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  1. Yeah I'm leaning toward Wi-Fi 6 at the time since I'm already changing then why not I found the Xiaomi Ax3600 really impressive features for 70$, and also the tp-link AX20 an AX50 for same amount both are really good for the same price, and then there's the tenda router butI dont know if tenda is really good or not they have impressive features but I cant find anyone to tell me if they're good or not .
  2. yeah I think like someone told me and I didn't mention it here is that I already have a Mikrotik that's gonna handle Queues, assign DHCP, and run my firewall, my house is a sort-off rectangular 220m2 apartment with concrete walls inside of it (Image Enclosed) and because its really hard to drill and put new ethernet cable so everything is through wireless signal (TV, Gaming Laptop …) everything is through wireless signal that's why I'm searching for something to handle them, I found the tenda and the xiaomi cheap at the same time I found Netgear and Tp-link AX10 other than that Some one told m
  3. Actually I found the r7000 on the chart link mentioned in your post and I considered it after seeing it was in the top 12 routers that's why, xiaomi I found two APs within my budget around 65$ each, pretty much I can find asus model but not the fancy models I can find the ac1200 RT-AC53 but those are older models without even Mu-mimio tech at the least and only 800Mbps 5Ghz throughput, I can get some routers from Europe and I found the Tenda, Nighthawk, and Tplink deco models within the budget available, I can get routers from Europe so do u have any idea what can I get within 70-80$ per devi
  4. Anyone have an idea on the reliability and performance of those APs?
  5. I saw omada on the company websites and I couldn't find any at my country and I just can't get them from abroad since it's gonna cost me at least double so I have to go with the availble.
  6. so I'm planning to change the current D-link Mesh network at home cause its troublesome at best and mind-wrecking at worst (someday ill hold the master device and throw it off the balcony). nevermind that, so I searched and searched and with a budget of 130$ for the whole system I narrowed it down to these AP : Netgear R7000 Tenda Ac19,23,21 Xiaomi AX3600 Xiaomi Mi AIoT AC2350 Honor Router 3 or these Meshs Mesh Tenda MW12 TP-Link Deco M
  7. I want to upgrade my home network since my current Dlink COVR 2202 mesh is a disaster with a lot of issues like dropping and losing connection to main device, so I want to upgrade to a better solution while on a budget, I need two devices for my house since its a 2400 square foot apartment and it most have 5Ghz for gaming with great roaming capabilities I don't want to pay more than 60$ per device. I have a Mikrotik router used as a controller so I need access points with great roaming capabilities, any advice on what to get?
  8. thx hopefully i wont be disappointed, my relationship with Logitech was always bad (bad g900 mouse, double click G903, and crackle in headset )
  9. I'm planning to get a wireless keyboard so I found one used for a good price 30$ is this a good deal and is this keyboard still worth it ? and are there any known problems with it since my exp with Logitech is really the worst.
  10. I know both are very difference but what would you recommend between those scenarios - RK 61 52$ brand new with brown switches 61% is new concept for me not use to it and I like the multi connection capabilities in it. - G613 30$ used I like the full size and used to it since I like the NUMpad to enter IP addresses faster than a 61% scheme my only problem with this is I read that most of the times it have key chatter problem and can stuck on the same key (not sure about that) and the bluetooth does have a latency for 3-4 secs. What do u recommend in this situation I ne
  11. yes but my firm isn't a data center nor does it have a experience with such project, the whole project is brand new I for one doesn't have experience with sql clustering, also big data storage solution is manageable with my skills my problem is with the sql i'm planing for the future to not get struck to a wall in the future regarding storage i already have any idea of merging 3x 2 TB SSDs using a PCIe expansion card and merging them together, but my main problem is with 500 students shoving data to the SQL at the same time minimum, its not a matter of experience its a matter of skills that i
  12. well not everyone knows everything, and that is what this form is for i don't think that everyone on this form have the experience or the knowledge about everything, it was a question to know how and where to start , you can just point where to start that's it, i don't have that much skill with sql server for this large number of connections its new project even for the firm I'm working for. so its not wrong to ask for help with something new. but thanks.
  13. do u have a reference or somewhere to start from i tried google couldn't find anything
  14. correct me if I'm wrong isn't clustering only used as a failover cluster mechanism or it can be used as a farm for SQL (Like IIS farm and load balancing?)
  15. Using MS-SQL 2016, with Windows server 2016. my problem to deal with storage the Database administrator is dealing with the sql optimization, but can u give me a few tips for SQL optimization maybe our administrator forgot something. the board is a gigabyte B360m DS3H with only one M.2 NVME, does using a PCIe expansion card help to get me more storage without losing speed ? do u have a recommendation for a Gen3 expansion card