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  1. Probably don't use Google though, use a third party search engine at least. DuckDuckGo works good.
  2. ASUS Strix MB broken LLC a OC3D review/rant

    He does explain in the video about this, but basically to overclock you would need to set the voltage very high to offset the voltage drop for the processor to run stable. So it's not recommended to overclock.
  3. Seems the CoffeeLake troubles with motherboards seem to keep coming with Tom Logan getting fed up with a lack of a proper response from Asus over the load line calibration not working on the Strix branded Z370 boards. This lead to the incomplete review being released today with little to no chance of a redux. This is great that people who care about fully working boards will get more attention, but I do wish he would have covered this sooner so consumers would not be caught with boards that put their expensive processors at risk. Review: https://overclock3d.net/reviews/cpu_mainboard/asus_z370_strix_e_and_strix_f_review/1 Not all bad news though: But Rant vid: TL:DR Is this a big deal or just over reacting? Will anybody change their builds knowing this, or wait for the update before making a purchase?
  4. High End Gaming in your PALM - ASRock DeskMini GTX

    About expensive MXM modules and support for the form factor: You're about 10 years too late start complaining about this issue, the whole idea being a change/upgrade capable part for mobile and small form factor (and iMac) that just never had any traction, based on some basic and understandable problems for consumers and manufacturers. 1- Is the price to high for consumers to buy at or is the turn around too low that retailers need to charge high prices, demand & supply or the egg and chicken? 2- The need for custom cooling to match both card design and the small/odd form factor cases makes for difficulty supporting upgrades and change in future cooling discourages manufacturers. 3- Support from MB makers to allow for new hardware. Anything beyond a emergency bios updates is rare for many gaming notebooks, even the ones review by LMG, fan made bios and firmware to support new generations of graphics cards are the savior to lovers in the community. I think more then small push to change things now
  5. There's a joke somewhere around here, have you seen it?
  6. Single digit FPS for Fury X? Clearly not OPTIMIZED for AMD MeMe
  7. I may be really tired but this sounds like what the world really needs. Also you need to include a quote form the article to meet guidelines.
  8. Cheap $45 Mechanical Keyboard Round Up!

    You didn't mention, or didn't notice, how the E-element Z77 removable switches. The reason why it comes with extra switches and puller.
  9. Google survive Genericide

    Should add "look it up" and "go EDUCATE yourself" to poll
  10. Watched this and made me wonder if SLI would get similar gains that crossfire does going from DX11 to DX12. And ROTR is not a consistent benchmark
  11. Don't want to trash any tech channels for what they do but it should really be encouraged that "reviewers" put more work into their testing and anyone that goes through the full effort should be applauded.
  12. Cherry has finally retooled their 20 year old machines.

    It will probably take more time then it should be to get other board makers to be selling boards with the those new switches. I look forward to getting my hands on some one day.
  13. gtx 1080 @ 4K hmm... Will this make Ryzen good for gaming?
  14. Ergonomic and Mechanical Keyboard

    Things are really opening up for "ergonomic" boards for natural wrist positions. There's more split designs that can be found like: Ergo dox: A popular DIY design that can be bought pre-made now for a price https://ergodox-ez.com/ some may say the design is "out dated" though. Split boards: Like from Mistel https://www.mistelkeyboard.com/keyboards seem pretty continent and logical for ergonomics but still limited to small sizes, coming SOONtm(ultimate hacking keyboard), DIY(Let's Split Ortholinear keyboard), expensive(VE.A Keyboard). Other twisted one piece boards are less common: The X-Bows https://www.x-bows.com/ is coming SOONtm but is the closest to rubber dome ergonomic boards but funky key placements. The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard https://trulyergonomic.com/store/truly-ergonomic-mechanical-ergonomic-keyboard looks good can be bought but my brother used one for a while and said they layout was hard to get used to. Hope these ideas help.
  15. Another Samsung Phone starts Exploding...

    First quote from the article: -- I do own an s7 but this is still funny to me.