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  1. I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but wait. The R7 is about to be released.
  2. Hey look another product for Lew from Unbox Therapy to copy and sell it as his own.
  3. @Fasauceome And @Jurrunio Thank you both. Good to know that I'm ok, I got a bit worried when I ran prime95 and saw the temps hit 85C, so I entered panic mode a bit.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question about what would be the safe temperatures for the VRMs in my case. I have a Gigabyte Z370HD3P with a i7 8700 non-K so no OC at all in a Fractal R6 case with the fans left in their default position. I've set the fans to run at all times and slowly ramp up as temps get higher and I'm not sure how to set the rear fan because by default my motherboard assigned it to the vrm sensor and it get really loud really quickly. Those Fractal fans are not as silent as they say they are. I've noticed that the temps for the VRMs at least when running prime95 hits 85C and maybe if I let them it will go higher. The question is what are some safe temperatures for the VRMs to operate at? Because I've searched a bit today and even here on this forum granted posts from some time ago, people say contradictory things. Some say keep them under 80C at all times, some say 100C is normal for them, some 125C is still within spec and some say even 150C is ok for VRMs. From 80C to 150C that's a huge gap. So what is it? What would be some safe idle temps and load temps? Or does that depend from motherboard to motherboard? Should I be worried? Or since I'm using a locked processor it just doesn't matter? Oh and I've found this on a review of the board "The motherboard is in a 4+3 phase VRM, and it uses zero doubling. It uses the Intersil ISL95866 PWM controller in 4+3 mode. It adds multiple ISL6625A on the CPU and iGPU rails to enhance phase count. The CPU VCore VRMs use double the number of MOSFETs per phase, while the iGPU phases use the standard number. On Semiconductor NTMFS4C06N is the low-side MOSFET, and the NTMFS4C10N is the high-side MOSFET for each of the power stages. The memory VRM uses a Realtek RT8120D for a single phase PWM with driver and then three On Semiconductor NTMFS4C06N in a two-low one-high MOSFET configuration. More Realtek RT8120 controllers are used for the VCCSA and VCCIO rails." <This is something beyond my understanding. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there a way to set Chrome to output sound to a 5.1 surround system and stick? I've found that you can turn "try-supported-channel-layouts" on in the flags option of Chrome, but those scumbags removed the option.
  6. Understood. Thank you. First of all thank you, secondly never apologize for offering more information. It's always welcomed. Both you and Jurrunio helped me. So once again thank you.
  7. One more question and I'll leave you alone. I know you say on paper, but how worse can an ssd without dram cache on it, be in games? I mean do you think on one with cache the game will load in 19 seconds and on the one without it will load in 21 seconds?
  8. Thanks. Can it be worse than the 660p? I had that drive and it was absolute garbage, that's how I know it slows down to that speed. I'm looking for a drive for storage, mainly games. Windows is installed on a separate drive. And I'm looking for something that doesn't slow down to hard drive speeds. Right now I was looking at this Gigabyte model and a Crucial MX500 which is Sata and both are the exact price for me. Between these two what you say it's the better option? Or do you know a better drive that's within the same price point as those two?
  9. Does anyone know if this drive: https://www.gigabyte.com/Solid-State-Drive/GIGABYTE-NVMe-SSD-1TB#kf uses QLC or TLC memory? I've search a bit and can't find any information on it. Also do any of you have it? How does it perform? Does it maintain its speed all throughout the drive or does it drop like a rock? I know the Intel 660p drops in performance to 40MB/s once it runs out of its SLC cache.
  10. 1. No 2. No as well. The amount of pressure that the cooler mounting system puts on the CPU completely eliminates any air gaps. 3. Most of the time it doesn't work because you won't reach the connector. So twisting the cable is the better solution. 4. Realistically speaking how many times do you really change the fan? Yes, it's usually the first component that goes bad because it's a moving part, but by that point I would say you will change the whole system or move to another case. So... 5. This is 2019 and we're some hours away from 2020 and some countries are already in 2020. We don't have sata 1 or 2 anymore. It's all sata 3. 6. Depends on the case.
  11. After seeing Taran's edit, I can safely say the judges are idiots. Taran won easily. Why? Simple when watching the two videos with Justine's video I literally no idea what Austin was talking about, what he was trying to say, what the product was, for whom it is, nothing. Literally nothing. It was like watching a politician. If you don't know what that means, let me explain almost all politicians talk in circles about nothing. That's what it felt like watching Justine's video. It was some guy talking about nothing. With Taran's edit after I watched it, I understood what Austin was talking about, what the product was, how it performed, what to expect from it, for who it's meant, who shouldn't buy it, etc. I actually understood what the hell Austin was trying to say. And that's what matters. Plus Taran's video had better editing all around, nicely done no cut cut cut switch to other scene cut switch bs, no idiotic sound effects and pleasant music that doesn't distract from the video. Taran won easily. End of discussion.
  12. I've seen Austin's video and I have to say either Taran's edited video is utter garbage or the judges were horrible at their job. It was actually painful for me to watch Austin's video edited by Justine. You know those outdated videos called "Everything wrong with" on youtube, that's Justine's editing. It's literally Everything wrong with.
  13. The R6 has. So does the R5. The R5 has 2 5.25 bays.