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  1. It was actually something to do with the Radeon software suite, like I said not a sticky key issue haha. I think it was the Radeon enhancer or whatever it was called.
  2. As the title says I'm having an issue when in-game pressing shift seems to toggle something. Pressing shift once gives four beeps and pressing shift twice gives two. As far as I can tell this isn't a sticky key issue. The games I have tried are the Witcher 3 and AOE 2. I'm running a 3800x and an old R9 Fury X. Any idea what the problem is?
  3. Hi there Im looking for a DSLR to take super close up shots of Jem stones and was wondering what would be a good option for around $800. I have been online but have failed to find any usful information. I already have a macro lens which is a canon so if it could be a canon that would be great. Thanks
  4. How much will the bottleneck be? I mainly play Warthunder and will probibly get warhammer total war. Will it be a major bottleneck considering its a hyperthreaded dual core? I'm just wondeirng how much. Apparently thunderbolt 3 means you loose 10% performance but then how much will be lost on the CPU?
  5. Hi there As the title states I am wondering about getting a thunderbolt 3 e-gpu. I have a dell xps 13 with a 6200u and I was mainly wondering if this would be enough to power a gtx 1070 in games. I will be playing at 1080p 60Hz so nothing to demanding but am concerned that my cpu will bottleneck the graphics card. The reason I ask is becuase in my country itll be about the same price to build a mini Itx computer with a 1070 in it and I would rather just have one computer. So will the 6200u bottleneck it? If it will there is a chance that it will,I can probibly swap laptop
  6. Yes the 2 core 4 thread I5. Would that be enough to play like warhammer total war with a 1070 attached to it.
  7. Dude I know that already..... I was only asking if the CPU would be enough to power like a 1070.
  8. Im pretty sure you can through thunderbolt 3 bro.... Like a razer core or any of the ones that will come out soon..............
  9. Hi there I'm looking at a xps 13 with a 6200u and I was wondering if if I bought an external graphics enclosure whether or not the 6200u with 8gb of RAM would be enough to power it? Thanks
  10. Im pretty sure that its the bigger one considering that its the ssd model not the one with the hdd. So I'd assume it'd be the 84wh battery. How long would that last?
  11. Hi there, I need some advice on buying a new Laptop I have sort of narrowed it down to two options and as I live in new Zealand they are about the same price. One is the xps15 with 256gb ssd 1080p screen and the razer stealth with 256gb ssd qhd screen. I am interested in having something that will have good battery life and also have the ability to add an external GPU via the thunderbolt connection that they both have. The XPS would be a manufacturer refurbish and the razer would be new. Which would you guys recommend? If there are any other options I'd be keen to know ab
  12. Hi there I am intending to get a razer stealth and core in about august and I intend to buy the base 128gb model and then upgrade the storage. I was wondering what are the pro's and cons of these two M.2 ssd's or if there are any better options. Option 1: Get a 1000gb sandisk x400 ssd for about 180 USD Option 2: Get a 512gb samsung 950 pro for about 300 USD The samsung ssd is much more expensive but apparently a lot faster. Will I notice how slow the sandisk one is? Because its double the storage for almost half the price so I'm leaning towards this option.
  13. Hi there As the title says my parents google drive is doing some very, very strange stuff. So about a month ago my mum got back from overseas and went about her work as usual. The other day their work got a call from the internet company that each day someone was UPLOADING 30gb of data somehow. Now what is strange is not only that it is doing this every day but that her google drive is only 11.8gb in size. If anyone here knows anything about what is going on or how to fix this That'd be great but aside from that I'm just going to have to uninstall and reinstall it tomorrow fo
  14. Hi there. I have a razer blade 2015 and I was wondering what the difference turning the backlight on would do to battery life. Would I see a noticable difference in my laptops battery.