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  1. I currently have a Logitech m510 where the rubber sides are decaying. Are there any gaming mouse recommendations without rubber on the sides?
  2. Im talking about my ping. The download speed is fine, but my ping is always above 100 ms.
  3. Game: Valorant, CSGO, shooter games System: 8 yr old laptop (Asus K55VD: i5 3210m, geforce 610m, 8gb ram, 240 gb ssd and 750 hdd) Location: close to Atlanta Router: a motorola modem & router (sbg6580) The download speed is about 100mbps and upload about 5mbps.
  4. I have been using ethernet for internet to play games, but I have still been getting high ping in games. I have nothing running in the background and the ping is always above 100, which makes games unplayable for me. Are there any solutions to the problem?
  5. I have a laptop that has intel hd 4000 and geforce 610m. I bought a monitor that is 144 hz. Is it possible for me to get 144 hz on my monitor or can it only produce a max of 60 hz?
  6. What is the best thermal paste? I am thinking about changing my thermal paste in my laptop, but i dont know which one is good.
  7. which dell pre-builds should i look for?
  8. Simple games like CS:GO and league. Sometimes Fortnite and Valorant.
  9. I am considering building a gaming pc. Due to the current ircumstances, I am on a tight budget of about $200. Are there any parts that would allow my to build a PC for $200? Thanks!!!
  10. im thinking about getting a better psu and installing a gpu. are there any machines for under $75 ?
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy cheap office machines? I am thinking about getting a cheap machine and upgrading it. Thanks!!!