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    Im 29 with a beautiful 1 1/2yr old baby girl. I am currently enrolled in college and taking IT System Administration which will lead into getting my A+ and network+ Certification.
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  1. UPDATE ok so I went out and bought the logitech G432 headset with the USB adapter. installed the G hub and the drivers and it still only gives me audio and the mic still doesnt pick up and sound what so ever, now im even more lost.
  2. Alright so I got this laptop (Asus Vivobook model: X512FA with a single audio jack, with is Audio and Microphone combined) for school and I realized I'm able to play some games on it. So I went out and bought some earbuds with a mic on it and I have had them work on a PC before for discord. Well they didnt work, so I though maybe it was a defective mic or something even tho when I plug it in it prompts me I choose the headset option I can hear audio but the mic doesn't work. Ive un-installed and re-installed the drivers, checked all settings and properties made sure were good still nothing. So i thought it was that inline mic, I went out and the Hyper X Stingers and same thing re did the process could hear audio but no mic input and now I cant even get the built-in microphone in the webcam to work. I've been at this for a week now and still can't figure it out. I need some other input other than my own brain and random articles on the internet. The laptop is brand new as I got it for school on the 1st day, I really don't want them to send it away on warranty and be out a pc for a period of time as being in IT we need our laptops for programming and consoling into switches and routers and much more stuff. I feel ashamed as I'am taking IT System Administrator and I can't fix it and can't seem to figure out the problem the only thing I can think of to get this to work without sending it away is to plug the 4-pole 3.5mm jack into a dual adapter and then into a dual to USB adapter to try and get a headset to work. Thank you in advance, **Update** Is something like this worth looking into, to possibly fix my issue. https://www.amazon.ca/UGREEN-Adapter-External-Stereo-Headset/dp/B06XP5R449/ref=sr_1_26?keywords=audio+and+mic+to+usb+adapter&qid=1580010427&sr=8-26
  3. Hey, so as the title says I'm just curious about what people think about this AIO from deepcool for 69.99 Canadian rubles at Canada Computers. or is this one of those things just to spend a little more money and get something better? https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_135&item_id=138881
  4. ^^Think of this like your car chair (if you have a car) you pull the backrest lever and the thing will go forward and while holding it you have to put weight on it to move it back, then release the lever and your seat will stay and lock into place.
  5. honestly I had a corsair and a reddragon XL cloth mouse pad and they worked great, nice glide, good control. and reasonably priced for what I was getting.
  6. just shipping time im wondering about, if it worked in canada i'd get it faster XD
  7. Hey so im a IT Sys admin student and was looking to get a iFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit, and I remember there being a link such as ifixit.com/Linus but was wondering if the promo link still works and more importantly does it work for their Canadian website as I live in Nova Scotia. If anyone has any information on this that would be great. Thanks in advance! :)
  8. is your pc allowing you to obtain a ip address through DHCP at all? possibly try a static ip address to see if that would even connect to the internet
  9. I have a 850w psu and fans everywhere to move air through the case, and have the r9 fans running higher
  10. would anybody know if overclocking, the r390 would even be worth it even in the slightest performance return and with using msi afterburner? got a fx build with r390 in it,