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  1. I have a laptop that has intel hd 4000 and geforce 610m. I bought a monitor that is 144 hz. Is it possible for me to get 144 hz on my monitor or can it only produce a max of 60 hz?
  2. What is the best thermal paste? I am thinking about changing my thermal paste in my laptop, but i dont know which one is good.
  3. which dell pre-builds should i look for?
  4. Simple games like CS:GO and league. Sometimes Fortnite and Valorant.
  5. I am considering building a gaming pc. Due to the current ircumstances, I am on a tight budget of about $200. Are there any parts that would allow my to build a PC for $200? Thanks!!!
  6. im thinking about getting a better psu and installing a gpu. are there any machines for under $75 ?
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy cheap office machines? I am thinking about getting a cheap machine and upgrading it. Thanks!!!