games don't either, what are the games that do? So I'll ask everyone here : are games that aren't locked to 60 very few and far between or do I just happen to not own any? It seems to me like only competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch go above 100fps and high refresh rates in general seem to be under-utilised. Is there any list of games that show their locked/max framerates or one which shows games that would benefit from having a high refresh rate monitor? I play a lot of RTSs(old ones,though) and most of them seem to be locked at 30/60 (I don't know about SC2 though). TLDR: List of games that would benefit from having a high ref rate monitor?
  10. Hello everyone! Found the forum after watching an interview that Linus did with GamersNexus and thought I'd join as I I'm lacking an internet home for tech stuff and discussion. I built my first PC in 2014 and was kinda sharp on the basics then but have now aged decades tech knowledge-wise after having just finished college and intend to catch up on the last five year's worth of developments and learn all the stuff I should've learnt earlier. Greetings from India and from a an AMD FX user!