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  1. Since the new iMac 27 has thunderbolt 3, can it be used as an external 5k monitor after the parts become obsolete? Or is it still locked into the computer behind it as the last 5k model?
  2. I'm looking at a local listing for a Surface Book, but the configuration seems odd. The listing says the specs are i5, 8gb ram, 256gb top 965m bottom However, from my research it looks like this was never offered as a possible configuration. As far as I can tell, the i5 model with dedicated gpu was only offered with the custom 940m So I'm wondering, if the performance bases are interchangeable and the seller actually has mixed two surface books? Or somehow managed to trick Windows into thinking the GPU is actually a 965M? What does the 940m vari
  3. It doesn't matter which coupon you use. I've seen coupons go up to 25%. However, the always max out with a $50 discount. So 15% should be enough to get that max $50 discount anyway. Some newer coupons even max out at $30.
  4. If you're just gaming, then yeah, cheap out on all non-performance-based stuff, get the best gpu you can afford. Also, the 970, even with 3.5GB is good enough VRAM for most 1440p games. Look up benchmarks for the games you want to play and see if they pass
  5. http://www.performance-pcs.com/ek-msi-gigabyte-radeon-r9-290x-vga-liquid-cooling-block-nickel-acetal.html This one is marked as compatible by EK https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/waterblock/3831109869185#DB_inline?height=260&width=530&inline_id=comp_table VGA FullCover Sapphire Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon R9 290X Tri-X 8GB GDDR5 (11226-11) visual
  6. Look up the games you are looking to play. If you are a "play on release" type person, you should stay away from SLI/CF. Not many triple A titles come with SLI/CF at release nowadays, and many games don't even bother SLI/CF support at all. 1 GPU is the way to go.
  7. I would jump on the Fractal Define R5 train, especially considering its current sale price on Newegg for $80 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811352048 At $80, there is basically no competition to the silent-ness of this case.
  8. I just had to make this decision yesterday, choosing between an Asus X99A vs MSI x99A Gaming 7. Main reason I chose MSI was previous bad experience with Asus customer support, although it was awhile ago and not for motherboard (was for a blu-ray drive).
  9. If you wait, I'm sure there will be people offloading 980ti's or even TitanXs with waterblocks already installed. The waterblock themselves are >$100, so if you are willing to wait, this would probably be the best way to go. Many people with water-cooled lastest gen cards upgrade every gen. Budget-minded starter kit would be something like Swifttech H240-X2, where they give you the pump, rad, res, fans and cpu block all-in-one, and then all you need is additional tubing, GPU block, and a few fittings. If you were to go separate on each component, it adds up very, very fast.
  10. Depends on your setup. Your internet will only go as fast as what you pay for. I would recommend getting separate units for router and modem. If you pay for high bandwidth, spend more on modem. If you want good wifi speeds/range, spend more on router. Since you are already set up with your ISP router/modem, I would just wait around for a good deal to pop up on a motorola/arris surfboard modem (these happen quite frequently, ~$60 or less for a doscis 3.0 modem) Then spend whatever budget you have left on a router. I would try to look for a sale on Asus AC68U. It's the
  11. You live by a Fry's or microcenter? Their current 5820k prices are $319 with a ~$200-$300 motherboard + $100-$150 ram, you're looking at ~$700-800 after tax. For $800, i don't think you can get much better than that, considering current skylake i7 prices This is exactly what I just bought this weekend. 5820k - $319 Corsair DDR4 2666 16GB (2x8) - $89 MSI X99A Gaming7 - $250 totaled about $700 You could put in another 16GB of memory, for quadchannel 32GB to round out your $800 budget.
  12. Spec sheet says Radiator support for up to 360 at the bottom and up to 240 in the front. Just looking at it, it seems like it may be a really tight fit or not fit at all if I wanted both 360 bottom and 240 front. Anyone know if that'll fit?
  13. Was shopping around for a security camera to monitor my parents new dog they got after all their kids left the nest. The nest cam seems like the perfect tech gift for non-techies, since they are literally plug and play compared to the average security camera system intended for business use. Perfect to keep an eye on the dog and make sure she isn't doing anything harmful to herself. http://amzn.com/B00WBJGUA2
  14. Jet.com only uses account name and payment method as checkers for new customer. So if you have multiple debit cards or credit cards, or even something like a visa gift card, you can keep making new accounts and use new card numbers with the same address.
  15. Sorry here was the original filler item. I changed the image when i found a cheaper filler item. https://jet.com/product/Hartz-Precision-Nutrition-Pet-Nursing-Bottle-for-Newborn-Animals/dcd54a51c298411d8085f0d5d670c51b
  16. Noctua Industrial NF F12 PWM Fans. 2 for $9.20 each You'll need a filler item, i found some random 28 cent thing thing.
  17. I have a Q6600 with a Titan X, due to an unfortunate soda spill during a lan requiring me to dig out parts to have a working computer. My plan is to move components from computers around, so that they all step-up a GPU for whole family, but I haven't gotten around to it, especially with all the driver re-installs. (Basically, take all the computers GPUS and move them around, pairing best CPU with best GPU, etc., but it would require me changing every single GPU)
  18. I'm assuming Raid1 for the HDDs, but even then, what game server needs 4TB of data? You could just Raid1 some cheapo hard drives or ssds, and if you are worried about their reliability, you could just RAID1 three of them. Also, i don't know about servers besides CS:GO, but as far as I know the components you picked are complete overkill for just 1 server. Dual CPU servers usually run multiple servers at once. The most important place to spend your money on is internet speed/bandwidth
  19. The H100i comes with 2 corsair fans, whose rpm can be turned down to match the sp120 quiet editions. so all they are missing is the ring. That'll save you $28, if you don't care about the ring. Also, since you are using Air 240 as a case, fully modular doesn't seem all that important unless you are planning on individually sleeving your cables, since it is all hidden on the backside of the case. Probably could pinch out a few dollars here as well if you go for a non-modular psu. 750W also very overkill, but from what I'm seeing on pc-part picker, not that big of a price increase for mor
  20. When reviewing the SurfaceBook , can you review the Nvidia GPU with the popular multiplayer games over your usual AAA graphic games? I would assume people who want to game on the SurfaceBook are more interested in games like CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA2, TF2, and how those perform, rather than Battlefront, Witcher, etc.
  21. Link to deal: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-amplifier?mode=guest_open
  22. I was under the assumption that you already had the modem/router combo. What I meant was that you don't have to go out and buy another modem and another router, just another router. Do a quick test to see if you can keep using the modem provided. Turn off the router on your modem. Connect to your modem directly and check your DL/UL speeds. Compare those to the advertised specs of what you are paying for. In an ideal world, the internet company wouldn't provide you with a modem where the modem is the bottleneck. Then just buy a router that will outperform the basic router that i
  23. You can set up modem/router combo as just a modem, and set any router you buy in bridge mode to undo the "all-in-one"-ness
  24. It obviously comes down to cost. In my opinion the cost of upgrade from Z97 to X99 definitely does not warrant having your GPU run at a full 16x 16x. With SLI graphics cards running PCI-E 3.0 8x 8x will have minimal impact on your gaming. www.youtube.com/watch?v=rctaLgK5stA, video discussing 16x vs 8x. Go with Z97 unless you really need the CPU horsepower provided by X99. Anybody who needs the CPU horsepower of the X99 chipset already knows they need it. If you think you need it, you probably don't. If you plan on spending the same money on Z97 vs X99, upgrades to other compon
  25. This depends on whether or not your m.2 port is connected to a pci-e lane or sata. You won't see a speed benefit if your m.2 port is sata based over a sata ssd drive. if it is pci-e based, you'll also need to know if it is pci-e 2x or 4x. if it is 2x, you will want to go with Plextor M6e http://www.amazon.com/Plextor-256GB-Internal-Solid-PX-G256M6e/dp/B00KIMIETO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1432763942&sr=1-1&keywords=plextor+m6e if it is 4x, you will want to go with Samsung SM951 Check your m.2 device's supported list.