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  1. So is having GPUs out of stock the new fade right now? Should I open my own store just to say I have no product to sell, because its cool?
  2. SO will all Microsofr Edge topics and discussions be locked on this forum for breaking rules on promoting pirated content? Is ignorance a defense anymore?
  3. Videdcardz has the biggest collection of pictures for the custom cards if you want to consider looks: https://videocardz.net/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt Asrock is notable since they only make AMD cards, though I have no know clues as how that will pan out with availability. Both models come with 3 8pins while the rest use 2x8 if that interests you. The biggest thing to be careful of is sticker shock since the custom boards will come with a HUGE price hike. Mooreslawidead on youtube put out the rumour minutes ago and Neweg.ca even raised the prices on reference cards. An early listin
  4. There's some listings for 3060tis on some Canadian etailers too so probably another surprise 60ti release. Must be the thing some tech tubers have been complaining about, so many launches in such a short amount of time.
  5. Just a theory but probably only implemented because consoles will be using similar tech so it's easy for AMD to transfer to PC.
  6. The returns of mining isn't good enough to buy out the 6800 stocks compared to the alternatives they can buy. The Bitcoin bull run will come crashing down around spring/tax season and any smaller mining farms that try to buy up new cars will want to flip the them quick to make back their money. Anyway it's gonna be a pain to buy new tech for awhile still.
  7. Heck'n 5ghz single core, the Meme: Online for sure. In store only purchases still have some stock, at least one retailer in Canada does, as long as they don't open the add to cart on the website.
  8. They mentioned they were working on something, info next year
  9. He made a youtube vid complaining about the red line on the card when he received an image of one without, if you look closely they're both real different coolers(if the leak is real)
  10. VideoCardz leaked two cooler designs on twitter Looks like the cooler Jayz2cents leaked on months ago after AMD's teaser are 2 different designs
  11. That's Nvidia's marketing dude. AMD needs to get there own ideas like pre-order exclusive coolers or something.
  12. Nvidia low key confirms 10% numbers in news release: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/rtx-3090-out-september-24/ Look forward to official reviewers searching for the elusive 15% gains.