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    DMV area (yes thats a place)
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    some crapy 4500 someting
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    16GB of ddr3
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    Nvidia 755m 1 GB
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    2.9 TB Fusion drive (HDD)
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    27-inch (2560 x 1440)
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    Keychron k2 (v2)
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    OS X Catalina
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    iPhone XR Blue

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  1. Yah I was looking at a few reviews and it looks really good. Think I will go with that if I do get a new one any time soon.
  2. Dude we are having a convo about mice. How did you even think about that. ( I do know what carpal tunnel is)
  3. I really like this one https://www.keychron.com/collections/keyboard/products/keychron-k2-wireless-mechanical-keyboard?variant=31063869751385 But all the keychron ones are good.
  4. @doomsrikerI was looking a bit too and i saw this witch is a bit over but its sorta looks like exactly what i want is this any good? it looks like its new. https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice/razer-orochi-v2/RZ01-03730100-R3U1
  5. I mean I don't a wireless but the way my desk is set up I would have to move a few things. So if you know of wired options you can send them over.
  6. Long and some what embarrassing story short I am looking in to buying a new mouse but i have some requirements. 1) it must be able to butterfly click so a large mouse button, 2) it has to be wireless, and 3) it has to be with in about $60 USD. yah i know that i might not exist but what is the best i can get for that?
  7. That looks good. If slightly smaller is cheaper that’s also fine.
  8. Humm it may be possible to raise it to 375-400. Would that open up some options?
  9. I am looking for good 4K TVs about 50 inches, doesn’t need to be smart, no included speakers needed, and preferably good I/O but that’s not a requirement. But here’s the catch, it needs to be under ~$300 USD.
  10. I can't find a good source of information on if a certain mouse can drag click. Form what i have heard most good mice CAN drag but i have a Logitech M720 which was not cheap and its not registering my clicks. So that leads me to my question, can this mouse (M720) drag click. And if it can't i could use a cheapish mouse (wireless) that can.
  11. Not to be a downer or anything but I don't think that can run anything.
  12. Ok that’s a bit confusing but if that’s what Linus wants then sure.