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  1. I don't live in the states but seeing Keyboards not being tariffed pleases me. But there's still a little time left for things to be reversed, for those who want to hold out hope.
  2. PopReference

    [UPDATED] Newegg Breached by Magecart Card Skimmer

    Close! My last purchase was in July, but I always used paypal anyway. Feels bad for anyone caught by this, just one of those things that can happen to anybody.
  3. PopReference

    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution - HardOCP

    hmm.. really makes you think.
  4. Don't think that means SLI but two times (they always like to say "2X" in their press releases) it's also just the title of the slide. I would suspect this refers to ray tracing ON but that's just a guess
  5. PopReference

    [STREAM OVER] Nvidia Gamescom 2018 Keynote Live Thread!

    does founders have a higher price then MSRP again?
  6. PopReference

    Nvidia Turing Announced

    I just had a maddening rumor worthy thought: RTX 2080/70( ti) series with ray tracing capable cores AND GTX 1180/70/60.. ( ti) series without ray tracing cores ALL the rumors are TRUE!!
  7. PopReference

    Nvidias confusing new lineup may finally have been explained

    From what I could tell, originally people didn't like how they pumped out articles with little info, more volume then quality, AND their site was filled with ads of the worst type and being generally unattractive making so many hate using them. Most people here just hate then for the MEMEs now.
  8. PopReference

    LEAK: GeForce RTX 2080 - Launch and Performance

    Re: All the Nvidia rumors/leaks; Anyway, breaking up the branding with "ray tracing ready" hardware is very clever, no doubt it'll cost more to implement and demand that extra add in to BOM. Wonder when news will come out their skipping numbers going straight to 2180 range. lol
  9. The source link leads to a 404 you need to move the ) at the end pls On topic: I've seen a few Android products with weird behavior, specifically with the battery, but never really had anything to point as an example before now, interesting.
  10. May be titan type release? The ti seems to have been released the following year, based on the titan chip.
  11. PopReference

    New AMD CPU Cooler from DeepCool

    oof.. What about Fry-Zen?
  12. Yeah I can agree with that. But I even take the comparably weak standpoints and most of this thread has ended up with trying to debate the idea of NDAs, contracts, and agreements as concepts. Truly frustrating.
  13. I wasn't referencing yourself with that comment. It really makes it hard when you keep dropping the context from posts, I was obviously speaking generally because you referenced who the whole thread and the confusion it. This is really annoying because I have to write long sentences that can start to loose all sense as I have to explain things to ridiculous degree. I've already mention the issue of the time frame, how quickly the signing had to take place, and how in the GN video, and other defenses I've seen, it's not mentioned and then made worse by their claims of being a single contract for (maybe) multiple releases over the next years. Just try and consider what I've written and not jump to conclusions I don't take.
  14. Yeah, I've said as much in this thread. It's not matter of what is or isn't, I just have my suspicions for the use of this contract and questioned the problems with and around it. Most of the "debunking" of problems in really only come down to 'just trust us' and gloss over issues will adding more in their statements. But I have little reason to just trust, but even if I choose to, I would still want to have some confirmation to their claims. The reason the standerd of evidence I had set is so high is mainly mock the claims of "this is normal" or even "I sign these all the time" and hopefully make people think about the what really has been discussed, does it make sense, what are the industries best practices, and maybe what's written in the contracts they've sign in their life and gong forward. They main problem with this thread is people 'keep putting words in my mouth' claiming I stand for a position I didn't make and now even claiming I changed my position even though I've stated the same thing over and over again. I didn't start off by taking sides but if people force the issue then what can I do if people attack my positions? I'll say it again more clearly: The contract, itself and the issues surrounding it, I find bad. (Why would I or anyone else sign this document give the circumstances) If then this is normal in the industry then I would be concerned for what's going on. ... Now I'll add: This Nvidia Forum Defends Force is cringe worthy
  15. I just stated an opinion. Why are my responses so hard to take? Maybe take some of that advice for yourself.