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    Tygron got a reaction from geo3 in My DREAM Setup using AMD?? - LMG Lounge Update   
    This aspect ratio for the videos is really quite stupid. I've heard the reasoning, but imo it's dumb reasoning. 16:9 looks fine on pretty much everything and when people with phones that have this weird af ratio watch anything but your content guess what? They're more than likely subject to 16:9. I have a surround setup and with how Youtube treats that, your videos look awful. Most of the time it's ok, I can ignore the side bits. But when you guys put text over there, and you've done it a few times now that i've said I was gonna make a post about it, it's almost impossible to read without pausing and thinking about it. Ignore that my monitors are different heights (thanks for the different mounting points Acer) i'm used to it, but for real just take a look at this crap. It's awful.

    And yes I see the same info reflected at the bottom of the screen where they're pulling it from but this isn't the first time there's just been text all over the place that's super hard to read at a glance.
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    Tygron reacted to vanished in It turns out that uninstalling Facebook (for Android) is pretty great   
    I heard twitter went down for a bit the other day... wonder how many people died from that
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    Tygron reacted to ZetZet in Halo 5: "It sucks. period", Breaking Benjamin singer rants again!   
    Please, no one show him CS:GO. He might explode.
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    Tygron reacted to ThatOneRussian in Microsoft's new Android app will try to convince you to switch to Windows Phone   
    Hey you know all those apps you love on your android phone here is our shit version...
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    Tygron got a reaction from Madfang in Experiences with non-techies   
    Fire them. I just... degree in physics and she didn't... oh wait... female. No offense but, women to typically be dumber than men. But not realizing the power is out in the room... fired. I declare this person fired.
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    Tygron got a reaction from Madfang in Experiences with non-techies   
    You did that with an admin account right? The remove password button is like, right next to the delete account button. Takes the same ammount of time if not less.
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    Tygron reacted to Bouzoo in Battlefront Leak Sheds Light on More Playable Heros & Villains   
    Because there is nothing like playing as Princess Leia, maybe smack your enemies with the chain that Jabba puts on her? /jk
    A definite pre order? I don't know about the rest, but I expected at least these few heroes. 
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    Tygron reacted to Misanthrope in Laser Razor from Skarp   
    I will now show you the manliest of razors:
    Yeah that' right.
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    Tygron reacted to Agent181 in Apple reinvents headphone jack.. thinner iDevices on the way?   
    did they not learn from bendgate?
    inb4 they sale a super expensive adapter that nobody needs and turns into this:

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    Tygron reacted to Admiral Naismith in Your computer will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2,1....   
    Or you could just do this....

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    Tygron reacted to minibois in Ubisoft Planning Its Own Theme Park   
    I hope the rollercoasters are not as glitchy as AC: Unity
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    Tygron reacted to Ramamataz in Konami fucking up news?   
    lol. Your acting like they're naked or something.
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    Tygron reacted to Bim Job in Razer Wildcat - A Gaming Controller for XBOX One   
    Wow another waste of money.
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    Tygron got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in Adobe - stop using ‘Photoshop’ as a generic term   
    Give them some kleenex for their tears.
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    Tygron got a reaction from BurgerBum in Adobe - stop using ‘Photoshop’ as a generic term   
    Give them some kleenex for their tears.
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    Tygron reacted to Deli in [Rumor] Microsoft to launch Xbox One Mini in October   
    I struggle to understand how can people describe Bitfenix Prodigy as "portable", while Xbox One is "too big". 
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    Tygron reacted to kristaps552 in Where do you get your music from?   
    I use spotify mostly, but back when I used to download, I used a software called youtube to mp3 converter from dvd video soft. 
    It works surprisingly well, high quality music n stuff, highly suggest it.
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    Tygron got a reaction from Technic77 in Linus called adblock users scummy   
    Wouldn't know, I block ads.
    And no if he wants to bitch, don't bitch to us. Bitch to what's causing the problem. We're only finding our own solution to the problem. If he, and all these other content creators (who are really the ones youtube and other places should listen to about this, especially if a bunch do it) want the problem fixed they need to complain about it to youtube and wherever else. So yea. You wanna fix a problem, you go to the source of the problem. You don't try to patch up small areas that will only temporarily hold, that's being lazy and prolonging the problem.
    I can't believe you people are that dumb.
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    Tygron got a reaction from Technic77 in Linus called adblock users scummy   
    We've been over this... I made a rant like last week. Like seriously? Fix the way ads get in the way and annoy people and go back to how they were years ago where they were just there. Until then, i'm gonna use adblock. Wanna fix it? Content providers need to go complain to where the ads are coming from.
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    Tygron reacted to MeDownYou in Single Color Wan show logo? (Photos updated!)   
    Curious IF you were to have a wan show logo in only one color what would it be?
    Additionally, where would you put a wan logo if you had one?
    Here is a Black one (I have orange coming this week it has arrived., which seems to be the general consensus.)

    Decal of the wan logo is here in ORANGE!

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    Tygron reacted to DigitalHermit in world's first white lasers   
    Combine that tech with this tech:

    Razer Chroma Projection Keyboards incoming....
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    Tygron reacted to EposVox in Right to destroy drones coming..   
    In that situation, I'd say it's 100% appropriate. 
    Horrdily irresponsible people are abusing a privilege and flying their toy in a way which prevents firefighters from fighting fires and risking taking down the damn helicopters. Shoot em down, law or not.
    Don't want your drone shot down? Don't do this.
    It's the same thing as when firefighters knock out car windows to run the fire hose when you part in front of a hydrant.
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    Tygron reacted to christianled59 in Free Google Cardboard headset from porn site   
    i read your comment a few times. took me a minute. +1 for a good laugh because I know the joke you're thinking. (at least I think i see what you're getting at)
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    Tygron reacted to VioDuskar in Free Google Cardboard headset from porn site   
    i could give a shit less about the porn, i want to try google earth VR.
    if i could get my computer to display to my phone i would start playing VR games with the power of 2x 980s.
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    Tygron reacted to SPG in Affair site Ashley Madison got hacked!