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  1. Thank you Linus for being the only tech reviewer that actually points out the truth which is image sharpening looks horrible.
  2. I'm sorry did you just say that crap quality video being rendered at a higher resolution 4K in this case and higher frame rate = A better experience ???
  3. 30fps for regular videos and 60fps for video games. And if you think everything should be 60fps then you are wrong. You are just wrong. Stop trying to turn films into video games. Honestly I use a program called 4K Video Downloader on Windows in order to download YouTube videos at 30fps. Because whenever I see youtubers and especially tech youtubers upload 60fps videos that are them standing at their desk in a chair and talking to a camera, I just want to punch them in the face for how dumb they are. That is not content that benefits from more frames. It's a talking head. No one needs to see your mouth at a higher framerate (unless they have a mouth fetish ). It's idiotic. And it's worse for tech youtubers who do benchmarks because they show a static image of some numbers. How in God's name does a static image benefit from being rendered at 60fps?
  4. Uh what? Dude I played GTA V on a 8800GT without a problem when it came out. Low and medium settings 1080p and was getting between 30-50 fps.
  5. Someone already pointed this out, but I'm going to mention it again because either you didn't see it or you don't want to accept it because you realized accepting it would mean invalidating your whole argument. Their games are already political. You can not say keep politics out of gaming when Blizzard themselves have their own political agenda implemented in their games. You can try to deny it, but it will just show that you know it's true and refuse to acknowledge it because you won't have anything to stand on anymore if you do admit it.
  6. So standing up for human rights is wrong. Got it.
  7. Oh yes they would. People have been buying products that are just a little bit faster or better or even worse the same product for as long as buying and selling has existed. It's all in the way you advertise your product and if there's no choice, that's it. It really doesn't matter if the newer one is just the old one with a new name. Just say it's newer, give it a brand new name, try to spin it and consumers will buy no matter what. People have being doing this for ages. Just look at anything you find in the grocery store. Find a product whatever it is that says on the box new and improved better formula and you will find it's exactly the old one if you read what's inside of it. There was nothing improved. It's all lies. And consumers eat that shit up. They buy and buy and buy. They don't care. Intel hasn't delivered anything in the past 3 years because they haven't tried. For 10 years or so can't recall exactly when they got ahead of AMD, but let's say 10 years for the sake of it, Intel hasn't done anything. They stopped. And make no mistake AMD would have done the same thing if they were in Intel's position where they own the market. All AMD did with Ryzen is release a second place product that Intel had done years ago. You honestly can't say Ryzen is fantastic product when it's slower than what the competition had years ago. I want you to imagine an actually race on a circuit between AMD and Intel. Intel got to the finish line and stopped just before it and sat there for years and years. All while AMD was running and running and running and in the end even with Intel stopping, AMD still came in second place. After all this time they still haven't caught up. And it's worse when you fact in that the competition stopped. That is not winning. That is failing. And failing hard. AMD should have absolutely fucking destroy Intel with Ryzen. They had no excuse to not do so. They had years to do so and their competition did nothing all these years. And they still haven't caught up. It took them 7nm well actually someone else's 7nm to sort of catch up to Intel 14nm+++++++++ infinity. Give Intel their own 7nm and they would wipe the floor with AMD. Now again Ryzen is something that we desperately needed. Because Intel would've fucked us with 4 cores for years and years. It's a good thing Ryzen came out, but let's not kid in believing it's a great product. You can't just look at something and ignore everything else. You have to take everything in consideration.
  8. Well this one is going to get me a lot of hate, but so be it. Ryzen is shit. It's not the shit as most people say it is. It's just shit. Why do I say this? Well very simple, let's be brutally honest here the only reason Ryzen is good is because Intel slept at the wheel for the last 10 years or so. If Intel would've giving us more cores and faster cores these past years then when Ryzen would've been launched, no one would even look at AMD. We would all laugh at them. Ryzen is only viewed as good because Intel did nothing. Something that would've happened the other way around as well, if AMD was in Intel's position. AMD would've slept at the wheel as well if they had the chance. So yeah in reality land Ryzen is not this magnificent thing that everyone says it is. Obviously it's well welcomed and it needed to exist because Intel would've giving us 4 cores until 2030 without a doubt or even later. But let's not pretend it's truly amazing. Can you imagine 4 cores in 2070? That would've been Intel's plan for sure. Or maybe 4 cores in the year 3000. Wouldn't be surprised at all.
  9. So basically it's better because you can run programs on it. Doesn't that mean that Windows sucks? Because if those programs ran on other operating systems then no one would even use Windows. I mean let's be honest here the only reason people use Windows is because they are forced to because the programs/games that they need to run or want to run only run on Windows. Who in their right mind would use Windows if they could run the programs and games on other operating systems? No one. Oh by the way nice touch there with the RGB Windows key logo in the background.
  10. Well they removed another feature. You can no longer search images by a specific date. You can't say find images from 21/04/2017 - 24/02/2019 for example.
  11. Not exactly sure if this is the correct section to post this, but just like the title says, how do I stop the e-mail notifications that I logged on the forum?
  12. Why don't they just take it away entirely? I mean they already took away the view image, now they took away this, what's next? Fuck you Google.