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  1. Cool test actually. Based on mostly guessing and less the scientific method I can make 1 interesting conclusion from it: Cherry has slightly improved their switch quality recently and Kaihl, so. On the assumption you are using an older Corsair board (or one with older switches), most testers chose the Corsair(No.2) to be the "inferior" one due to the scratchier/rougher feel of the switches. So advice for the best keyboard is to pick can based on what many of the community already suggest, for smoothness and feels.
  2. Technical note on OP needs a direct quote from the article. I'd suggest from this: "We need to have a conversation about hate..." >Kicks you out because they don't like you
  3. This is about weird techtuber war against fanboys for some reason. Things change, but if Adored isn't the biggest AMD shill in the world who will shill for people that probably don't exist? What is to become of this drama? I'm on the edge of my gaming chair! /Sarcasm
  4. What I'd be more interested in is if single core boosts hit the advertised frequencies plus the percentage and vcore to get that. But SL is a business and I'm sure they put these out based on what people would buy, not just to settle online arguments, right?
  5. IKEA 3D printed Gamer key caps? But are they MX mount though
  6. Not the first time I've seen a live stream that was incorrectly tagged with the anti-fake news about 9/11 this month. There really is no confidence Youtube will get this right or use it appropriately: Anti-fake news is just as fake as what it meant to fight against [SW prequel meme here]
  7. That makes more sense, the only specifics I recall is that the HBM by itself cost the most if not more then the amount mentioned in the OP.
  8. there were something going around saying the HBM2 would cost $750, that's just what I remember hearing, but that would be what I meant.
  9. Considering some rumours were saying the HBM would cost as much as or more (more then the Vega VII's announced price) coming out before the announcement of the card; really, the article could read as " AMD may actually sell vega 7 at above cost!" to be honest.
  10. is it that time of the year again, Another Intel to buy AMD rumor? yeah, no.
  11. Of course it's the RGB software, I've tried both and they're both annoying and I can easily see that didn't put any effort into it. Haven't had a chance to try the other Gig software but I'm not surprised it would have similar issues. Hope this will lead to them at least putting something better together, but I won't get my hopes up.
  12. Interesting takes here but i think the deeper and more real inevitability(+funnier) thought would be JF's idea of the Revolutionary Phenotype were from continued influence and pressures (social or other) will lead to a take over of the human species' reproduction to the benefit of the next-gen gene designer's will. I'll leave his take on this subject here for anyone that would want to know who/what I'm talking about: Short term I'm sure many will definitely be sympathetic for this family but these things of course have a greater impact an the whole of life on Earth.
  13. I don't live in the states but seeing Keyboards not being tariffed pleases me. But there's still a little time left for things to be reversed, for those who want to hold out hope.
  14. Close! My last purchase was in July, but I always used paypal anyway. Feels bad for anyone caught by this, just one of those things that can happen to anybody.