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  1. He would have known that regardless,especially since Linus's word gets far and wide in the enthusiast community.
  2. It makes sense and doesn't contradict what i said. It may confuse some people though.
  3. There is a difference between a physical product that you film to footage of someone's else featuring the physical product.
  4. It depends on the case and it's details,in this case it's on the fence.
  5. The problem is that clip has no commentary,it's the same as the original and it's even unedited so there is a case here. Is that covered by fair use? - That's debateable.
  6. That was very nice of Linus to do so,since Linus had no obligation to do so.
  7. As i said before that's debateable,it could be transformative since Adored TV used the video to prove something changing it's meaning/adding on top of the original,thus making it transformative. I am not defending anyone,just brought a counter argument for the sake of a fruitful debate.
  8. Yes,covering manufacturing costs and wanting to profit from it as well. The less you sell from a product the less products you have to divide the manufacturing costs between.
  9. If not you then someone else would have done that in your place,don't feel sorry.
  10. It's expensive because it's niche and the curves.
  11. Well,as i said before Linus does have a case here about the claim,and Adored TV should have quoted Linus's words and reference to the source instead of bringing up 1 minute of unedited footage from LTT. So I think that Adored TV is not only making a legal mistake,but a potential PR one as well,which both are hand in hand in this case.
  12. Update: Just saw the said part of the video,There is a case here. But it's on the fence,Adored TV brought that part to prove a point,but in the process included 1 minute of footage from LTT as is without any editing,commentary or as news. Is what Adored TV did with the footage transformative? - That's debatable. Since copyright law can get very complicated - Legal action is very expensive. My recommmendation: Next time Adored TV should quote Linus's words and reference to the source instead of bringing up 1 minute of unedited footage.
  13. One minute is a lot of footage,the question is if Adored TV's use of that part is fair use or not..
  14. So the sticks are not compatible with each other.
  15. It should be replaced regardless of the RAM problem,it might have contributed to that problem as well. Try running the PC with just one stick.
  16. Vishera

    RTX 3070

    Wait for it to be listed on Nvidia's website (get there 30 minutes before),then the moment you can purchase it buy it. You need to buy it before the bots do.
  17. Monitors don't consume much power,if you want to save then i would begin with more efficient power supply and system components.
  18. The 1660 Super costs that much,and it performs similarly to a 1070! In
  19. I live in Europe as well,but i am lucky that my supplier is an official partner of AMD, My supplier has 1600AF in stock for 140 Euro,it does not ship to your countries.
  20. That's the firmware Nintendo use to test the console! LcdAndKey - Tests the display and touch AssembledWireless - Tests the joy cons?,in both assembled mode and wireless mode. Aging - No idea what is that.maybe the battery? System Initialize - No idea what is that. Board test - Tests the motherboard BoardWireless - Tests Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Finalize - Finishes the test Repair shops would have loved to have that firmware! But Nintendo will sue your ass if you sell that firmware Make a copy of that firmware for yourself,then install a custom firmware.