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  1. fwiw the Samsung Galaxy range of phones tend to be more expensive than Apple flagships in the UK. Considering he moved from a flagship Android device to an iPhone SE (which is entry level and around half the price of the phone he came from) you aren't doing much for your point. The fact that you keep saying this after it is pointed out that your idea of a "cheap low end phone" is actually more expensive than the iPhone in question reveals all that you need to know about your intellectual honesty in this discussion.
  2. Dad moved from Android to Apple and said he instantly found it far more intuitive to use, and has no intention of ever moving back.
  3. The 1080 and the 1440p monitor make more sense than the 1080 Ti and 1080p. I played Fallout 4 at 4K and my major bottleneck was still RAM. That game has so many random problems and quirks, I'd never base a hardware judgement off of it.
  4. Console gamers ask me this a lot, and I still can't given them a simple straight answer. GPU -- tends to be every two or three years CPU -- Six years and counting... RAM -- when my CPU needs it. I added more last year, but I didn't replace my old RAM Storage -- Same as RAM -- I've added to it, but I still have the mechanical drive I bought six years ago. If you buy a good CPU to begin with, you can spend £200 on a new GPU every time there's a new console generation and always have something drastically better.
  5. You're still calling it Ryzen 9 when one of the first things AMD explicitly revealed about it is that it isn't called Ryzen 9. Sorry if I don't take you too seriously as a source.
  6. Assuming that "workstation" and content creation means FP64 and nothing else. Turns out most people who want 12GB vram for creation reasons probably don't care about double precision.
  7. I'd love to see more Vulkan games done as well as Doom. So many people are lauding AMD's Vulkan performance on the back of a sample size of 1. If I were Nvidia, I know where I'd spend almost all of my optimisation budget right now.
  8. This idea among fanboys that Nvidia somehow does badly in Ashes of the Sinhularity needs to die. Look at the 580 and 1060, at how they perform next to each other. Identically.
  9. They literally have two different architectures in their 500-series. They have done more R&D for this generation of card than Nvidia, who essentially die-shrunk Maxwell.
  10. You got me. The 550, 580, big Vega and small Vega all use the same die with the same memory controller. They absolutely don't have some cards that use GDDR5 and others that use HBM. Damn. When was the last time AMD did that? Uhhh right now
  11. You're talking as if Nvidia don't reuse the same die as well though. There are Quadros and Teslas that use P102 and 104, just like the GeForce Cards. Only the flagship P100 and V100 haven't seen a gaming variant and that's because they are the halo products. Unless you're Pixar or Elon Musk, you're not buying those. There is a Radeon Pro Duo using the same Polaris GPU in the RX 580. Polaris has multiple dies. The rumours are that Vega will have multiple dies. I don't buy this argument at all.
  12. I think this is entirely HBM2 related. It was a gamble that blew up in their face. A year late to market, a core that is barely better than Fiji, and to make matters worse it has worse bandwidth than the Titan's GDDR5X at the moment. For all the shit Nvidia got about only putting HBM2 in the P100, it was clearly the right choice. Their marketing is fucking everywhere. I've commented a lot about how their marketing is overwhelmingly negative compared to their competition. When Nvidia have a new product all of their slides are about how much of a performance gain they have against
  13. I wouldn't replace it with anything less than a 1070/Fury X.