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  1. This depends on whether or not your m.2 port is connected to a pci-e lane or sata. You won't see a speed benefit if your m.2 port is sata based over a sata ssd drive. if it is pci-e based, you'll also need to know if it is pci-e 2x or 4x. if it is 2x, you will want to go with Plextor M6e http://www.amazon.com/Plextor-256GB-Internal-Solid-PX-G256M6e/dp/B00KIMIETO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1432763942&sr=1-1&keywords=plextor+m6e if it is 4x, you will want to go with Samsung SM951 Check your m.2 device's supported list.
  2. Zero junk or trial-ware is not true. Zero non-Microsoft junk/trial-ware. Direct quote: "When you buy a new PC at Microsoft Store, we ensure there's no third-party junkware or trialware installed." I haven't bought a laptop in a few years, but when I bought a signature edition PC, I specifically remember it coming with Office trial and a Zune trial. Also, if I remember correctly, it comes with the Modern UI Skype, which is utterly useless, and you have to uninstall that and then install Skype for desktop. Also, unless you buy Microsoft's extra warranty, you have to deal with the manufacturer for any warranty issues. Which means dealing with Lenovo if you buy a Lenovo computer, or Acer if you buy an Acer, etc. However, merchants like Costco you can just say its broken and exchange it. Much quicker and easier than dealing with the likes of Acer, where you have to mail the PC, wait 1 week for them to process it, another to fix it, and yet another to ship it back. Almost a month of no computer.
  3. Hey, check out this article. 290X just got a price drop. I'm not sure how long it'll take to be in effect in your area, but hopefully its worth mentioning. http://www.techpowerup.com/209412/amd-cashes-in-on-gtx-970-drama-cuts-r9-290x-price.html
  4. I would go stock cooler until you can afford the full loop. I made the mistake of buying half a loop thinking I'll expand, and planned out what I needed now and what I needed later. I delayed the upgrade for long enough that my plans had completely changed, and I now have a bin of unused stuff. Depending on how long you plan to save for the GPU blocks and the rest of your components, you should consider just biding your time and waiting. If it is like a month of waiting, you may as well suck it up and use stock coolers for a month, so you won't have to re-cut tubing, use non-optimal runs / fittings, etc. Also, for your full loop, remember that everything has a Z axis dimension. the circled run may cause issues because it has to move a big X and Z direction and very small y direction unless you get right angle fittings. It would probably perform or look terribly without right angle fittings so definitely save up for those.
  5. mITX case would need less mineral oil, so =). That one, I want that one.
  6. It is multiple generations old. You probably won't even be able to find compatible hardware (at a reasonable price) even if you wanted to upgrade. More detail: The motherboard socket (where your CPU connects to) is very outdated and can't be used anymore. An OEM 300W PSU most likely won't be able to power a dedicated GPU. Your 500GB Hard drive may even still be IDE, which you'd have to buy extra adapters just to plug in. If I remember correctly, LGA775 still uses DDR2, which is just hitting 2 generations old (and in terms of RAM, that is pretty big) Also, everything goes on sale. You can save a lot of money by buying things on sale. Motherboards, for example, buy the cheapest one that is compatible. Same probably goes with RAM, HDD and PSU, unless you start looking at some no-name 0 reviews stuff.
  7. Hey. http://stefansundin.com/stuff/youtube/youtube-copy-annotations.html This might help you out. As long as you put your outro's with identically framing, you can just copy paste annotations from one video to another. Annotations are just an XML file in which you can then edit and push it to all your videos.
  8. I feel like he used MSRP for all his prices or something. Which is silly because if you are building a PC, you don't buy MSRP. You pretty much always get better than MSRP buying online. By a large margin. I mean, then again, he can't really go on bundle sales for his guide. But still, his $1000 is worse than buying pre-built.
  9. jaypro

    Amazon Echo

    Screenless is kind of silly. I don't think voice recognition is to the point where there will not be mistakes. Siri uses the phone screen to show what you said, and there is a button on the phone to quickly stop siri if it misinterpreted you. The same goes for the kinect/cortana/google now. Imagine if you set an alarm, and "alexa" heard you wrong and set it at a different time. Now you have to painfully ask alexa to cancel that alarm and set another alarm. Also, in the video they made a cut every time between the question and response. They should have showed the real response time rather than cut it all out making it seem instant.
  10. jaypro

    Amazon Echo

    Imagine if you had someone in your house named Alexa, and the voice command wasn't changeable. Game over. Overall, this seems like a thing to push buying music through Amazon. You can only import 250 songs to Amazon Music Library.
  11. jaypro

    Amazon Echo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkOCeAtKHIc New *toy* from Amazon. Seems like a glorified fancy clock/speaker/alarm/voice control.
  12. Am I the only one that found it weird the entire benchmark he doesn't fire a single bullet? Maybe I'm crazy, but usually FPS dips the most when you are shooting at people and 5 people are shooting back at you.
  13. Unboxing & first look: Monitor Specs: PLS monitor 2560x1440 Go here and click start shopping: http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/visa-checkout/ Then go here: http://www.staples.com/Asus-PB278Q-27-inch-PLS-Widescreen-LED-LCD-Monitor/product_IM1PY4303 You probably need to create a visa checkout account, but super simple.
  14. Blues are cheaper. (don't think anybody mentioned that yet)
  15. The first video I saw on LTT was about some nvidia graphics card that I wanted to buy. Linus unboxed it, then put an apple sticker on it. I initially thought, what a tool. But, when I was looking components to put in my computer, I kept ending up back on his youtube channel, because he basically unboxed everything. Years later, I subscribed when I finally made a youtube account. Congrats on a million subscribers.
  16. favorite part has to be the high res screen. I prefer text over photos, so I'd take a clearer display over color anyday, even to the extent of a kindle paperwhite.
  17. What is the best NAS solution for my father who takes a ton of photos and currently has them stored on just a stack of external hard drives. I'm thinking 10TB + of usuable storage (how much redudancy do I need), although it needs to be expandable beyond that because he takes a lot of photos. Needs to be as low maintenance as possible because he likes the simplicity of drag and drop into external hard drive, write a date on it, and put it on the shelf. Should I be looking at FreeNAS, or a pre-configured NAS system? or some other solution? I know his current solution is not a good way to keep his data safe. Thanks.
  18. I meant to lower quality on the items that I would otherwise never know about. Even if there are tons of such videos on YT, I would never have searched for them. The stick-and-find, the book lamp are obvious ones that come to mind that should focus on quantity over quality. Obvious ones that should focus on quality on things like motherboards, cases, etc. Debatable ones are things like the fungoo bluetooth speakers, and other semi-gadgety things. Oh I definitely appreciate the higher effort put into the speaker reviews. You can immediately tell he spent a lot of time off-camera "actually" reviewing the things, instead of just, open it, ramble on for 5 minutes, and conclude his thoughts. However, one of the best recent examples I can give is still the Book Lamp review. Look at the number of cuts, edits, shots, editing, etc. that they put into it. Don't give me wrong, I'm not hating on the book lamp, I'm just saying, in the time they spent on creating the video, they probably could have reviewed another gadget as well. And I would like to see two of these kinds of reviews instead of one.
  19. You can apply the same logic with his computer purchase to people's car purchases. People just overspend on stuff that will be seen and be judged on. You buy a mac for the status. It reminds me of college. You go to class and see the people with macbook pros, and you think to yourself "man those rich mofos". Realistically, they spend $500 more than you did on your computer. $500 makes you a rich mofo all of a sudden? Not really. Spending $500 or $1000 extra is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but those few hundred dollars give off the perception of wealth, which is clearly what he is aiming for.
  20. Before you call me crazy for asking for lower production value, read my explanation or at least the TL;DR Back in the earlier "unboxing" days, Linus was able to pump out multiple videos a day, whereas now it seems to have become ~1 video a day, with a larger team behind him. I assume this is due to the high ramp up in production value, having to write scripts, using teleprompters, cute editing, fancy cinematography, etc. However, it seems that Linus and co try to apply this higher production value to all of their videos across the board, and I think that if they were to scale back to have a quicker turnaround time, it would be beneficial to the viewer. From my viewpoint at least, there are two reasons I tune into Linus' channel. The first reason is I plan on buying X product, and I check if he has made a review on it. For these reviews, I appreciate the higher quality videos, with more in-depth reviews and opinions. The second reason I watch videos is to learn about products I have never heard about before, that interest me to see what it is and what it does, and whether or not I impulse buy it. Products like that book lamp. It seems the team spent an excessive amount of time on the book lamp. The main purpose of the video, to me at least, was to make me aware of the product rather than to convince me to buy the product. For these videos, I think Linus should go back to his older 'unboxing' style videos. It is not that I don't value these "show-and-tell" type products, but the chances I buy a product that I was unaware of before and just learned about from Linus' video is slim. Like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore quantity > quality. Churn more of them out with a lower production value than your "Tier 1" products. TL;DR Trade some production value on some less-big-market videos to make more videos.
  21. Okay, he doesn't want wireless because too expensive. Budget is <$100. Preferably as low as possible. Another thing he mentioned is he doesn't want any closed/noise canceling, because he still needs to hear his kids.
  22. It's not always an option for him because he might be turned around in his chair or away from his keyboard. Although, as other people have pointed out, wireless seems like the ideal perfect solution for him, I'll look into why he doesn't want wireless.
  23. I'm looking to get my friend a headset replacement, but what he wants in a headset is so different than what I normally look for that I am not sure where to start. What he wants: Easily accessible mic mute switch. (No inline) Super comfortable, can wear for hours. What he doesn't care about: Sound balance/accuracy/. Bass-heavy? whatever, doesn't matter. He is looking to use them as functional headset, for voice chatting (work @home), but needs a quick mute access because he has loud kids. Needs long cable because he'll be walking around. He also doesn't want wireless.