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  1. Asus MIGHT NOT have killed off Arez, Fake News Alert

    does that make the ASUS ROG strix vega cards are now the collectors item?
  2. AMD's heatsink warranty Nontroversy leads to update

    It never mattered, is the point. I know it's good they changed but most warranty, EULA and terms of stuff is kind of nonsense to me.
  3. AMD's heatsink warranty Nontroversy leads to update

    It's more about the necessity to even make the change. It would be very difficult to prove that the heatsink itself was to blame and most times people that would break a cpu wacky cooling know what they did was wrong.
  4. AMD has updated their warranties for the just released CPUs following some Techies on the web getting fooled into concerns over an AMD warranty.(probably started by some redditors or something) The warranty stating: "This Limited Warranty shall be null and void if the AMD microprocessor which is the subject of this Limited Warranty is used with any heatsink/fan other than the one provided herewith." This lead to a few outlets releasing this info as "news" despite this being a hold over from years past. EX: note the date Well Gamersnexus were on top of things and have comeback with AMD's comments. Source: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3291-amd-updates-warranty-to-allow-aftermarket-heatsinks The updated warranty now reads: Much clearer right? Not much of anything here but I hope people that saw the original fuss are happy to have things cleared up now
  5. AMD Ryzen 2700X and 2600X OC to 5.88* GHz

    new processor set to launch -queue impossibly high Overclock leak- every time
  6. Memory inductors on older Nvidia GPUs are failing

    Think the description of the problem should be changed form "reference PCB" to 'reference memory power design'
  7. What's VSOC MOS and where is it?

    On the gig x370 K7 it's the temp sensor for the included probes. So it's just a miss reported sensor.
  8. Memory inductors on older Nvidia GPUs are failing

    should be confirmed that they don't use the same part, to be safe.
  9. Asus X470 boards

    I was basing that off the diagram from the 370 prime pro manual https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-X370-PRO/HelpDesk_Manual/ Could be a typo? The Crosshair 6 has the 1142, just checked.
  10. Asus X470 boards

    TUF, Strix, Pro and Crosshair guess Asus are going fully committed to x470. The only noticeable additions from 370 are USB-C header and 2nd M.2 slot beside the chipset though. interesting that they're uisng Asm 1142 chip compared to 1143 on the x370 boards, if you think this means anything.
  11. Next gen GPU's will be 11XX series NOT 20XX

    I know, just a bit of teasing. The mobile line up from nivida isn't any less confusing having the 8 series though.
  12. Next gen GPU's will be 11XX series NOT 20XX

    That was BS excuse from Nvidia and you know it + this topic isn't about mobile anyway ;P
  13. Next gen GPU's will be 11XX series NOT 20XX

    So Lets count everyone... 2xx 3xx 4xx 5xx 6xx 7xx ... 9xx 10xx 20xx 11xx
  14. I'm looking forward to the time when people start asking if AMD graphics cards can play games; because "It doesn't say gaming" on it, followed quickly by fanboys on both sides saying 'yes' and 'no.' This whole issue seems far to petty to matter, for nvidia to care about it is weird, but a huge can of worms to deal with.
  15. ASRock to enter Graphics Card Market

    The original rumors suggested they would mainly be focused on AMD but not confirmed.