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  1. I was just about to say yet another reason why iOS is so much better than Android, but then Google decided to also take Fortnite off. Bummer, now iOS is still better, but not as before.
  2. If you have a motherboard that has sensors placed in different places on it, then you can set the fans to ramp up based on the temperature of that sensor. For example I have the case fans plugged in the motherboard and in the bios I set them to ramp up based on the temperature sensor around the CPU area. The sensors that I have are around the CPU, VRM and GPU area. So you can set them to the GPU area. It's not a perfect thing, but it's something. Otherwise you have the fans running at a set speed all the time. Years ago I used a Coolink cooler on a 8800GTS and I had to deal with a
  3. Finally I've been waiting for the successor to the NH-D15 and the new 140mm fans since 2015 or 2016 when they first showed them at CES I think it was.
  4. High Castle was great until they fired the showrunner at the end of season 2. After that it turned into trash. It got so bad that even the main actress said F it.
  5. You're wrong, if this was him just being wrong he would've mentioned it on WAN Show and be done with it. There was no need to make a 12 minute professional video talking about how much he misunderstood what was going on and apologizing to another company. It would've been a footnote on the WAN Show, something like this: Linus: Hey Luke, I've finally had time to watch Mark's video about the fastest SSD in the world that's in the PS5. It's not quite what I was led to believe. Luke: Oh Ok. Whatever. Linus: Speaking of whatever, our sponsors Private Internet Access and LTTstore
  6. Someone already said this, but the only time a company makes a public apology to other company is when they are being sued or warned that they will get sued if they don't retract what they said. That's what happened here Epic/Sony/Both sent LTT a letter telling them they will get their asses sued into oblivion if they don't rectify what they said. And anyone who can't see that or denies that is a fool and doesn't know how things work. As for the PS5 SSD ...yeah it doesn't really matter since only the first party games so the ones directly from Sony will use it if they even use it so tha
  7. Here's another thing if they were actually silent I wouldn't complain because I would get it, they are meant for silent operation, but the problem is they are not. Especially after 550rpm they sound like a jet engine. I still have in my house some old 80/92mm fans that spin at much higher rpm and they are dead silent and actually move air. My cpu cooler currently is the Freezer 34 Duo which has 2 120mm fans and they spin over 1200rpm and are silent and they actually push air.
  8. This is something that the Fractal fanboys will roast me for it, but I need to say this. So in my quest to find the balance between good temps and low noise in my Fractal Design R6 case, I realized that I never did one test to actually determine the correct settings. So last week I decided to set the case fans at 100% all the time to see just what difference that would make on the temps for the CPU, VRM and GPU. Because before that what I did was set the fans to run all the time at the lowest rpm that they would run at and through the bios set a fan curve so they can ramp up when tem
  9. Watch Jay's review of it and you can tell he knows it's crap but because he was paid by Corsair he can't say it's crap and declares that more people should buy it. XD
  10. While I love his dedication and amount of detail he and his team decided to put in this, I'm pretty sure at the end of the day none of this matters and the results will be within margin of error between testing it the regular way and doing all this. Maybe 2-3 degrees difference.
  11. Look at all the new members I gathered. Anyway so it's just YouTube being YouTube. Meaning being broken as always.
  12. Does anyone have this issues where you go to the subscription tab on YouTube and all you get is a blank page saying: "Your subscriptions haven’t uploaded any videos yet. Try finding another channel to subscribe to." ? Why is YouTube so bloody broken?