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    Preferably behind a DJ booth
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    Gaming, music, making music, DJing, Furries (what? bite me :3)
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    Well i'm nothing special, I play games and make music when i'm not stuck at a 16 bar loop and no ideas how to branch out of it. I also enjoy DJing but i've never really DJ'd for a crowd. I don't have the music library to allow that sort of thing nor the skill. I'm working on both, and while I [i]can[/i] do it I don't wanna make a fool of myself.

    But of course I hope to make it big either with my music or as a DJ, at least in some form. Who does either and doesn't have at least a little hope for that even if it's just a fun hobby they do. Check out my music, it can be found on either www.furaffinity.net/user/tygron117 but if you see something there you don't like (you normally have to be signed in anyway) it's not my problem. But if you want a more, safe site to browse I have www.soundclick.com/tygron I just don't update it as frequently or as much. I prefer the FA site.

    As far as anything else, i'm bi, i've got a boyfriend and, i'm a furry. Specifically my "fursona" as us furries like to call it is a folf, or some stupid combination of a fox and a wolf because i'm so super creative and think i'm so original and stuff. [/sarcasm] So there's that. That would be a picture of it in my avatar. The rest of the image is NSFW but if you want to see just ask. It's something my mate (read boyfriend) got done for us. It's not super dirty or anything but it does show two NSFW bits if you catch my drift, so if you ask you're pre-warned.

    So if you want you can try to get to know me more, I like making new friends. I don't feel like i'm a very interesting person, and I usually don't have anything to say out of the blue. If you wanna talk message me about stuff, otherwise i'll likely be silent. Unless I know you're into something and I think i've seen it before you or I wanna talk about it (not saying if I don't mention something I don't wanna talk about it) I might say something.
    I would like to get some friends to game with, so if you're also looking for gaming buddies i'm interested. I'm not super amazing at anything, I felt a one point I was really good at Halo on the 360 but that's when I was a console peasant. I'll still go back and play here and there, but meh. I'll enjoy Quake and UT and other arena shooters of the sort. Not much of an mmo guy but if you're a casual mmo person I might play with you some.

    So yea. I'm Tygron. That's really about it. Pretty much everything summed up. I don't bite, much, mostly nibble :P so don't be shy.
  • Occupation
    McDonalds :c


  • CPU
    Intel i7 3770K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z77-UD5H
  • RAM
    16GB of <getting ram manufacuter here>
  • GPU
    Nvidia 660Ti MSI Power Edition (before the nerf)
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    2x 1TB WD Caviar Black, 1x 128GB Intell SSD (specifics later)
  • PSU
    600W PC Power and Cooling
  • Display(s)
    2 Asus (specifics later)
  • Cooling
    Kraken x60
  • Keyboard
    Saitek Cyborg (before Madcats made it the Cyborg V5 or somesuch)
  • Mouse
    Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7
  • Sound
    Claro Halo XT
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

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  1. This aspect ratio for the videos is really quite stupid. I've heard the reasoning, but imo it's dumb reasoning. 16:9 looks fine on pretty much everything and when people with phones that have this weird af ratio watch anything but your content guess what? They're more than likely subject to 16:9. I have a surround setup and with how Youtube treats that, your videos look awful. Most of the time it's ok, I can ignore the side bits. But when you guys put text over there, and you've done it a few times now that i've said I was gonna make a post about it, it's almost impossible to read without pausing and thinking about it. Ignore that my monitors are different heights (thanks for the different mounting points Acer) i'm used to it, but for real just take a look at this crap. It's awful. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372983445363884034/567074153983770624/IMG_20190414_154900.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372983445363884034/567074153455419402/IMG_20190414_154904.jpg And yes I see the same info reflected at the bottom of the screen where they're pulling it from but this isn't the first time there's just been text all over the place that's super hard to read at a glance.
  2. Alright so I purchased this StarTech adapter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A493CNY/ and it came in the other day. With my specs of an Asus Strix 1080 and the Acer GN246HL I can confirm that it allows the monitor to go to 144Hz. When putting it into Nvidia Surround it limits my screens to 120Hz but that's fine. The adapter seems to do its job. I currently have the USB power lead plugged into a USB hub although I might get a wall plug for it at some point. Thank you for the help guys and I hope others trying to find an answer find this helpful. If there's questions maybe post here? I don't come to this forum too much anymore but I check every now and then and if there are replies i'll try to answer them. Kinda feel it's my responsibility as someone who's actually got this working. There's not enough easily searchable info out there.
  3. I'll give those a look but it looks like I really only have two options unless I wanna adapt down to mini DP (preferably not lol) so i'll pick up one of them probably. Question about active adapters if either of you know, do active adapters add latency or at least more than a passive adapter might? I suppose it wouldn't be a big deal but it might be a bit distracting at first if one of my screens is slightly behind the other two. Par for the course probably, just thought i'd ask. Thanks for the help guys, hopefully i'll be able to pick one of these adapters up here soon (might be a couple weeks) and i'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: In the reviews for the Startech one that it might be necessary to plug it into a USB wall plug. I assume the USB is only for power and that there's no data transferred to make the adapter work. Just trying to cover all my bases before ending up with one of these.
  4. I've seen a few of these topics around but they don't seem to get anywhere aside from "just get an adapter" when it's not actually that simple. I just looked at several adapters and in their specs they all say 60Hz. The only thing i've found that does anything higher are some active adapters that do 120. That's acceptable. So my problem is that I have 5 monitors and an Oculus Rift, i'll put my specs below. Graphics card Asus Strix GTX 1080 which comes with 1 DVI | 2 HDMI | 2 DP 1 Acer Predator XB241H which has a 1 DP and 1 HDMI plugged into my GPU by DP 2 Acer GN246HL which have 1 DVI | 1 VGA | 1 HDMI one plugged into the GPU's DVI and the other into the other DP through a DVI to DP adapter. 2 Asus VS228H-P which have 1 DVI | 1 VGA | 1 HDMI one of them plugged into my motherboards DVI and the other into the HDMI I would like to use the Acer monitors that are plugged into the GPU for surround gaming. But the adapter I have (didn't see this until later) doesn't do over 60Hz. Looking around it looks like the HDMI on the GN246HL monitors doesn't do over 60. I don't have an option to get new monitors or another GPU so that's right out. And I don't wanna have to get an active adapter unless it's for sure that I am gonna get at least 120. I would prefer to get 144Hz but if I have to settle for 120 I will. I just need some definitive answers on this because I would really like to be able to use these monitors for what I bought them for and if I knew I was gonna have this issue with them i'd have bought something different. I just figured there would be the adapters out there for me to be able to get what I need. Turns out it's not that simple and what I need isn't easy to find. I'm a little surprised that I can't find much information about this with a google search. I'm hoping someone here will know what I need and not just give a generic answer because i'm tired of generic answers.
  5. Played plenty. Connection matters, but as long as you're not on some bunk connection to nowhere skill matters more.
  6. If you get kills in this game it's because you have a better connection? Wow dude. Get good. Also doesn't he make enough money to... I dunno... get a good connection? I mean if he's trying to play on a tour bus on cellphone wifi or something yea he's not gonna do well. That goes without saying.
  7. Wow. Yea I we were still feeling the effects of it afterward, but it wasn't too bad thankfully. The place is like organized chaos, it's kinda fun cause that's how my mind works. I wonder if they got VTO because I don't think they could really do anything with the system down. Apparently half an entire truck didn't get shipped to us. Physically it did, but the computer said that stuff was still in another state.
  8. Interesting, I heard our network went down earlier (I work at an Amazon fulfilment warehouse) so I wonder if this is part of that.
  9. I live just across the river from Louisville. We typically get the same stuff they get around the same time, but I bet Google won't do that for us. I'm excited for it to be in the area but... yea. Maybe Time Warner will give us a speed boost anyway.
  10. I use AdBlock Plus and right now i'm not running into any ads. Here's hoping I don't.
  11. Pretty sure he already has higher quality files than the CD's will ever have. But unless he was doing it as a "haha fuck you" (which wouldn't really make sense because i'm sure it's already all over torrent sites) he'd be wanting to sell it to make money. And that he can't legally do without Bungie's permission.
  12. Can I have a Pioneer CDJ setup then? Please? I don't need four decks, just two. I'll feel like garbage for getting it and stuff but I really need a new DJ setup. The American Audio VMS 4.1 is AWFUL.
  13. I thought Fable Legends was gonna be free to play. I don't see what the big deal here is. Also to have the cross platform play with the Xbox. I mean sure the Steam version could just launch the Windows Store version but still. I could be wrong but I think you guys are making a big deal out of nothiing...